We’re about to show you the best weapons in Into the Dead 2 and explain why you should be stocking up your silver for upgrading these weapons in particular. We’ll pick out a small selection of weapons and explain why they are so incredible.

The weapons you choose from this list will depend on your particular playstyle, but ultimately you should pick at least one to add to your arsenal and focus on upgrading it as quickly as possible.

If you don’t have these weapons yet, remember that they should be unlocked either through reaching new campaign stages or eventually through a future event.

An Overview of the Best Into the Dead 2 Weapons

Best Weapons in Into the Dead 2

Here is a quick overview of the best Into the Dead 2 weapons. We’ll provide a brief look at the weapon names and provide an insight into why they are the best. After, you can read more details about each specific weapon.

  • Best low level weapon – Militia HK-5A
  • Best assault rifle – ARC-7 Legion
  • Best secondary – Cartel Twins
  • Best Bow – Spectral II
  • Best for completing challenges – GL-03 Krampus
  • Best Overall Choice – ARC-7 Legion

Best Low Level Weapon in Into the Dead 2

The Militia HK-5A is easily the best weapon in lower levels because it can be upgraded to have a high magazine size, high damage, and fast reloads. At the lower levels, there really isn’t anything that compares to it.

The Militia HK-5A also has quite a high drop rate when it comes to getting weapon parts, so it’s a fairly easy weapon to get the parts to upgrade. We would suggest that you stick to the Militia HK-5A for the majority of the game and pool all of your silver into upgrading it as much as possible. Don’t even bother spending silver on upgrading any other weapons until you reach chapter 5, at which point you can get the ARC-7 Legion, which is a decent upgrade over the Militia HK-5A.

We’d say that by the time you reach chapter 4, you should stop spending your silver on the HK-5A and start saving it for the ARC-7 Legion because you’ll want a decent pool of silver ready to upgrade the Legion as much as possible when you get it.

Best Assault Rifle – ARC-7 Legion

The ARC-7 Legion is the highest rated assault rifle in Into the Dead 2 that isn’t an event weapon. Now, you could argue that the ARC-9 Battalion is better than the Legion, but the drop rate for weapon parts on the ARC-9 is far smaller, so it’s much easier to upgrade the ARC-7 instead.

On top of this, you’d need your ARC-9 to be the same level to be better than the ARC-7. In comparison, the ARC-7 outclasses the Militia HK-5A even at much lower levels. So, ultimately, we’d say get the ARC-7 Legion and start upgrading that.

The ARC-7 Legion is so great because not only does it have an insane damage cap, a good fire rate, and a large magazine, but it can feature a grenade launcher which makes it far easier to take down groups of zombies when things get hectic.

Best secondary – Cartel Twins

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The Cartel Twins give you the best stopping power when it comes to a reliable secondary weapon. Dual wield pistols are always rated highly in Into the Dead 2, and the Cartel Twins are the best in this category. You are given a decent amount of damage per shot and the dual wield capabilities mean that you can often get a lot of shots out before needing to reload.

The Cartel Twins are an event weapon, so you may not be able to get your hands on it. If you can’t get it, a good alternative is the Hammerhead 357 – this is a heavy hitting revolver that can do a huge amount of damage per shot when fully upgraded. The Hammerhead is great for taking down heavy zombies, but because of its low magazine size you should make sure you have your primary weapon ready for taking down large waves of weaker zombies, especially during the later campaign levels.

Best Bow – Spectral II

If you want a weapon that requires a bit more precision but is ultimately more rewarding, try to look out for the Spectral II. It’s an event weapon, so it won’t always be available, but it’s well worth getting if you can get your hands on it. With the Spectral II, you have to pull the bow first and then shoot, which means it can be a little harder to line up your shot.

But, the bonus is that you can do massive damage to most zombies with a lot of ease. You absolutely want to have a good backup weapon if you take the Spectral II, though. You need something that has a lot of ammo for spam firing when things get crazy. Alternatively, pairing the Spectral II with plenty of grenades on the side can work wonders too.

Best for Completing Challenges – GL-03 Krampus

If you want a weapon that can tear through zombies so that you can complete zombie kill challenges, go for the GL-03 Krampus. It may not have the best reload times or best damage, but the ammo capacity is incredible. Comparatively speaking, the damage is still decent enough even for later levels, too.

To make things better, though, you’ll need to get explosive ammo for the GL-03 Krampus. What we recommend doing is collecting a lot of explosive ammo to put to the side. Once you have a big bundle of ammo, you can then go in with the GL-03 Krampus and clear out masses of zombies to complete kill challenges. Make sure to bring a bullmastiff along with you so that you can get as many kills as possible.

Best Overall Choice – ARC-7 Legion

If you had to max one weapon first, we would recommend the ARC-7 Legion. It has the best all-round stats for all weapons, it has the highest weapon part drop rate for all weapons in this list, besides the weaker Militia HK-5A, and it has so much potential with the grenade launcher attachment.

You could quite easily get through to the end by just using the ARC-7 Legion once fully upgraded. And, once you’ve upgraded this, you can save up your silver for future event weapons that may be added in the future. Event weapons are often much better so they are well worth saving silver for.


That brings us to the end of our weapons guide for Into the Dead 2. In summary, upgrade the ARC-7 Legion first and then think about other alternatives from this list after. Hope you found this guide useful, let us know in the comments section below.

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