Your base of operations in Infinite Lagrange is one of the most important aspects of your journey to explore and colonize the galaxy, particularly since it’s from where you’ll be issuing new orders, arranging operations, and developing your power in this game. It’s also the hub of diplomacy and trade of your entire operations since you can join alliances and trade with them from your base. And even though most of your exploration and fighting is done by your fleets, your ships still need somewhere to dock when idle, and that’s in your base.

We already gave a basic rundown of your base in our beginner’s guide for Infinite Lagrange, However, since your station is such an important aspect in this space exploration sim, we wanted to dive a bit deeper and give some more insights on how to build it, develop it, and how to use it to control your fleets and advance your cause.

Base Building and Development

As we just mentioned, your base is the center of your operations in Infinite Lagrange, and its functions are divided into several areas. However, its usefulness is very limited at the beginning since you will need to continually build and upgrade new modules in order to expand its capabilities.

Infinite Lagrange on PC - How to Build and Develop Your Base

The main method for improving your base is through the construction menu, in which you can focus on three main districts, Central, Port, and Industrial districts. These areas offer different upgrades and buildings that affect several aspects and functionalities of your base, such as allowing you to hold more resources, upgrading your docks so that they can fit more ships, upgrading your shipyards so that they can manufacture vessels faster, and much more.

These upgrades, however, are divided into tiers, with higher rungs of the ladder providing better construction options. In order to unlock a new tier, you must first unlock a series of prerequisite upgrades, while also paying a great sum of resources. Unlocking new tiers also takes a lot of time and can’t be sped up by regular means. However, these are some of the best upgrade options since, aside from unlocking new and better upgrades, they also provide significant boosts to your base such as increasing the limit of simultaneous operations, and increasing your base’s HP, anti-ship power, and air defense stats.

Infinite Lagrange on PC - How to Build and Develop Your Base

One crucial aspect of base building in Infinite Lagrange, however, is your Engineering Bureau, located in the Resource Management area. This section is responsible for manufacturing Pre-Fab Mobules, and Speedups, which are items used in the expansion of your base. These materials can be used to accelerate the construction of certain elements. Specifically, Speedups are used for accelerating the manufacture of ships, while Pre-Fab Modules are used for speeding up base construction.

Both of these items are produced automatically on the hour, but they are limited by the cap of your resource management. Once you’ve reached capacity, they stop being produced, so make sure to always use them when available to avoid overcapping and keep your Engineering Bureau working at all times.

Infinite Lagrange on PC - How to Build and Develop Your Base

Ship Production and Fleet Management

Though there’s quite a lot to do in your base, most of your tasks in Infinite Lagrange will actually take place outside of your hub, via your fleets. However, before you put together a fleet, you must first have enough ships on standby.

Your ships in Infinite Lagrange are produced, obviously, in the “Ship Production” section of your base. In this area, you will find a list of the ships that can currently be produced at your shipyard. As long as you have enough slots and resources, you can essentially build any ship that you want.

Infinite Lagrange on PC - How to Build and Develop Your Base

Your ships, however, are docked in the “Ship Management” section of your base, and this is the main area that limits your ability to produce as many ships as you want. This is because the capacity of your docks is limited, and you only have a certain number of slots available for accommodating ships. These slots are divided in military ports, and resource ports, and their capacity can be upgraded by investing in the appropriate constructions.

Once you have a few ships docked in your base, you can then assign them into fleets for different purposes. For instance, you can create a fleet with combat vessels for the purpose of defending your base or hunting pirates, or a fleet of utility vessels for constructing buildings outside your base, or mining resources—you can even give them custom names. And just like with your ports, your maximum number of fleets is limited by the level of your base; the more upgrades you build, the more fleets you can have at any given moment.

Infinite Lagrange on PC - How to Build and Develop Your Base

It’s important to note that you don’t necessarily have to assemble fleets in order to issue operations, as you can always use the quick formation feature to put together squads right before departing. Nevertheless, assembling fleets is a good way to keep your ships organized and ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Base Defense

Though not available at the beginning, your Base Defense section in Infinite Lagrange will be able to hold squadrons of ships tasked with guarding your hub from enemy attacks. As you continue to upgrade this section via constructions, you will also acquire automated defenses that fire upon enemy ships; and though they’re not as strong as having your own dedicated squad of fighters, they will be great for dissuading any would-be attackers from assaulting your base.

This section isn’t very important when you’re starting, since you have a peace shield that protects your base from enemy attacks for the first few days of your journey. However, as you progress and unlock more construction tiers, you’ll definitely want to invest a bit in base defenses, especially if you tend to leave your base unattended and open to attacks for long periods.

Infinite Lagrange on PC - How to Build and Develop Your Base

When it comes to developing your base in Infinite Lagrange, consistency is key. Especially since your peace shield only lasts for a limited time, you need to make the most out of it, and at least get some good defenses before it wears off. A general rule of thumb for keeping a good base in this game is to always be occupied: Always have ships mining, always have something getting built, and if you have any ports left, always be manufacturing new ships for your fleets.