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King’s Throne: An Early Look at the Children and Raising Mechanic

Recruiting and training units is not a new mechanic in mobile games. However, King’s Throne added an interesting spin to the formula with its birthing and raising system. In this game, some of your most powerful units are not recruited nor found wandering across the realm; they’re actually the children that you sire with your wife, the Queen.

King’s Throne: An Early Look at the Children and Raising Mechanic

King’s Throne is the game that puts you in the role of King after your father’s tragic assassination. It falls upon you to uphold peace and prosperity in the Kingdom by employing and assigning some of your most trusted and skillful agents in positions of power in your city. Through the proper delegation of duties, your Kingdom will continue to thrive and will still remain the most powerful in the realm. If you’re interested in learning more about the premise of the game, feel free to check out our sneak preview.

However, no King is truly complete without a Queen, especially since your offspring will become an important part of your Kingdom. In King’s Throne, you’re not only in a quest for revenge against those who wronged you in the past, but you’re also in search of love, of a maiden that you can call your Queen and the woman that will bear your heirs. And your children, in turn, will grow up to become strong heirs, worthy of ruling the best kingdom that ever existed.

King’s Throne: An Early Look at the Children and Raising Mechanic

Drama aside, the children and raising system in King’s Throne looks awesome. From what we’ve seen, it’s going to play a significant role in the game as it’s the only method through which you can raise and train your heirs—powerful warriors. In this article, we’ll take a sneak preview at what we can expect once the game releases.

Royal Processions

After advancing somewhat into the game’s story, you’ll rescue a maiden and unlock the procession feature. This system allows you to hold glorious processions in your name where every man, woman, and child in the citizen can partake of the festivities. However, by using both your Goodwill and Luck resources, you may also meet the love of your life in these events.

King’s Throne: An Early Look at the Children and Raising Mechanic

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From what we’ve gathered, every procession requires both Goodwill and Luck. However, if your Luck is above a certain value (70%), there’s a chance that you might meet someone special. Once you’ve made acquaintance with a fair maiden, you may then visit them in future processions, increasing your intimacy level. Once you’re grown close to the lady, you may them take their hand in matrimony and make her your Queen.

Keep in mind that, if your Luck is below 70% there’s a high chance that you might not meet anyone during your procession, and you might also lose some resources in the process. Furthermore, regardless of your current Luck level, there’s always a chance that nothing will result from the event and you will have wasted your time. We’re guessing this is a soft restriction by the developers so players don’t spam the events and find their special lady too early into the game.

King’s Throne: An Early Look at the Children and Raising Mechanic

Once you’ve married, you can continue raising your intimacy level with your Queen and, after a while, you may start conceiving children.

The Offspring System

We’re still not sure what to call this system since the game hasn’t released for us just yet. If you read “offspring,” “children,” or “birth” systems, know that we’re referring to the same mechanic. Once they are born and grown into youths, you may start interacting with and training your offspring. As you do so, you will increase their aptitudes in preparation for their role as your successors. Once the child reaches his maximum level, he will grow into an adult.

King’s Throne: An Early Look at the Children and Raising Mechanic

We’re not really sure just yet what they can do as adults, but it might have something to do with running the Kingdom. Much like you can delegate duties to your servants, we assume you can delegate these same tasks to your children, who should, in theory, have higher attributes than your servants. In this sense, the endgame of this title might revolve around conceiving and training your children to turn them into your most powerful warriors and have them fight in your name.

However, every child has limited capabilities, which is determined by their potential. When they’re born, you can examine their potential to learn their max level. There are currently five levels of potential:

King’s Throne: An Early Look at the Children and Raising Mechanic

  • Ordinary Potential
  • Great Potential
  • Extraordinary Potential
  • Remarkable Potential
  • Maximum Potential

For each rank in potential, the child’s maximum capabilities will increase by ten levels. In this sense, an heir with ordinary potential can only train up to level ten. On the other hand, a child with maximum potential can reach up to level 50.

King’s Throne: An Early Look at the Children and Raising Mechanic

As your intimacy level with your Queen increases, so too will the potential of future heirs improve. Furthermore, the higher your intimacy, the greater the stat increase after every training session with your heir. Once a child reaches adulthood, their max level as youths will determine their aptitude. Once again, the heir’s aptitude depends on your level of intimacy with their mother, as well as their level before they reached adulthood:

  • Feeble-Minded
  • Disappointing
  • Mediocre
  • Intelligent
  • Scholarly

Only those children with maximum potential, and who have reached level 50 before maturing can aspire to achieve the Scholarly rank. However, this will also depend on your level of intimacy with the Queen, so there’s an RNG aspect associated with this system. However, the role of aptitude in this game still eludes us so we’re not actually sure what a high value in this parameter implies. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

This is all we know about the child system in King’s Throne, so far. Keep in mind that all the info we’ve shared here is subject to change as, until the game actually releases, we can’t confirm all of these facts. Until then, we hope to see you in-game!

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