King of Avalon: How to Train your Dragon?

King of Avalon: How to Train your...

Dragons are one of the most important features that distinguish King of Avalon from similar games. Every Lord in the game has a dragon and using this creature correctly can make your kingdom grow much faster. However, you need to take care of your dragon and know how to use its skills – otherwise, you only have a monster sitting in your city. In this guide, we will describe how you can use your dragon in the most efficient way. Let’s start: The dragon seems to be hungry!

So… Is It Really A Dragon?

Oh yes, we really have a pretty big dragon. When you start the game, you will be asked to build its nest and an egg will be placed in the nest. After waiting a few hours, the egg will hatch and you will meet the dragon. The nest looks like this:

And our handsome dragon looks like this:

We know you want to ride him, but unfortunately, you can’t. The dragon is a fairly free spirit and you can’t control it directly. You can send it to battles or garrison in the city. In any case, our dragon works like a kind of “buff machine”. So, for example, if you send it with your army, it increases their attack power. If you keep it in the city, it can increase defense power or gathering speed. You have to manage your dragon in a very dynamic way: You need to decide which skills to use according to its location and make the most of it.

Leveling Up Your Dragon And Using Its Skills

The Dragon can also gain XP points just like you and level up. It’s important to quickly add XP points to your dragon, because the higher the level, the more skills you can use. You don’t need to do anything special to gain XP points: Any action that gives you Lord XP allows your dragon to earn points too. We talked about the importance of using your dragon’s skills correctly. Now, let’s see what these are. First, take a look at the following screenshot:

Your dragon has four different types of main skills: Attack, Defense, Gathering, and Monster. There are 8 sub-skills you can assign to each main skill. When the dragon level is 45, you’ll be able to use them all. You can assign two different types of abilities to each main skill, guardian and assault. The Guardian ability increases the strength of gathering and defense. And Assault ability raises the power of attack and monster-slaying.

Does it sound confusing? Don’t worry, it’s actually quite a simple system. Let us explain by giving an example: Switch to the defense main skill. There are two different sub-skills under the Assault and Guardian categories.

We don’t need to use the Assault sub-skill because we are keeping the dragon in the city. That’s why we’re using the Guardian sub-skill and getting the following buff:

In other words, our dragon helps us to make the city’s defense more effective. But if we were going to a battle, we would use the Assault sub-skill this time and we would get:

This time the dragon gave us +2000 troops. Now, did you understand what we meant by “dynamic”? You have to determine all the sub-skills of your dragon according to your location and/or the thing you are doing. If you are garrisoning the dragon in the city, use only guardian sub-skills. Switch to Assault sub-skills if you are going to a battle. There are countless Guardian and Assault sub-skills to choose from and you have to choose according to your needs. From the home screen, you can review and purchase all these sub-skills one by one.

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In the same way, you can find out what you need to purchase a specific sub-skill.

Best Dragon Skills

You have 17 Assault and 17 Guardian sub-skills. So, what are the best of them? The answer to this question will vary according to your playing style – for example, if you have an aggressive style of play, you should focus on Assault sub-skills. Here are our sub-skills recommendations from both groups:

  • For Attack: Flaming Arrows (II & III), Cavalry Claw (I & III), Infantry Backbone (I & II)

  • For Defense: Flaming Arrows I, Cavalry Claw II, Infantry Backbone III, Dragon Blood (II & IV), Dragon Blessing, Dragon Skin

Remember that this list is just a recommendation: According to your game style and the setup of the enemy army, you need to dynamically determine the ideal dragon sub-skills. Finally, if you want the dragon to give you an advantage in battles, remember that you must literally send it to battle. If your army fights, but your dragon stays in the city, it will be no use to the army. In the “March” screen, you have to add the dragon to your troops:

There is actually an exception to this rule: It is possible to use your dragon at two different locations at the same time. To see how to do this, take a look at our Tips and Tricks guide.

Enhancing The Skills And Changing The “Character”

You can enhance each Assault and Guardian sub-skill to make them even more effective. Each sub-skill can be upgraded 9 times. For this job, you need a special currency called “Intensity Crystal”. You can purchase this currency from the Spirit Store. But you need to be an Alliance member to be able to access that store.

You can also purchase these crystals from Labyrinth, Auction House, and Black Market. Finally, let’s say that your dragon has a “character” and you can change the buffs you get by changing it. By default, the “balanced” character is used, but there are a total of 5 different character types, each giving a different advantage. For example, when you select the “Balanced” character, you get the following advantages:

When you switch to the “Vicious” character, you start to get battle buffs:

We recommend that you switch to the “Pure” character while the dragon is garrisoned in the city. During battles, it is best to use the “Brutal” character archetype.

So, yes, you have to deal with the dragon continuously and work for a long time to improve it. However, we can assure you that it’s worth your while: Many King of Avalon players are not interested in developing their dragon at all. However, a fully upgraded dragon can help you defeat even higher-level players on the battlefield or can protect your city more effectively. In other words, if you want to play King of Avalon on a competitive level, be sure to take care of your dragon.

If you have always loved Viserion (Game of Thrones anyone?) and are still trying to get over his sudden death, this is your chance to make things right. Think of this dragon as Viserion and love it with all you have got. Trust us, it will love you back and give you lot of buffs in return to show it.

By reading our Tips and Tricks guide, you can learn more beneficial tips to make your work easier. See you on the battlefield!

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