Space exploration can be a difficult and utterly overwhelming task for those who are unprepared. The task of managing your very own space colony, growing your own space fleet, and managing all the components of your operation can sometimes be a little too much for us to handle, which is a bit concerning since this is what Infinite Lagrange is all about. Luckily, the game does a good job of easing players into some of its basic aspects.

Infinite Lagrange Beginner Tips and Tricks

However, when it comes to starting out anew in this space exploration sim, being prepared is basically half of what it takes to get a good start. For this reason, we prepared a beginner’s guide that you’re more than welcome to check if you like. This time around, we want to be more concise, and give a few more good tips and tricks for beginners, so that anyone can get a headstart in their space exploration journey.

Begin Only When You Have Spare Time

Despite being a mobile game that can be played at your own pace, Infinite Lagrange actually features quite a lot of dangers in the form of other people attacking your base, especially when you’re offline. Though the risk is minimal if you keep mostly to yourself, the chance of getting attacked is omnipresent in this game, which is why you always want to invest considerably in building up your defenses.

Infinite Lagrange Beginner Tips and Tricks

Luckily, when you first start out in this game, you get a free peace shield that lasts for a few days, and gives you plenty of opportunities to shore up your defenses safely and without fear of attack. And the reason why we suggest starting Infinite Lagrange ONLY when you have enough free time is because these first few days are crucial for the development of your base, and you’ll  need to pay extra attention to your station to get a good start.

Focusing intently on your development can often mean the difference between a prosperous space station, and an easy target for bullying and harassment by other players. Don’t let yourself become a target; build up your defenses as best as you can while your peace shield lasts, so that your enemies will think twice before attacking you.

Find an Active Alliance

And speaking of your enemies thinking twice before attacking, having a good alliance in Infinite Lagrange is also a spectacular way of staying safe in this game. Not only will your attackers have to debate whether or not it’s worth incurring the wrath of an entire alliance before attacking, but you’ll also have tons of people watching your back while you’re offline.

Infinite Lagrange Beginner Tips and Tricks

Aside from the safety and protection that an alliance can provide, however, playing with other gamers also gives you access to certain benefits, including trading resources, as well as attacking NPC targets alongside your comrades, making it much easier to farm resources. In fact, occupying NPC cities with your squad always gives amazing resource bonuses to the entire alliance.

Play on BlueStacks to Increase Your Power

In strategy games like Infinite Lagrange, playing on BlueStacks can give you tons of benefits, with the main being the ability to enjoy this game on your PC, with a big monitor, and with the best performance and graphics. However, our Android app player also has a variety of tools that you can use to enhance your experience with this game, not least of which being the Instance Manager, with which you can access Infinite Lagrange on multiple accounts simultaneously.

Infinite Lagrange Beginner Tips and Tricks

Having more than one base in strategy games is often a godsend for your progress, since you can essentially multiply your firepower by having multiple stations to your name. In this sense, instead of exploring, mining, and attacking with just the fleets of a single station, you can multiply your power by the number of stations you own. In some cases, you could even create alliances using your multiple accounts and become a one-person army!

Setting up Infinite Lagrange on PC is easy and takes only a few minutes, which is great since it’s definitely worth going the extra mile if you’re serious about this game.

Always Stay Busy

Even if you’re not sure what to do at any given moment, there’s one important guiding principle in Infinite Lagrange that you should commit to memory: Downtime is the worst thing you can do to your progression. Having your base and ships idle is one of the main reasons why you could fall behind in relation to other players. Particularly since most constructions and gathering attempts take lots of time, it’s easy to forget to check in with your base and assign new projects as soon as current operations are completed. For this reason, you must make a conscious effort to always be working on something at any given moment.

Infinite Lagrange Beginner Tips and Tricks

Infinite Lagrange Beginner Tips and Tricks

Whether it’s keeping your shipyards busy constructing ships, your workers occupied with building upgrades, or your operations maxed out with ships gathering and fighting in your expanse, these are the main ways in which you will secure your progress in Infinite Lagrange. And as we said above, even if you’re not sure what to do, it’s better to send out your ships to mine resources than to have them stationed; or to perform ANY construction instead of having your workers idle.

Keep Your Engineering Bureau Busy

In the same vein as the above entry, your Engineering Bureau is a section of your base that’s crucial to your progress, particularly since it’s charged with producing Pre-Fab Modules and Speedups, which are used for accelerating the development of buildings and ships, respectively. However, while these are produced automatically, they cap out when they reach capacity, after which your bureau ceases production.

Infinite Lagrange Beginner Tips and Tricks

To ensure progress at the fastest pace, make sure to always use up your speedup items when issuing construction or manufacturing orders. Even if you’re not really sure how or where to use them, it’s better than having your storage maxed out, halting your bureau production.

These are just five basic beginner tips for Infinite Lagrange that could help you to get a better start in your journey to explore the stars. Feel free to share your own pointers with the community in the comments below.