Progression in ISEKAI: Demon Waifu can be a bit challenging, but that’s part of what makes this game so fun to play. With so many functions and actions to finish, it’s understandable why most players don’t know how to prioritize what needs to be done or where to start. We have made a list of some of the more important tips and tricks that new players tend to ignore because they are trying to “wait for a better time” or simply don’t know the most efficient way to complete them.

Best Tips & Tricks To Help You In ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

Veteran players will likely be able to check most of the items off this list, but players that aren’t familiar with the game genre might still appreciate some of these tips and tricks. Of course, these are some of the more advanced tasks that players need to do, so you might want to check out our ISEKAI Beginner’s Guide first before continuing on the list if you haven’t already. These objectives will surely help you climb up higher in the rankings faster than the rest of your competition.

Use Up All Your Attribute Potions

One of the biggest turnoffs for new players is when they make the assumption that they are forced to Levy resources every minute. As a matter of fact, the timer to collect resources from the Levy Office increases as Subordinate attributes increase. For a more in-depth guide to this topic, check out our ISEKAI Resource Guide here on BlueStacks. As the player levels up both the Demon Prince and his subordinates, the longer it will be before players can collect resources needed.

Best Tips & Tricks To Help You In ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

For new players that want to avoid this problem, the fastest way to increase your resource production and countdown is to chug down all of the Attribute Potions you have. When you click on a Subordinate, it will give you the option to use Potions. Wisely choose three to four of the Subordinates you think you’ll be using long-term and let them use up all of the potions. Don’t leave even a single potion in your inventory because you’ll continuously receive these items as rewards later on.

Clean Up Your Inventory

Speaking of using up all of your potions, it’s also a good idea to consume all of the items in your inventory. The inventory is filled to the brim with all of the rewards that the Demon Prince receives from completing tasks. There are various consumable items that can be found in your inventory like Jewels, Scrolls, Packs, and most importantly, Resource Bundles. If it has the option to click “Use,” you need to consume that right away. There will never be a better time to use it.

Best Tips & Tricks To Help You In ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

Resource Bundles are the most important consumables in your inventory because they allow the player to progress through the game rapidly. For example, players are often tempted to save their Magic Crystal boxes for a later date in case they get a “better unit.” The fix here is that you don’t have to, as resources don’t have limits, so there’s really no use saving them in your inventory. The most important resource that you should consume right away is Troops; you’ll have a much smoother time completing expeditions. Thank us later.

Push Through The Expedition

Yeah, we know: it sounds like stating the obvious. If you’ve played the game for more than an hour, though, you’ll realize why it needs to be said. Players lose almost all interest in doing Expeditions because of how dull and time-consuming this feature is. Unfortunately, the most important features need to be unlocked by progressing through the Expedition and completing the main storyline.

Best Tips & Tricks To Help You In ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

A great tip for how players can complete the Expedition without having to painfully wait for the combat system is to use BlueStacks and its Macro Feature. The Expedition is relatively idle-based except for the First & Last stage of every chapter, where the game introduces new dialogue for the story. If you want to finish the Expedition quickly, just click on the Expedition and let it run in the background while you watch a movie or something. 

Keep Fortune Over 100

Outings offer some useful stuff like courting Free Resources, Unlocking Resource Production Areas and interacting with Consort Candidates. For most new players, the most important part about going on Outings is trying to court consort candidates until they become your wife. Players need to keep in mind that the encounter with Consort Candidates depend on their appearance rate, which is why you’ll notice that it’s significantly harder to find certain consort candidates.

Best Tips & Tricks To Help You In ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

The best way to ensure that you encounter Consort Candidates more frequently is by keeping your Fortune at 100 or above. You can do this by using 4-leaf Clovers, completing Guild Quests, or receiving Embassy Tributes. Use Portal Stones only if you’re over 100 Fortune so that you don’t end up using such a precious resource on potential dud encounters.

Buy As Many Library & Resource Area Slots as Possible

The Library and Resource Production Areas are important towards strengthening your kingdom. Players might not know this, but they can unlock more slots in both of these areas by purchasing them with Gold. Don’t worry; the game offers so many ways to earn gold, you don’t have to be cheap about spending them “at the right time” or “on the right things.”

Best Tips & Tricks To Help You In ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

The Library, in particular, is one of the better investments to spend your gold on. After all, this is where players get to upgrade a Subordinate’s PvP Skills. Since it takes an extremely long time to upgrade PvP skills, it’s better to have multiple units training at the same time.

Join a Guild

Joining an active guild is one of the things that players should have at the top of their priority list. Guilds offer a lot of additional content that rewards the player with consumables and resources that they’ll need. This game isn’t like Sword Art Online, where players can “be a lone wolf” and expect to dominate the game by being some edgy loner.

Best Tips & Tricks To Help You In ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

Make sure that the guild you’re joining is active and has a lot of strong players so that you don’t end up paying for everything in the guild, trying to complete group content by yourself. It might take a while before a strong guild accepts you, especially if your credentials are poor. But don’t worry, you’ll eventually get to a point where your efforts won’t go unnoticed.