Earlier in our King of Avalon tier list, we named a few of the characters that, for various reasons, we think are the best (and worse) in the game. However, on that occasion, we merely named the characters on the list, and we didn’t actually explain why they’re good or bad, which is important for getting an idea of how to create your own tier lists. 

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

With that being said, in this guide, we’re going to go over each and every character that we mentioned in our tier list, and explain what makes them the best heroes in King of Avalon

S Tier

As usual, when it comes to our BlueStacks tier lists, the S tier is dedicated exclusively to the best characters in their respective games. For King of Avalon, this means that the characters in this tier are the best in most aspects of the game, from the regular army marches, to the exploration levels where you must face off against hordes of encroaching enemies in real-time tower defense style gameplay. 

The characters in this tier can often carry entire teams to victory, without the need for outside help.

  • King Arthur’s Soul (Legendary, Glory, Swordsmen)

Starting off strong with two powerful heroes that have similar skill sets, which makes them into some of the best characters in the entire game, at least for exploration mode battles. In this case, King Arthur’s Soul is particularly good thanks to his high damage and great mobility, allowing him to guard different chokepoints and swap between them with his main skill. This is because his Shield Slam skill, while not doing much damage, allows him to quickly jump to a distant tile, allowing for fast repositioning in case of emergencies.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

In march battles, King Arthur’s Soul is also an excellent combatant, with skills that passively enhance the power of Infantry Troops, while also somewhat benefiting other troop types. This makes him an excellent balanced character, but also one that thrives when commanding Infantry units.

  • Lancelot (Legendary, Glory, Swordsmen)

The powerful Lancelot has a similar kit than King Arthur’s Soul for exploration battles, allowing him to both jump to distant tiles, as well as knock back all nearby enemies on command. Moreover, just like King Arthur, Lancelot also boasts excellent damage during these battles, making him essentially into a one-man army when used correctly. 

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

When it comes to regular march battles, Lancelot is a bit more balanced, offering more skills that passively boost the performance of all three troop types, while only slightly favoring Infantry. However, thanks to his unique skill that increases the damage inflicted by troops with every passing turn, Lancelot can be somewhat stronger as the fights drag on, which makes him ideal for the tougher battles where both sides are evenly matched.

  • Morien (Legendary, Freedom, Marksmen)

When it comes to exploration battles, Morien is a beast that can deal tons of damage to unsuspecting enemies, though he requires quite a bit of setup in order to do so. This is because one of his strongest skills consists of traps that he can set down for enemies to trigger, dealing tons of damage when they do so. However, his real strength comes from his “Battle Eagle” skill, which deals decent damage, but also amplifies the damage received by the enemy, turning him into a prime asset when fighting against powerful bosses.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

Despite being a Marksman hero, Morien actually favors Cavalry and Infantry the most with his passive buffs. However, his unique skill favors only Ranged troops, amplifying their skills in combat greatly. Suffice to say. Morien is a balanced leader that can control different types of troops, and who can also get the most out of his ranged units.

  • The Red Knight (Legendary, Gallantry, Spearmen)

Last but not least, we couldn’t close this tier without mentioning at least one Spearmen hero, and The Red Knight just happens to be one of the best in this category. This hero combines the superior range and damage of this troop type, with the burst damage that the “Sword Throw” skill provides. This makes him an ideal unit for guarding chokepoints, and even dealing with ranged threats, while also being able to lend great support at a distance, by throwing his powerful sword.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

When it comes to regular march battles, The Red Knight leans heavily towards cavalry, while also favoring ranged troops. However, his unique skill lets him deal tons of damage in an AoE setting, especially since it allows him to deal extra damage to the troops in adjacent slots to where his own units are attacking. This makes him ideal for mowing down lesser enemies in the battlefield, though admittedly he’ll struggle against the beefier units.

A Tier

Unlike the heroes in the S tier, the characters in this category often won’t be able to single handedly carry you through the entire game, though they’re very strong regardless. The biggest difference is that these heroes can benefit greatly from a proper team composition in order to realize their full potential. As such, they can be quite strong, though requiring additional setup.

Ultimately, while they’re not the absolute best, a few A-tier characters can easily carry you to victory.

