Like most mobile strategy games on the app store, King of Avalon has a series of periodic events meant to help players grow their kingdoms further. The gold event starts out whenever a new server is launched (or when you make a new account) and will then reoccur after an approximate timeframe. Usually, it’s anywhere from 7 to 10 days from the end of one to the beginning of another.

King of Avalon on PC: How to Become the God of Gold Events

Given how difficult it is to play in KoA’s endgame without forking out real currency, these celebrations should be the highlight of your playthrough. In this BlueStacks guide, you’ll learn how to become a master at collecting all the freebies that the devs hand out through events.

The Basics of Avalon Gold Events

There are 5 stages to any King of Avalon gold event: Gathering, Power Build, Monster Kill, Troop Training, and Troop Kill. Each of them hands out a series of tiered rewards and, barring the last one, lasts for a day. As you probably guessed, the third and highest tier gives gold. While the first two tiers give identical loot to all players, the last one varies according to the level of your Stronghold. The higher it is, the more gold you get.

King of Avalon on PC: How to Become the God of Gold Events

As such, you’ll want to make sure that you do the best you can to upgrade your main building every step of the way. The first 100 players to complete each stage are given additional treasures, which can include a variety of useful items. For example, one of the tiers within the first 100 includes Master Axes, which you can use to clear Advanced Rural Plots. The higher you place, the more valuable your reward.

King of Avalon on PC: How to Become the God of Gold Events

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t manage a good placement the first time around – the end of the event also hands out loot to the top 100 players in the entire server. Even if you had a slow start on the first stage, you can still make a comeback if you’re consistent and diligent enough. Overall, the rewards will stack up to a really handsome total, so if you’re wondering whether to use speed-ups, reserves of stamina, and gatherings boosts, the answer is yes.


It doesn’t matter what resources you collect so long as you’re farming nodes in your kingdom. You can even go to the current alliance resource buildings, since you’re basically getting the same amount of points. To make the most out of this little timeframe, follow the tips below.

Firstly, equip gathering gear on your commander and don’t switch these pieces out until the army reaches the tile. Once they’re there, you can swap back to your strong armor. Then, call your troops back before the stage ends. If they don’t make it to your stronghold before the deadline, all your efforts will be in vain.

King of Avalon on PC: How to Become the God of Gold Events

Your dragon can make a big difference here, so make sure their skills are focused on gathering. March capacity and increased troop load are incredibly useful, so don’t hesitate to take them up for this timeframe. Depending on the resources you get, it will help to assign the appropriate gathering skills to your dragon. Choose two resources, such as wood and iron, and only collect these in the event. Reset your other skills to maximize gathering times for the two you’ve settled on.

King of Avalon on PC: How to Become the God of Gold Events

Since we know that resources brought to your stronghold within this timeframe are the ones that count, you can already have all your marches collecting them before the event starts. Make it so that they exhaust the node right before the event starts and synchronize their arrival accordingly.

Power Building

In the second phase of the gold event, you’ll be asked to build, upgrade, and research as much as possible. There are a number of things you can do to prepare for it, the most impactful of which is to level your Stronghold during the phase itself. If you know you’re going to do it soon, postpone it for this moment. Quite often, the lord power you get from one of these is enough to take you to the gold reward.

King of Avalon on PC: How to Become the God of Gold Events

You can do this either by starting on the upgrade right before the stage is about to begin or by saving up those construction speed-ups. If you ask us, we’d go for the former. Why waste a premium resource when there’s a way around it? Also, don’t forget to factor in how much the Alliance Help will deduce from the actual timer and then add a margin of error to that. Don’t forget that certain heroes and pieces of gear can also reduce those lengthy upgrade timers, so don’t be afraid to equip them for this timeframe.

King of Avalon on PC: How to Become the God of Gold Events

As a side note, you can get penalized by having your points deducted when you destroy buildings. If you have any renovations planned ahead, it might be best to hold off on the demolition projects for another day.

Monster Hunting

This time around, you’ll get points for killing monsters in your Kingdom. The stronger the enemy, the more points will come your way. To adequately prepare for this stage, you ought to have your stamina completely full and bookmark as many monsters ahead of time as possible.

You can maximize your gains by always going for the highest-level creature you can take on. If you know you need a little help here, it’s worth using those Attack and Defense power-ups, as well as the Colossal March talent

King of Avalon on PC: How to Become the God of Gold Events

Troop Training and Killing

The last two stages can shift the momentum your way if you didn’t manage to break that top 100 just yet. Much like in the first phase, points will be awarded upon troop collection, rather than the moment when their training is done, so keep this in mind. Plan to collect a full load when the timer starts. If you have a Training Scepter, its 20% boost to training speed will go a long way here. As usual, you can use speed-up items if you feel that they’re needed.

For the final phase, which lasts for three whole days, you can go ahead and kill all of the troops you’ve acquired thus far. Pro tip: people won’t be too keen on this one, since it’s essentially costing you many, many resources. 80% of the times, your rank will be decided before this point. All you have to do is train some lower-tier infantrymen and sacrifice them honorably.

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