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King’s Throne: Become a Wise Leader, Avenge Your Father, Rule the Kingdom

Here at BlueStacks, we’re suckers for a good revenge story. There’s something about getting betrayed in-game that gets us riled up, which is why we love games like King’s Throne. GOAT Game’s upcoming title puts you in the role of a fledgling prince in one of the realm’s last kingdoms that values law and order. However, that all changes when your father, the King, was assassinated in an act of high treason by your cousin, leaving you to unwillingly assume the mantle of King.

King’s Throne: Become a Wise Leader, Avenge Your Father, Rule the Kingdom

King’s Throne is set in a realm that, for the longest time, has been in constant flux and turmoil. Of the five kingdoms that remain, yours is the only one that still upholds a semblance of peace and prosperity. However, beneath a layer of calm and tranquility skulked many dissidents of the King who mistook his peaceful nature for weakness. And so, in the blink of an eye, a rebellion led by your cousin, Brutus, struck down the King as he sat in his throne. As the monarch fell, you rushed to his side to avenge his death, but Brutus fled when the odds turned against him.

Not content to just sit there and wait, you intended to hunt down the traitorous villain. However, Sir Oliver, your most trusted friend, and mentor stopped you as you had other duties to attend to now that the King was gone. The former general of the Kings guard was versed in many of the King’s duties and would make for one of the most knowledgeable advisors you could ask for. And so, with the loss still hanging heavy on your heart, you take the Throne, vowing to uphold the Kingdom’s prosperity, but swearing a personal mission to hunt down your father’s killer.

King’s Throne: Become a Wise Leader, Avenge Your Father, Rule the Kingdom

Preserve the Peace

King’s Throne plays like a kingdom management game. You will walk the streets of your city and tend to the needs of the populace. Along the way, you’ll meet many different heroes and important figures, all of which join your cause and swear an oath to help you maintain your Kingdom. Some of these figures include the aforementioned Sir Oliver as your advisor; your newly-appointed treasurer and Chancellor, Marcello; your provisioner, Magnus, and Cyrano, your Herald, and army recruiter.

King’s Throne: Become a Wise Leader, Avenge Your Father, Rule the Kingdom

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Each of these heroes can be assigned to perform any of the vital tasks of the Kingdom, including generating grain, collecting taxes, recruiting soldiers, and leading your army to battle. However, while your characters can technically perform any task, their stats and parameters will make them ideal for certain activities, and weaker at others. For example, Cyrano has a 60 in Inspiration, while Oliver only has 20 of this attribute. Hence, when attempting to recruit soldiers to your army, the former will prove much better than the latter.

As you progress through the game, you’ll meet many other heroes with different attributes, all of which can be leveled up to improve their skills. As their level increases, they’ll provide more gold per taxation, more food per gathering attempt, and more soldiers per recruitment campaign, etc.

When you’re not managing your Kingdom and appointing officials to perform certain tasks, you’ll be out hunting for your traitorous cousin. The campaign is where the main bulk of combat takes place. Battles here consist of many levels with numerous stages within. Most of these battles are automatic and require no input on your part. As long as you appoint a good general to lead your armies, you should have no worries when it comes to winning battles. After all, properly delegating duties is a part of being a good King.

Meet Charming Maidens

One of the main selling points of this game, according to the developers, is the birth and raising system.

King’s Throne: Become a Wise Leader, Avenge Your Father, Rule the Kingdom

Throughout your journey, you’ll meet many fair maidens, all of which desire for you to take their hand in marriage. After the wedding ceremony takes place, you can engage romantically with these fair ladies and sire many children. Depending on your level of intimacy with the maiden, your child will be born with different potentials and aptitudes. These levels will determine their maximum skills once they reach adulthood and will play a pivotal role in their utility to the Kingdom.

There’s still much we don’t know about the raising system, but we know there’s a limit to how many of them you can have, which is represented by the number of chambers in your castle. Once all your chambers are full, you can no longer sire more children. However, you can expand your castle by using diamonds, the game’s premium currency.

As your offspring grows, you’ll be able to train them several times. The higher their potential, the more times you’ll need to train them before they reach adulthood. In this sense, as the child has more potential, he’ll need more training, but he’ll ultimately become stronger than his siblings. However, to spawn children with higher potential, you must spend time with your Queen to increase her intimacy.

King’s Throne: Become a Wise Leader, Avenge Your Father, Rule the Kingdom

There’s more to this system than what we’re letting on here. However, until we actually get to play the game, we really can’t say much more. Nevertheless, after taking a look at this mechanic, we now know why the game is called “King’s Throne: Game of Lust.”

You can bet that we’ll be covering this game as soon as it becomes available for download. We hope you enjoyed what you saw in this sneak peek. If you want to learn more, keep your eyes peeled for more preview content on our blog. We hope to see you on the battlefield when this game comes out!

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