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Three Kingdoms M on PC: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Three Kingdoms M looks like a typical mobile RTS game, but it actually has more in store for players than meets the eye. In fact, what we love about TKM is that it mixes together elements from so many different genres and it does so successfully. Base building? Check. Fighting other players? Check. Awesome heroes with unique abilities? Check, check, check.

However, new players might find this eclectic game to be somewhat confusing, and the interface doesn’t do much to help in this respect. To help you find your feet in this new world, we’ve put together 8 essential tips and tricks that every new player should know. Let’s jump right to it!

1. Pick a Random Faction for Extra Premium Currency

Premium currency is not easy to come by in Three Kingdoms M, but if you want to collect the best heroes in the game, you’ll need plenty of it. That’s why we recommend that when you are prompted to choose your faction at the beginning of a new game, you hit the “Random” button.

Three Kingdoms M on PC: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

We know, we know: that sounds terrifying. But the differences between the three factions are not that great and you get some premium currency, as well as a hero summoning ticket if you let the game decide for you. More than worth it, if you ask us.

2. Unlock Official Position Bonuses

Three Kingdoms M is not just about doing war with others. It’s also about climbing the ladder of power by unlocking new official government positions. Each official position or O/P – as it is referred to in the game – comes with unique perks. The higher your O/P, the better the perks, and the more you can help your kingdom develop.

Three Kingdoms M on PC: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

To begin with, you’ll really want the “Artisan” perk from the R-9m position. This lets you automatically complete buildings when the timer falls below 5 minutes. Since most early-game constructions take little time to begin with, you’ll be able to complete a lot of tasks instantly.

3. Follow the Main Questline

We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll say it again. As much as we love Three Kingdoms M from the point of view of game mechanics, we find it difficult to navigate the player interface and decide on our next step. Fortunately, the game does feature a fairly lengthy tutorial designed to show you the ropes.

Three Kingdoms M on PC: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

For your first few hours on the game, it’s best if you just follow the main questline, which will teach you how to manage your kingdom, unlock and upgrade new constructions, as well as use your heroes. You also get some nice rewards for finishing each task!

4. Keep Up Your Production

Three Kingdoms M is a great mix of several different genres, but it remains a base-building war game at heart. In other words, upgrading your base is one of the best ways to progress through TKM, and in order to do this constantly, you have to generate a ton of resources.

Three Kingdoms M on PC: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Stay on top of material demands by unlocking every resource-generating building as quickly as possible. Then, level them up as far as your O/R (or citadel) allows. This is particularly important in the case of Farms, which produce the food that keep your troops alive and well.

5. Upgrade Your O/R as Quickly as Possible

Like with any mobile RTS, the level of your citadel (called O/R in TKM) determines the level of all your other buildings. It also dictates which buildings you can place, as well as which features of the game you have access to.

Play Three Kingdoms M on PC

Three Kingdoms M on PC: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

As such, you should focus on leveling up your O/R throughout the entire early game. You might have to upgrade a few other buildings to make this possible, but there’s no reason to spend your resources on miscellanea constructions at this point in the game.

6. Complete Chapters for Goods and Heroes

Once you complete all of the tutorial quests, you’ll notice that you now have access to Chapter quests. Each chapter asks you to complete about five different tasks and rewards you with building materials for each. Once you’ve cleared all the missions in a chapter, you can collect even more attractive rewards, including a few heroes.

Three Kingdoms M on PC: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Since the only other reliable way to obtain heroes in Three Kingdoms M is to draw them from the Gacha pool, completing chapters is a must-do for new players. In addition, the tasks will keep you on track and help you build up your kingdom quickly.

7. Level Up and Upgrade Your Heroes

Heroes perform several important roles in your kingdom. You can use them to fight off bandits, clear special battle stages, lead your armies, and more. To begin with, your heroes will seem OP by comparison to your foes, but don’t be fooled: sooner or later, you’ll need better units to compete.

Three Kingdoms M on PC: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Thankfully, you can upgrade your existing heroes to boost their strength in case you don’t get any better ones in Gacha. Two simple ways to improve your characters is to level them up with XP and to upgrade their gear with specific materials.

8. Clear Stages for Some Premium Currency

Right underneath your O/R building, you’ll find another building called “Stages”. Click it to enter the Stages menu where you can complete hero battles for impressive rewards. The battle system is similar to what you would expect from a typical Gacha game. You get to position your heroes prior to battle, but the combat itself is automatic. If you’re sure that your team is going to win, you can always press the forward button on the right side of the screen for a quick resolution.

Three Kingdoms M on PC: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Win enough stages and you’ll be able to collect reward chests and even some premium currency. This is a one-time offer, though, so you have to keep clearing increasingly difficult battles in order to keep a steady income.

That concludes our list of the most important tips and tricks any new player should know before entering the world of Three Kingdoms M. You’ll still discover plenty of new things as you complete the first few chapters of the main storyline, but at least you have the basics covered!

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