  • Morrigan (Legendary, Gallantry, Spearmen)

You’ll get your first glimpse of Morrigan during one of the final battles of the tutorial, as she’ll join your group as a guest. Right off the bat, you can tell that she’s a very powerful hero, as her troops can easily decimate anything that stands in their way, especially when they use their “Wild Charge” skill, allowing them both to quickly reposition, as well as deal tons of damage to the enemies that stand in their way. Additionally, Morrigan can summon pillars of light to deal continuous holy damage to an area, making her great for dealing with both ranged threats, as well as tough bosses.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

In march battles, Morrigan favors Infantry troops almost exclusively, though she has a few passives that also benefit all troop types. However, oddly enough, her unique skill only increases the attack of Cavalry units, giving her an edge when she’s leading this type of soldier. Overall, however, she’s an excellent unit for both march and exploration battles, though her focus on single troop types limits her potential somewhat, at least compared to the heroes in the S tier.

  • Evaine (Legendary, Prosperity, Marksmen)

Another heroine that you’ll meet as a guest during the tutorial. Evaine saves your life the first time you encounter enemies with ice shields, since she can use her flaming explosive arrows to melt the enemy defenses and open them up for further harm. However, her full potential is realized when you actually unlock her, since she can then use her Rewrite Fate skill, which lets her deal massive damage to enemies in an area, and also pull them towards the center of the AoE. This interaction is ideal for comboing with other heroes, allowing them to deal further AoE damage and melt down many enemies in one fell swoop.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

When it comes to march battles, Evaine isn’t as strong as the rest, mostly because her unique skill is centered around increasing your gathering speed. However, considering that gathering resources is a crucial aspect in King of Avalon, she will quickly become one of your most important assets for the development of your empire. Moreover, all her passive bonuses revolve around improving many aspects of your city development, such as troop training speed, construction speed, training capacity, and many more.

  • Sir Kay (Epic, Glory, Spearmen)

Heroes that are of Epic rarity and below have a big limitation in the fact that they often only offer one active skill for exploration battles. However, the positive tradeoff of this is that they’re much easier to summon than their Legendary counterparts, which is why these heroes will likely make up the majority of your squad early on. Nevertheless, there are some heroes in this rarity that are worth taking a look at, with Sir Kay being among the best of them.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

Kay is a Spearman hero that can increase the range and damage of his troops during exploration battles, making him into a powerful hero for defending chokepoints. His passive skill further boosts the attack of his units during these battles, making him into a formidable hero in general. His march battle potential, however, lies in the defense of your city, as his unique skill increases the defense of your walls whenever this hero is garrisoned. Other than that, he favors cavalry and ranged units with his passives, so make sure to pair him with these troop types primarily.

  • Sir Tor (Epic, Gallantry, Swordsmen)

Just like with Sir Kay, Sir Tor doesn’t have much to speak of when it comes to exploration battles. He can deal AoE damage and knock back nearby enemies with his only skill, while passively increasing the attack of his troops in combat. Moreover, his reliance on swordsmen units makes him ideal for charging ranged enemies, as his powerful shields are perfect for deflecting enemy arrows.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

In march battles, Sir Tor is ideal for attacking. Specifically, he’s great for attacking enemy cities, as his unique skill allows him to inflict additional damage to enemy buildings. Nevertheless, despite this specialty, this hero’s passive bonuses focus greatly on defense, boosting the health and defenses of infantry units, with some of these bonuses also applying to other troop types. Nevertheless, his main focus is on infantry, so try pairing him mostly with these units when leading marches.

B Tier

This tier corresponds to the average heroes that you’ll pull in most of your summoning attempts. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t good, either. Nevertheless, they are the most common in the game, which is great, since they’ll basically make up most of your army in the beginning. However, though you could definitely do much worse than these heroes, you’ll want to replace them for better characters as soon as you get the chance.

  • Sloane (Epic, Freedom, Marksmen)

As you’ll probably notice, most of the heroes in this tier correspond to the units you get for free during the game’s tutorial and intro sequences. This is because, while they’re far from being the best, they are pretty decent and will take you a long way, especially if you take the time and resources to upgrade them and their troops.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

Sloane is one of the best starter heroes in the game, as the Marksman unit who can deal tons of damage from afar. However, she’ll quickly lose effectiveness later on when you discover enemies equipped with ice shields. Nevertheless, her damage is more than adequate against any other unit type. Her special skill, in particular, is awesome for dealing with lesser enemies, as it forces them to group around an explosive bait, followed by blowing them up, often killing them instantly.

