The O/R in Three Kingdoms M is the heart of your dynasty. This is the place that unlocks your industry, that gives you quests, merit rewards, and more. If you’re a competitive spirit and you want to be the first among your nation, levelling the O/R is one of the best ways to do so. For example, at level 7 you’ll finally unlock the daily quests, be able to occupy nearby industrial nodes, and more.

Three Kingdoms M: How to Level Your OR Fast

In this article, we’d like to show you how the fastest way to levelling your OR. With our advice, you’ll get to experience as much of the history of the infamous three kingdoms period as possible. If you really want to take your mobile gaming to the next level, you should check out our guide to playing Three Kingdoms M on PC with Bluestacks.

Does BlueStacks Make a Difference?

If you’re interested in lightning speed progression, then an emulator like BlueStacks is the best place to start. All mobile strategy games have repetitive elements and maintenance tasks you have to perform on a daily basis. Many of them are so boring that they take the fun out of playing altogether. Instead of doing the same thing over and over again, you could very well use macros automate and speed things up.

Three Kingdoms M: How to Level Your OR Fast

Although this is not so much the case with TKM, some strategy game developers will also impose unreasonable resource requirements for upgrades. In case you want to run several accounts at the same time, Bluestacks’ Multi-Instance Manager will let you do so without great difficulty. Having a couple of spare TKM bases will give you a strategic advantage over your enemies – for example, you’ll be able to scout them without revealing your strong O/Rs.

More importantly, you can let the emulator play in the background while you go about your daily tasks. Whether it’s work-related stuff or chilling about, you can set BlueStacks up to collect your resources without any input from you on a regular basis.

Three Kingdoms M: How to Level Your OR Fast

The Way to High-Level O/R

Tutorials can be annoying. We know, you don’t have to say it twice. However, if it’s one thing that the TKM tutorial does well is show you the shortest route to a high-level account. Another way to do so would be to open up your O/R and check the level-up requirements. If something is not met, it’s highlighted in red and that’s what you need to focus on for your next step.

The abbreviated names and descriptions can be confusing at first. But trust us, you’ll get used to them quite fast. When in doubt, just press the arrow next to them and it’ll take you where you need to be.

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Three Kingdoms M: How to Level Your OR Fast

For example, Barracks is spelled Bks. However, to get to level 6 of this building, we also need a level 5 Doctor. These interdependencies are the stuff of TKM and the sooner you have them figured out, the easier it will be for you to progress in the long run. Ultimately, it all boils down to your resource-producing buildings.

In no particular order, these are:

  • The Farms
  • The Lumber Mills (LY)
  • The Iron Refineries (Refny)
  • The Mint

Three Kingdoms M: How to Level Your OR Fast

If you make sure that your basic resource production structures are levelled to your base’s current potential, everything will be much easier from there onwards. The list of additional requirements you’ll need to keep levelling that OR is as follows:

  • The Barracks (Bks).
  • The Doctor.
  • Official Position (O/P) achievements

To activate O/P levels, you’ll have to complete a list of tasks. Then, you will be able to unlock perks such as additional free purchases at the market, higher timeframe for immediate completion of constructions, number of editable units, and more. Each completed O/P level will also give you some free gold, which you can never have enough of.

Three Kingdoms M: How to Level Your OR Fast

The most important part of the early game is getting to O/R 7. The achievements from the daily activity will give you a lot of awesome rewards, including daily gold, money, experience books to level commanders, basic resources, and even VIP points. From there onwards, you just have to rinse and repeat. To be fair, the game has so many mechanics that you’ll find yourself side-tracked from your main quest quite often.

Whenever this happens, try to think of whether what you’re doing is conductive to increasing your O/R or not. If it isn’t, you might be better off picking something else that is. Then again, sometimes you just want to have some fun and there’s nothing wrong with that. Checking the Opponents’ great progress (located on the lower left-side of your home screen) will help straighten you out.

Three Kingdoms M: How to Level Your OR Fast

A Marathon, not a Sprint

Having the best commanders will go a long way towards completing the tower-like Stage dungeon. In turn, the latter will improve your current line-up and make it possible for you to achieve higher scores when raiding or global events take place. Believe us, you can never have enough freebies from events.

Once you go beyond O/R level 8, you’ll notice that the pace of the game is gradually slowing down. This will likely give you a feeling of stagnation, but it’s just that. Most mobile games are made in the same way so as to incentivize buying premium currency with real money. When this happens, just remind yourself that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Eventually, you’ll get there whether you spend money or not.

Three Kingdoms M: How to Level Your OR Fast

Obviously, buying in-game packs and topping up will give you an extra edge. However, it’s not as satisfying as playing the game without them. So long as you follow our advice and keep playing on a regular basis, you should be well on your way to the endgame!

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