June’s Journey: Hidden Objects is a puzzle solving offline game that you can enjoy solo or with your friends. It features interactive puzzles that hide various objects which you need to find. In this article, we have covered some helpful tips and tricks that will aid you in your quest to find all the objects in every puzzle you encounter! Let’s start.

Tip #1. Spend Energy Wisely

The energy management in this game is quite rough for new players and even veterans. You start off with 110 energy maximum and each adventure clear costs you around 15 energy. If you clear the round in the best way, you can earn at least a Star. Sometimes, you might only get half a star or even less than that. This signifies that in order to get a full star, you might end up playing the same stage 3-4 times. 

June's Journey: Hidden Objects Tips and Tricks to Optimize your Progression

Once more, it will rely on how fast and precisely you are able to locate every item in the word set. It’s possible to receive, for example, 50% of a star if you perform exceptionally well in a round—you might even receive a “Perfect” rating. But if you perform poorly, you might only receive, say, 12% of a star. It basically indicates that you’re expending a lot of effort in vain if you routinely receive low percentages. In addition, waiting periods can seem incredibly long because one energy point regenerates every two minutes.

Tip #2. Master a Level First!

Like we mentioned before, each round needs to be mastered in order to gain a Star from it. Although mastering a level can seem a bit tedious at first, the benefit is that you’re only concentrating on one scene, and even though new objects are added every time you play a round, you’ve already gotten to know most of where the hidden objects are, increasing your chances of receiving Perfect ratings even as the difficulty increases.

June's Journey: Hidden Objects Tips and Tricks to Optimize your Progression

You’ll eventually become so accustomed to the layout and the locations of the objects that you’ll finish rounds more quickly without the need for hints. This will help you maximize your energy resources in the long term on top of getting some generous resources.

Tip #3. Take Help with Some Clues!

Each level can give you at least 2 clues – one at the beginning of the level and the latter when you have reached a certain threshold of the total stars in the particular level. You need to find all the clues in order to move on to the next level. Naturally, you will need to work hard on completing each level individually so you can proceed to the next one. The drawback is that you usually need to accumulate a particular amount of stars from earlier levels in order to enter a chapter’s final level. 

When it comes to making the most use of your energy points, mastering each level can be the most effective strategy between the two. The story may seem to go slowly at first, but you won’t have to worry about revisiting earlier stages to attempt to get a feel for a certain scene again.

Tip #4. Zoom Into the Image 

Some levels can appear to be quite tricky outside but when you study them in-depth, they will fall off pretty quickly. Make sure to zoom into the image in order to find some irregularities. Take advantage of this feature and locate all the objects in the image. Do not click on them yet, as it will trigger the timer for you to find all the other objects, harming your total score tally. First observe and locate the objects, and then quickly click on all of them to get the highest amount of stars in the level.  

Another healthy alternative way you can dissect the image is by imagining a line dividing the image. Now carefully observe all the different objects that appear on both the left-hand side and right-hand side. Once you have verified their existence, click on them to complete the level. 

June's Journey: Hidden Objects Tips and Tricks to Optimize your Progression

Tip #5. Use Hints Cautiously

There are moments when you just can’t seem to locate one particular object in the scene. Despite your intense focus and zooming in and out of the screen, this specific object is still out of sight. You can click the hint button in this situation, which is represented by the lightbulb in the bottom right corner of the screen. The object you’re looking for will become visible when you click the hint button, making it easier for you to find. Know that the more hints you use, the less your overall score will be. 

Players can enjoy June’s Journey: Hidden Objects even more on a bigger screen with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks!