King Of Avalon Alliance Guide: Playing on PC With Other Lords Has Lots Of Benefits

King Of Avalon Alliance Guide: Playing on...

Like all other mobile conquest games, King of Avalon gives special attention to Alliances: Being in one has lots of benefits and helps you to become a better Lord. But, how exactly these Alliances work? How you can use them efficiently? More importantly, what you get in return for joining an Alliance. We will answer all of these questions and more in this guide. But before we start, let us remind you that you can form up your own Alliance and fill it with “yourself”. The Multi-Instance feature of BlueStacks allows you to do this easily, and you can read this article to learn how to do that.

How To Join An Alliance In King Of Avalon

This is actually quite simple and can be done right at the beginning of the game. In fact, we recommend doing so – you should start using the benefits of Alliances as soon as possible. Click on the same named button on the interface, and search for an available Alliance. If the button says “join”, no approval will be needed. If it says “apply”, this means the leader will review your application. You can also create your own Alliance, if you have 200 gold and your castle is level 6.

The list of all available Alliances.

This one accepts everyone – click on “join”.

What Do You Get In Return: Benefits Of Alliances

Being an Alliance member gives you a lot of benefits: You can shorten the construction time of your buildings, exchange resources, and ask for additional troops. And these are only the beginning: Alliances have lots of other advantages too.

You get to use a special Store.

Alliance stores are open to all members and contain lots of useful items: Production buffs, construction speed ups, gathering boosts… Anything you can need. The currency in this store is called “honor points”, and you cannot purchase it. You earn them by completing certain tasks for the Alliance, and for example, by making donations.

Making this donation will award 100 honor points.

And we can spend our points here.

You can ask for help and give help to others.

 Sending and receiving help is one of the best features of being in an Alliance. You can ask help for shortening the construction times of your buildings: Every time a member helps you, the timer will decrease a certain amount. If a construction will last 30 minutes, for example, you can lower it to 20 minutes easily. In order to send more help requests, make sure to construct and upgrade the Embassy building.

We are asking for help.

And here, we can see other members that ask for help.

You can exchange goods.

If you construct the Trade Post building, you can start trading important goods with other Alliance members. You have lots of wood but in need of food? No worries, just exchange them with another member. It is possible to exchange almost everything: resources, equipment, gemstones, and even heroes.

Play King of Avalon on BlueStacks

Alliances can construct big fortresses and towers on the world map. The fortress defines the territory of the Alliance: It should be as big as possible and every member can help to achieve this goal. It is possible to attack the towers/fortresses of other Alliances too: In fact, this is the main PvP system of King of Avalon.

Alliances can also create resource production buildings, which give a gathering boost to all members. Basically, Alliance buildings are the larger version of your Kingdom: They give you resources and you should protect them from attacks.

You can get free chests.

It is possible to get a free gift chest every day, which awards lots of useful resources, buffs, and speed ups. You get to win daily activity points by completing certain tasks, and if all members manage to collect enough points, everybody gets a chest. For example, you need 200 points for the first gift chest.

This one shows how many points are needed for a gift chest.

And this one shows the daily goals we need to complete in order to win points.

In short, you should join an Alliance as soon as possible or create your own with the help of BlueStacks: These benefits will give you an advantage at every stage of the game. Speaking of advantages, you should read our other King of Avalon guides too – they contain lots of useful information that will help you to become a better Lord. Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

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