When it comes to arena shooter games like Jurassic Monster World, winning matches involves lots of careful planning and strategizing, as well as the ability to execute actions with precision. It’s not enough to simply purchase or unlocking the best Dinosaurs in the game, and charging headfirst into the fray, as this is a good way to get yourself overwhelmed and killed in a matter of seconds. Instead, you must devise strategies through which you can outplay the enemy, and steal the victory from right under their noses.

How to Win Every Match in Jurassic Monster World: The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

There’s more to the combat Jurassic Monster World than just running and shooting, which is why we’re taking the time to write this guide. In the following sections, you’ll find the best tips and tricks for this arena shooter game, which will help you to win every single match.

Capture the Objective, or Defeat the Enemy?

As we mentioned in our beginner’s guide for this game, the main game mode in Jurassic Monster World is Conquest, which consists of a battle where two teams face off against each other in a fight for capturing and holding a series of points in the map. The team who manages to capture and hold the points for a while will be declared the winner. However, the match is also won if a team manages to destroy every single enemy player until they run out of pilots for respawning. Similarly, even if they have respawns remaining, the team will still lose if they all get destroyed at the same time.

How to Win Every Match in Jurassic Monster World: The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

In a nutshell, the combat in this game boils down to rushing the middle of the map, and fighting until only one is left standing, and this is where your strategy comes into play. If you feel you’re already the best at the game and can defeat anyone who stands in your way, then, by all means, go ahead. However, if you’re up against tough enemies, you’ll need to alternate between rushing and capturing points, and engaging the enemy on the field.

How to Win Every Match in Jurassic Monster World: The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

In our experience, we’ve had positive results from the beginning by choosing a fast Dinosaur like a Velociraptor and rushing the objectives on the outer edges of the map. Competition is usually sparse in these points and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever fight against more than one enemy at a time. Furthermore, in some cases, capturing the outer points might make the enemy in the middle break off from your team to try and recapture their points, which will give your squad the opportunity to capture the middle point, and then launch a pincer attack against the retreating enemy.

How to Win Every Match in Jurassic Monster World: The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

Strategy is key when it comes to winning in Jurassic Monster World, so feel free to share your best strategies for this game in the comments section below!

Flank, Flank, and Flank Some More!

Speaking of combat strategies, if you’re hellbent on fighting the enemy instead of capturing points, then your best bet would be to actually employ some strategy instead of rushing in by yourself. Specifically, a good way to capitalize on the enemy’s weakness is by circling around and flanking them while they’re busy engaging against your team in the middle. Some Dinosaurs, like the Velociraptor, can take advantage of certain shortcuts in the stage with his ability to leap great distances. Try to use this to your advantage when flanking the enemy.

How to Win Every Match in Jurassic Monster World: The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

Use the Best Control Schemes Available

Of course, having a good strategy is irrelevant if you can’t actually execute them correctly due to the game’s clunky touchscreen controls coupled with poor performance if you’re playing on an outdated phone. With BlueStacks, however, you can forget about having to deal with these issues ever again as our emulator can not only provide better performance than any mobile device on the market, it can also grant you vastly-improved controls thanks to the Keymapping Tool.

Play Jurassic Monster World on PC

By playing Jurassic Monster World on PC with BlueStacks, you can use your mouse and keyboard to control your Dinosaurs, just as you would in any other PC shooter game. In other words, you can use the WASD keys to move your dino, and the mouse to point and shoot at the enemy, which is obviously leaps and bounds better than relying on the clunky touchscreen controls of your phone.

How to Win Every Match in Jurassic Monster World: The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

Furthermore, the true power of the Keymapping Tool comes from its versatility as you can easily customize your control scheme to suit your preferences. Don’t like moving with the WASD keys? Then change it! This, and much more, is made easy if you’re enjoying your favorite games on BlueStacks.

Use Your Weapons Correctly

Just as there are quite a lot of Dinosaurs in this game, you can obtain many different weapons in Jurassic Monster World. These weapons come in three categories: Light, Medium, and Heavy. However, while there are some differences between specific weapon models, the main aspect you’ll need to keep in mind when it comes to weapon classes is the fact that some Dinosaurs are restricted to using certain classes. For instance, some units, like the Velociraptor, can only carry Light weaponry, while others can equip up to Medium, or even Large, weapons.

How to Win Every Match in Jurassic Monster World: The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

The important part about weapons, however, is that their use varies not according to their category, but due to their stats. Specifically, all weapons have an effective range, a projectile type, and other important distinctions that can impact the way they’re used in combat. Whenever you’re equipping a new weapon, make sure to read its details so that you can learn how to use them, and avoid making a fool of yourself in the field by trying to hit someone who is far in the distance with a shotgun.

Remember to Buy That Second Pilot Slot

Lastly, this is not a combat tip itself, but something that is important to consider in order to win your matches.

Simply put, there will be times in a match when you will die. Maybe you got careless and overextended the attack and got singled out, or maybe you simply got outplayed by a skilled enemy. Whatever the case, if you die in combat, you’ll only be able to respawn if you have additional pilots on standby. Luckily, you can easily purchase an additional pilot using D-Crystals, the premium currency in the game. The first additional slot costs only 10 of these, which makes it essentially a free pilot. The second and third extra slots cost 100 D-Crystals each, which is a bit more, but by no means a steep investment at this point.

How to Win Every Match in Jurassic Monster World: The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

By purchasing these two slots, you will be able to respawn up to two additional times per match, which will allow space for mistakes and keep you in the game for longer. Don’t forget to pick up these upgrades as soon as you can!

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