Kingdom Guard can be a complicated game once you’ve climbed up a significant number of stages. The game includes many additional features that end up flooding the interface with buttons that most beginners don’t understand or are too scared to check out. This leaves players missing out on a lot of helpful stuff that they can use to get stronger or gain a lot of essential resources that would otherwise be too difficult to obtain when playing the game at an average pace. You can also Play Kingdom Guard:Tower Defense TD in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

Tips & Tricks to Playing Kingdom Guard

We’ve prepared some articles to help players get the best start in Kingdom Guard and learn some practical stuff that will give them a better chance at defeating difficult opponents. Recently, we’ve prepared a Power Guide for the game to help players raise their power rating, so check that out if you’re having trouble beating some tough opponents. In this guide, we’ll be talking about some tips and tricks that players need to know about when playing this game so that they can accelerate their progress.

Complete Your Dailies

Kingdom Guard has some daily tasks that players need to complete regularly to earn the maximum amount of resources possible. One of these includes the daily missions, which give players chests whenever they collect a certain number of points. Chests provide random resources that are important in upgrading your kingdom and leveling up your units. Even though there are other ways to collect those resources, it’s simply faster if the player completes their dailies regularly.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Kingdom Guard

Other daily tasks include exhausting your energy, summoning free units, and checking shops with daily resets. These are also very important because they give the player a chance to get various stuff. The most important is summoning free units because players need a huge number of heroes to upgrade their existing ones or to create a powerful team. Completing dailies usually only takes about 30 minutes to an hour of your time each day, so it doesn’t feel like too much of a chore to do. Play Kingdom Guard:Tower Defense TD on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Rush the Stages

Rushing the stages means climbing up the primary campaign to reach a certain level quickly. This is because many features in the game are unlocked when the player reaches a particular stage or has completed specific chapters in the story quests. Players are expected to complete a certain number of stages each day to regularly unlock new content and have a better chance of earning essential resources. Stages are also necessary for upgrading the castle, which is linked to a number of additional upgrades.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Kingdom Guard

These tasks are more manageable than it sounds. Even though you can defeat enemies easily in the early stages, the enemies get harder to higher you climb up the stages. One of the problems that players might face is not having enough gold or other resources to upgrade or buy new units to level or promote existing ones. That means that players have a natural daily cap at which they can complete stages, so it’s always recommended that players complete at least 50 stages each day.

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Attack with Your Troops

Kingdom Guard includes an RTS feature, which you can see when you click on the World Map icon on the lower-right side of your screen. Players can either attack NPC camps or other players using their heroes that command a certain number of standard units depending on their unit type. Players need to take advantage of this feature by regularly sending units to attack camps, which contain resources that will help them level up their units or structures. 

Tips & Tricks to Playing Kingdom Guard

Attacking with your troops requires energy. Players only have a certain amount of energy at all times, which is recharged by waiting for a short period. Attacking players is something you should do only if the risks are low. For example, attacking a player who is a member of a powerful alliance or is individually strong is a bad idea because they can retaliate against you. Attacking inactive lowbies or NPC camps is always the best way to farm resources safely and efficiently.

Triple Your Gold Income

Tripling your gold income is a requirement that players need to do. This is done by clicking on the 3X button when collecting gold in your vault. Yes, that means that you have to watch a 30-60 second advertisement, but that amount of time is entirely negligible since it rewards you with thrice as much gold. Having that much more gold is extremely helpful because it allows you, as the player, to do more actions or buy more important stuff that will help your kingdom flourish.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Kingdom Guard

Having a lot of gold is an integral part of playing this game. The best way to earn gold is by using the vault and multiplying its value by watching ads. If you’re in need of other methods to make gold, players can try attacking NPC camps or just leaving their units to farm the campaign on AFK. There’s no quick way to earn gold in Kingdom Guard since every method requires players to wait a certain period of time until the task is complete.

Join an Alliance

Joining an alliance is the final tip that we can give you. This is an essential part of the game, not just because it provides the player a social aspect to playing but also because being in an alliance has a lot of benefits. One example that we’ve already mentioned is that players in alliances are usually safe from attackers because they’re too afraid to anger an entire group of people who are picking on their alliance members.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Kingdom Guard

Being in an alliance also has perks such as access to additional tech, alliance stores, and gifts from other members. Make sure that you join an active alliance so that you can reap the benefits better compared to being in an alliance that has low membership and activity. Most of those alliances require the player to have a large power rating, so make sure that you have enough before you apply, or you might miss your chance permanently. Why wait? Play Kingdom Guard:Tower Defense TD instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.