Some shooter games create diversity by adding different game modes, weapons, interesting mechanics, and a whole slew of features that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting through time. However, other games like Jurassic Monster World go the extra mile and create a variety of characters that the player can unlock, and which offer different skills and stats that lend themselves to many play styles. This goes to show you that, when it comes to engaging enemies on the battlefield, not everyone appreciates a direct approach; some might enjoy sneaking up and completing the objectives, or perhaps flanking the enemy and unleashing a pincer attack.

Jurassic Monster World - The Best Dinosaurs in the Game

While there’s definitely a degree of strategy involved in mounting effective offensives in this shooter game, your choice of Dinosaur will also come into play when it comes to putting these plans into action. After all, you wouldn’t expect to be able to flank or catch the enemy off guard with a slow and unwieldy Dinosaur like the Brontosaurus. Conversely, facing your enemies head-on with a small dino like the Velociraptor is a one-way ticket to defeat as these units are quite fragile and weak in terms of defenses.

In Jurassic Monster World, there’s a Dinosaur for just about any play style. However, the vast majority of the units that you can unlock in this game are obtained mostly by purchasing them, which is a shame. Nevertheless, there are quite a few Dinosaurs that you can acquire simply by leveling up.

Jurassic Monster World - The Best Dinosaurs in the Game

In this guide, we will be focusing on our top picks for best free Dinosaurs in Jurassic Monster World, so that you can choose the most powerful units, without breaking the bank.

The Balanced Trifecta (Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, and Pteranodon)

The first three Dinosaurs that you unlock at the beginning are actually a quite balanced trifecta. These three units have most of the bases covered: The Velociraptor is quick, has a jump ability that allows it to use certain shortcuts and escape from danger, and excels at pushing and capturing points. Meanwhile, the Dilophosaurus, while still quite mobile compared to the Velociraptor, is somewhat slower, but comes equipped with the Icebreaker heavy weaponry, which makes it better suited for close engagements.

Jurassic Monster World - The Best Dinosaurs in the Game

The Pteranodon, however, is quite different than the other two. Not only does it feature weaker weaponry and limited ammo capacity in its default weapons, but it’s also quite fragile in relation to the others. However, the Pteranodon can freely fly over the arena, which makes it perfect for pushing and capturing points in ways that no other starter Dinosaur can do. In the right hands, a Pteranodon can alternate between capturing points and harassing enemy players in order to exploit vulnerabilities and press the advantage.

Jurassic Monster World - The Best Dinosaurs in the Game

Giganotosaurus, The Melee King

Next to the Brontosaurus, the Giganotosaurus is the second slowest free Dinosaur in Jurassic Monster World. However, what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in sheer damage output using his four mounted weapons (2 light and 2 heavy, by default). Furthermore, he comes with two important skills that make him lethal when he manages to close the distance. For starters, he has an AoE silence that allows him to block the abilities of everyone within 30m for 6 seconds. Moreover, he can also regenerate 33% of his health over 5 seconds, which is quite important as this guy is definitely built to absorb as much damage as he can put out.

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Jurassic Monster World - The Best Dinosaurs in the Game

To compensate for his slow movements, however, the Giganotosaurus has a leap skill, which functions similarly to the one used by Velociraptors. This skill not only allows him to use some of the shortcuts in certain stages, but it also allows him to close the distance and get in melee range, which is where he truly shines. This Dinosaur has the strongest melee attack in the entire game, which is almost 4 times stronger than the Velociraptor’s bite. Trust us when we say you don’t want to get bitten by a Giganotosaurus.

Quetzalcoatlus, The Carpet Bomber

While the Pteranodon is a great scouting unit that can constantly harass the enemy with his speed and mobility, the Quetzalcoatlus is more like a mobile fortress and disruptor Dinosaur, which can fly around the map raining destruction upon his foes using his mounted rocket launchers.

Jurassic Monster World - The Best Dinosaurs in the Game

This Dinosaur comes equipped with three Rival-R10 launchers which, while falling into the category of light weaponry, excel at dealing with ground threats thanks to their explosive radius. In this sense, not only is this unit great at pestering enemies with its explosive payload, but it’s also great for dispersing and routing opponents that are huddled together, allowing your team to catch them alone and off-guard.

Pentaceratops, The Tank Sprinter

The first two Dinosaurs we mentioned in this list, the Velociraptor and the Dilophosaurus, are some of the fastest ground units in the game. However, they’re very fragile and can be killed easily with a few well-placed barrages. The Pentaceratops, however, while not as fast as the former two dinos, has a sprint ability that allows him to cross great distances in no time at all. This burst of speed, combined with the Pentaceratops’ natural high armor and regeneration ability, makes him one of the best pushers in Jurassic Monster World. And as if that wasn’t enough, he comes equipped with four R-25 HAIL launchers, with which he can pelt enemies with explosives across massive distances, dealing AoE damage with every explosion.

When the Pentaceratops isn’t busy pushing and capturing points, he can whittle down the enemy with his grenades and soften them up for the rest of his team to deal with.

Jurassic Monster World - The Best Dinosaurs in the Game

While there are many different Dinosaurs available in Jurassic Monster World, you’ll likely rely on the free alternatives if you don’t plan on spending money in this game. While this opens a debate about whether or not the game is P2W, there’s still a point to be made in the fact that playing with other F2P players is quite an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, with the suggestions on this list, you now know which are the best Dinosaurs in this shooter game, so get out there and start kicking some tail!

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