War games like King of Avalon are the type of games where only the strongest survive. Once you download this title and start a new account, you’re in a race against time to bolster your defenses, raise your armies, and prepare your city for when your peace shield fades and you become a target for the stronger players in your vicinity. It is for this reason that we always say that the first few days in a war game are the most important as you will either lay the foundations for a strong city, or fade away if you’re not strong enough to survive the first attacks.

Creating an Empire in King of Avalon With BlueStacks Instances

However, all that we mentioned above is even more important if you’re a lone wolf. These games are meant to be played with others. While you can definitely become strong on your own (with a lot of luck) you will never stand a chance against the combined forces of an entire alliance that decides to target you. Even if you’re the most powerful lord in the region, the joint efforts of a few players is all it takes to chip away at your defenses and slowly whittle you down in time.

But what if you don’t have to play alone? What if there was a way that, even without relying on alliances and on other players, you could find support in other cities to defend yourself and stay alive? With the BlueStacks Multi-Instance, this fleeting thought becomes a reality as it allows you to access the same game with multiple accounts simultaneously, effectively allowing you to team up with yourself and significantly increase your odds of survival.

Creating an Empire in King of Avalon With BlueStacks Instances

The BlueStacks Multi-Instance and Multi-Instance Sync Features

With BlueStacks, multiboxing in your favorite games becomes a reality as, through the Instance Manager, you can create multiple instances of our emulator, and use each of them to access the same game using different Google accounts. For King of Avalon, this means that you can have several cities in the same server, and use them to support each other in their ongoing war efforts. Whether in times of strife or moments of peace, having multiple cities in this war game is often much better than limiting yourself to just one town.

Creating an Empire in King of Avalon With BlueStacks Instances

However, the more instances you have, the tougher it would be to keep track of all your cities since you need to perform the same boring tasks of one cities, but throughout all your active instances. Especially at the beginning when you need to create many production buildings and continually upgrade them, you’ll be clicking on the same tiles and issuing the same projects hundreds of times in a short period, which can get really tedious.

Luckily, alongside the Instance Manager, you’ll also find the Multi-Instance Sync feature, another of our powerful BlueStacks tools through which you can mirror your clicks and other actions performed on one instance, across all your other active instances. In this sense, when you construct a building on your main instance, BlueStacks will do the same across all your other instances, which can significantly improve the way in which you develop multiple cities in this war game.

Using BlueStacks Instances in King of Avalon

When it comes to correctly using our BlueStacks tools, there’s really no one way to go about it. In fact, your creativity is the limit for the things you can achieve in King of Avalon with BlueStacks. However, before you can use these tools to their full potential, you must first configure them correctly, which takes a bit of know-how. Luckily, in the following section, you’ll find a list of things that you can achieve in King of Avalon through the use of the Instance Manager and Multi-Instance Sync tools.

Scenario 1: Getting Through the Tedious Initial Setup on All Your Instances

Every war game has a pacing that varies from title to title. However, most of them share one aspect in common: the beginning is often the most tedious and hectic period since you’ll be performing multiple quick upgrades and constructions back-to-back.

Creating an Empire in King of Avalon With BlueStacks Instances

If you were playing without the Instance Sync, you’d have to perform these upgrades and constructions one by one, and then move to the next instance and repeat the process. Of course, the more instances you have, the longer it’ll take. However, getting through the initial setup on several instances is an absolute breeze with the Multi-Instance Sync since you only need to play on one instance, while BlueStacks does the rest for you.

Play King of Avalon on BlueStacks

This method works best if you start from the beginning on multiple instances. In this manner, you ensure that you’re completely in sync and that all your instances are in the same condition, which can help tremendously in streamlining your efforts. All you have to do to achieve this is to create multiple new towns, activate the Instance Sync, and start playing on your main instance as you normally would.

Scenario 2: Issuing Multiple Gathering Expeditions Simultaneously

Something that you’ll be doing constantly in King of Avalon is gathering from the world map to complement the production in your town. Since your passive resource production can hardly keep up with the requirements of your constructions and research, you will need to procure materials from other parts of the game world.

Creating an Empire in King of Avalon With BlueStacks Instances

Whether it’s food, lumber, iron, or silver, there’s always something you can find on the world map. Luckily, with the Instance Sync feature, you can also streamline the process of sending out gathering expeditions on every town. You can achieve this by simply activating Sync, and sending out your troops to gather on your main instance. However, when scouting for gathering nodes, make sure to use the “search” function as the Instance Sync can’t handle manual panning and scrolling very well.

Scenario 3: Farming Materials and Hunting on the Map on All Your Instances

While gathering from the map is an important part of King of Avalon—and any other war game, for that matter—, hunting is also a quintessential aspect for those who want to accelerate their growth in this game. By defeating enemies on the world map, you receive many important materials, as well as experience to level up your dragon, not to mention that your avatar also gains experience in the process. In short, there’s nothing to lose from sending out troops to hunt beasts on the world map.

Creating an Empire in King of Avalon With BlueStacks Instances

Just like with gathering, you can also streamline your hunting expeditions across all your active instances by using the Instance Sync feature. All you have to do is turn on the sync, scout out for suitable prey using the “search” function, and simply sending out your troops to hunt on your main instance. Since Instance Sync is activated, BlueStacks will also issue hunts on all your other active instances.

Scenario 4: Joining Forces Under the Same Banner Using All Your Towns

While technically not something you can achieve using the Sync feature, one of the most important features of using our BlueStacks tools is that you can develop your towns fast enough to bolster your defenses. Furthermore, since you’re developing multiple cities simultaneously using Instance Sync, it’s very likely that you’ll have moderate power by the time your initial peace shield fades away.

Creating an Empire in King of Avalon With BlueStacks Instances

At this point, you’d do well to unite all your towns by creating a guild for yourself. In this manner, you can help speed up your constructions across your multiple towns, and even pool your forces in the times where you must attack other players or defend against incoming invaders. If you can’t create your own guild due to lack of resources, you could also have all your towns join another open alliance from the guild menu. Afterward, all you have to do is teleport to the same vicinity and keep on developing.

Creating an Empire in King of Avalon With BlueStacks Instances

With the BlueStacks Instance Manager and Multi-Instance Sync features, developing individual cities on multiple instances by painstakingly issuing commands one by one is a thing of the past. With BlueStacks, you can simply play on your main instance, and let our powerful Android emulator handle the rest. Why are you waiting for your cities to be destroyed? Download King of Avalon on BlueStacks and dominate your server today!

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