During march battles, Sloane is a pretty decent offensive hero, especially when leading ranged units. Her unique skill gives her ranged troops a chance of dealing additional damage with every attack, making them especially deadly. However, her passives are mostly balanced, increasing the stats of all unit types, though with a slight bias towards cavalry troops.

  • Wineskin Knight (Epic, Freedom, Spearmen)

This hero is an absolute powerhouse with his “Sword Throw” skill, through which he can easily dispatch groups of lesser enemies in exploration battles. He’s also quite tanky and durable, which makes him great for guarding chokepoints from waves of enemies. Curiously enough, Wineskin is one of the few Epic heroes who can learn two active skills for exploration battles, with this “Drunken Haze” being quite potent. This skill lets him shower an area with wine, dealing massive damage to all enemies, and also causing the next source of damage to deal a guaranteed critical hit.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

His abilities during march battles are pretty straightforward. For starters, his unique skill gives an attack boost to ally cavalry units, making him into a specialist when leading these troops. Meanwhile, his passive boosts are quite balanced, favoring all unit types, adding even more versatility to this powerful warrior.

  • Nora (Epic, Prosperity, Swordsmen)

Nora is great for one reason, and one reason only: Aside from being one of the heroes you unlock from the tutorial, her skills greatly enhance her food gathering skills from the world map, making her into a great farming unit that you get for free. In this regard, her main strength lies in leading gathering expeditions, as she’s quite middling in both standard march battles, as well as in exploration scenarios.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

  • Hua Mulan (Epic, Freedom, Spearmen)

As far as power and effectiveness go, Hua Mulan is right in the middle of the road, not specializing particularly in anything, but remaining quite competent in most exploration battles. Her true strength, however, lies in her unique skill, which bestows cavalry units with buff to all their stats during march battles. Other than that, her passive bonuses are quite balanced, making her into a versatile hero, just like Wineskin Knight.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

C Tier

This tier only exists to illustrate the characters that you’ll want to avoid at all costs, either because they don’t adhere to the current meta, or because they’re just weak and ineffectual. Try to avoid using these unless you absolutely have no other choice.

  • Sir Gaheris (Rare, Prosperity, Swordsmen)

One of the main things that you’ll notice about the heroes in this tier is the fact that they’re all Rare quality, which severely limits their potential. This is intentional, as you should be avoiding any and all Rare heroes as a matter of principle, considering that they’re the weakest of all. However, the heroes in this tier all have one strong point: they’re great at collecting resources. As such, even if you get one of these, you’ll be able to benefit from it, even though you’ll never want to actually use them in combat.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

With that being said, the only saving grace that Gaheris offers is his unique skill, which makes him proficient at gathering iron. In this sense, while you won’t be getting much out of him when it comes to march battles and exploration scenarios, you could still benefit from his skills, by sending him out on gathering trips.

  • Sir Griflet (Rare, Prosperity, Swordsmen)

Griflet is identical to Gaheris above, only his unique skill revolves around collecting silver more efficiently rather than iron. As such, even though his other traits are quite lackluster, you could still squeeze some usefulness out of him by sending him out to gather resources. Don’t count on him for any other purposes, though.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

  • Lady Cerys (Rare, Prosperity, Swordsmen)

Just like with the two gentlemen above, Lady Cerys is useful for one thing: her awesome abilities for gathering wood at a faster rate than others. With these three, along with Nora in the above tier, you can basically farm most resource types with increased efficiency. 

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

  • Vortimer (Rare, Gallantry, Spearmen)

Last and definitely least, Vortimer is an example of a hero that has nothing good to offer, and that you should definitely avoid at all costs. His exploration skills are very weak, and his march skills aren’t much better. And in contrast with all the other heroes in this tier, he doesn’t have anything useful to offer when it comes to farming or developing your town.

How to Find the Best King of Avalon Characters and Create Your Own Tier Lists

And that’s it for our King of Avalon hero tier list. We hope that you can now identify the traits that make a hero great, as well as which of those traits to avoid when creating your own teams.