Raising your power in Kingdom Guard is a more challenging decision than you might think. It’s not as simple as deciding to get stronger and instantly having your power rating double after a few minutes of playing the game. To raise your power rating in this game, it will make learning about the different aspects that make it so unique. There are a few ways to learn how to raise your power, and understanding how to use them will benefit your kingdom in the long term when enemies become more dangerous.

Power rating is critical because of the RTS aspect of the game. Players can attack other players using units they own, so players with higher power ratings end up farming significantly weaker players. Luckily, players with a decent amount of power rating will almost always be left alone unless they antagonize another player or guild. It may prove challenging to have a power rating deserving of the top rankings in the server, but this guide will help players earn enough to defend themselves.

Upgrading the Castle

Upgrading the castle is at the center of raising your power rating. The power gain that you gain simply from upgrading the castle isn’t significant, but whenever your castle levels up, your other sectors also gain the ability to be upgraded. This is what helps boost your power rating by a lot. The game uses your castle’s level as the requirement for many tasks that increase your power rating, so make sure that you always have your castle at the maximum level it’s allowed to have.

To increase your castle’s level, you’ll only need to climb up the stages. It’s pretty easy once you’ve established a pretty strong team. You can do this by following our Units & Heroes Guide. Build a team that can clear even the most challenging bosses so that you can easily upgrade your castle level when playing the game. Remember that upgrading the castle will cost a ridiculous amount of gold, so make sure you always have a good amount available whenever you log into the game.

Academy Research

The Academy contains a lot of upgrades that can boost your power rating significantly. Unlike traditional RTS games, players don’t need to wait for long countdown timers before their research finishes. However, it still offers a lot of difficulties because the costs for completing an upgrade are ridiculously high. In addition, players need to complete prerequisites before upgrading to the next sector, which is a hassle if you don’t need the previous upgrades in the current skill tree.

The most significant upgrades that players will need are those that unlock an additional troop slot for their heroes. Some research upgrades also increase the power of your other units, which can directly boost your total power rating by a significant amount. Keep in mind that players will need to spend both skill shards and gold to complete a research upgrade. The Academy is probably the place where you’ll spend the highest amount of gold so prepare a mountain of gold beforehand.

Train in the Barracks

The Barracks is the place where you can upgrade your standard units. This place is the most significant source of power ratings because your troop lineup primarily consists of soldiers of this type. By training your units in the barracks, players will gain a massive boost in power rating that they can quickly get for a small cost. Unlike upgrading your castle or researching in the academy, this method only costs a cheap amount of gold per upgrade, so it’s a good idea to check this place out for available upgrades.

To train your units in the barracks, players will need EXP boos of the units’ current tier. This is relatively easy to get if you complete all of your quests and missions daily. Players will need to upgrade their units to level 100, which will allow them to upgrade the unit to the next tier. Once they have reached the next tier, they need to level it again. At every tier, the unit evolves into a new class and unlocks a unique ability in addition to the enormous stat boost that they gain upon promotion.

Recruit More Heroes

Recruiting more heroes is also an important way of raising your combat power. Not all of the heroes that you recruit can be used in combat but having a ton of options give you the ability to create the perfect team. The game gives you a ton of ways to recruit new heroes, including the free daily recruitment and the tickets that you gain as a reward from completing various missions. Players need to keep an eye out for these since they are essential in raising your power rating.

The best type of unit in Kingdom Guard is SSR units. These have the highest base stats out of all the heroes in the game, meaning they have better amounts of power rating gained at max level. Unfortunately, SSR units are tough to get, so it’s a good idea to find as many ways to recruit new heroes as often as possible. Getting duplicates of the same hero is also really good because it helps them power up.

Raise Your Heroes

Once you’ve acquired a lot of heroes, it’s time to raise the heroes you’ve chosen to join your team. There are two ways to raise your heroes – leveling and promoting. Leveling is just feeding them experience until they reach the maximum level, which is your castle’s current level. Leveling up requires players to feed their heroes using other heroes but make sure not to use important ones.

Promotion is a much more complicated process. This requires players to have duplicate copies of the hero that they want to promote, or at least units with the same rarity. Promotion provides a lot of power because it doesn’t only raise the base stats of the hero being upgraded, it also unlocks new abilities that they can use in combat. This is difficult, especially if the unit you’re trying to promote is an SSR.