As you progress through the game, it becomes even more important to make an Into the Dead 2 weapon upgrade plan. We wanted to offer some tips on how you can make a strategy for upgrading weapons, unlocking new weapons and ensuring no weapon parts go to waste.

The end goal with this guide is to arm you with the knowledge you need to upgrade the best weapons possible. We’ll be assuming you want to limit the amount you spend on in-app purchases as much as possible, so we will only be focusing on tips on upgrading weapons without spending real money.

Choosing your weapons

Before we get into how you can get parts for the weapons you want, let’s take a look at which weapons are best. You will unlock new weapons during each chapter, so we will categorize each weapon as you enter each chapter and suggest which ones you should use. We will start with chapter 1.

You will begin with the Defender D9 pistol and the Brute Double shotgun in chapter 1. You can work towards building the Militia HK-5A, though, which is a full auto AK-47 variant. You should immediately work towards getting the weapon parts required for the HK-5A because the Defender D9 is a very weak weapon, even when fully upgraded.

In fact, we would suggest that it’s not even worth upgrading the Defender D9 past level 2. You should save your silver for upgrading the Militia HK-5A instead. Once you have enough weapon parts, feel free to build the HK-5A and don’t feel shy about upgrading it. The Militia HK-5A is a strong, versatile weapon that will stick by you until the later stages.

Once you reach chapter 2, you will be able to unlock the Justice M32 and the Bandit T9. The Justice M32 has such a slow reload, so it’s often worth avoiding. It can quite easily get you killed if you aren’t careful.

The Bandit T9 is a nice alternative to the Brute Double – at this point you should have a reasonably upgraded Militia HK-5A. The reason we’d suggest using the Bandit T9 is because the weapon part drop rate for the Bandit is so high. For example, each time you get weapon parts, there’s a 1.65% drop chance for HK-5A parts and a 8.23% chance for the Bandit T9. Even the Defender D9 has a smaller drop chance at 6.58%, as per the Pikpok loot table list. Ultimately, this means you’ll find it easier to upgrade the Bandit T9.

The Bandit T9 at max level can have a 45 round magazine. The damage is only 192, but for a secondary it’s decent until you get something better.

In chapter 3, you can get the opportunity to unlock the G911 Enforcer and the Predator 308. It’s not really worth investing silver in these weapons and you’ll still be very happy with the Militia HK-5A even this late into the game. Focus on using silver to upgrade the HK further because a fully upgraded version can do an insane 7,680 damage.

In chapter 4, you can get the Hammerhead 357. This is an immediate upgrade to the Bandit T9 by a long shot. You’ll want to upgrade the Hammerhead 357 because later in the game, the tougher zombies can have close to 20,000 HP, and the Hammerhead 357 will have enough stopping power to take them out.

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It’s up to you whether you want to take the bow or stick with the Militia HK-57 – the Spirit DDX is a good weapon but it takes a bit more practice to time your shots perfectly. Give it a go first and if you like it then feel free to spend your silver on upgrading it.

In chapter 5, you can unlock the ARC-7 Legion. It’s finally time to put away the Militia HK-57, although if you’ve upgraded it a lot, it may be worth collecting enough silver and weapon parts to upgrade the ARC-7 Legion before swapping out. Alternatively, if you can, you should try to keep an eye out on the ARC-9 as an event weapon, as it’s a slightly more powerful version.

That’s pretty much it for the weapons unlocked by progressing through the campaign. The rest of the Into the Dead 2 campaign weapons aren’t worth investing silver into.

Going for event weapons

In almost all cases, the event weapons are the best weapons of their class. For example, the ARC-9 Battalion is the best assault rifle. The Cartel Twins are the best pistols. The Spectral II is the best bow, and so on. Keep an eye on the events tab to see what weapons may be available for you to unlock.

It can be harder to get event weapon parts from drops but it is worth building up the parts because the upgraded versions will beat any alternative at the same level.

Getting more weapon parts

When you get weapon parts, it will drop from a certain loot table. This means that the most powerful weapons can be more challenging to get weapon parts for. Because of this, you’ll need to grind a lot to get more weapon parts.

Firstly, you can get a small amount of weapon parts from completing campaign levels. If you don’t have anything else to do, you can repeat campaign level 1-1 to farm weapon parts.

There are better ways to farm weapon parts, though. Getting enough stars in the story campaign can be a method to get free weapon part boxes. You can get stars for completing challenges on each level. Each level has 5 start to claim, which means you can get a large amount of weapon parts just by repeating older levels and collecting more stars.

You also get a box for completing the campaign finale, but that’s a one-time deal unfortunately. Finally, the daily challenge can be a good way to get a large amount of weapon parts, so keep an eye on that each day to see what’s on offer. Sometimes the event can offer weapon parts too.

Finally, you can also get weapon parts for watching adverts on the limited time deals page in the store.


That sums up our Into the Dead 2 weapon upgrade guide. Hopefully this guide should have taught you which weapons to upgrade, when to switch to a new weapon, and how to get more weapon parts so that you can upgrade in the first place.

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