Playing any competitive game like Last Shelter: Survival has a steep learning curve that continues to teach you all the different ways to play the game even when you hit veterancy. While hands-on learning is the best way to get better at the game, beginners should still pick up these critical tips and tricks that will benefit them in the long run. These advanced tactics will even give the player some guidelines to help them improve how they continue playing the game long-term.

Last Shelter: Survival Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Better

There are several tools in Last Shelter: Survival that help players unlock the more rapid path to becoming stronger. Unfortunately, a lot of players are afraid to abuse these tools and resources to secure an advantage for themselves. There are also a lot of things that inexperienced players tend to miss that they only see when their overall power growth starts to decline. These tips and tricks will definitely set players on the right path when it comes to managing their shelter properly.

Using Speedups and Resources

The best way to zoom through the rest of the competition in Last Shelter: Survival is to burn through your resource caches and use speedups as often as possible to accomplish as many tasks as you can during each gameplay session. Use your resource packs to fill requirements when doing a task. Use your speedups on every task whether it’s construction, training, research, or anything else, especially in the early game, when your countdown timers run out quickly.

Last Shelter: Survival Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Better

Beginners tend to be hesitant towards using their speedups and resource caches because they see a fallacy where the early stages of the game have cheap enough costs that they can continue pulling through without them. On the contrary, players will become less dependent on the use of resource caches since those only give a small amount of resources that won’t be nearly enough to pay for expensive upgrades. Use both of these advantages from the early to mid stages of the game as often as possible so that you’ll progress faster.

Put Your Soldiers On The Field

A common rookie mistake is letting your troops stay too long inside the safety of their shelter. A player’s army should always try to accomplish something by attacking or gathering something on the map so that they can secure resources for the shelter. Passive production and resource caches won’t be enough in most situations, so having an active army that’s always collecting resources will benefit the player a lot, economically speaking.

Last Shelter: Survival Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Better

As mentioned in our Last Shelter Military Guide, players should always strengthen their army so that they’ll be more efficient when completing tasks for the shelter. Keep in mind that sending out your troops to collect resources, especially while gathering, should still be done with caution. If an enemy notices that you sent a large portion of your troops to gather resources, they might launch a full-frontal attack on your base to cripple your military while you’re away.

Advantages of Joining Alliances

Alliances aren’t just great places to socialize with people who play the game, there are multiple in-game benefits to joining an alliance as well. First of all, make sure to join a strong alliance that’s at least a part of the Top 10 or 20 list in the server, so that you’re guaranteed safety in terms of military might. We’ve mentioned some advantages in our Last Shelter Beginners’ Guide, but here are some of the more pertinent uses for how to use your strong-alliance-membership status to benefit you. 

Last Shelter: Survival Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Better

Joining an alliance means you’ll be teleporting to the alliance’s Hive. The “Hive” or Alliance Base is an area on the world map where most of the alliance members settle to create an advantage in terms of defending and attacking. Once you’re all situated in one place, you can do things together, for example, taking on world bosses like Wendell, The Clown either to earn some item rewards or simply to complete those important quests on your mission table.

Importance of Hero Skills

Heroes play an important role in Last Shelter: Survival. Development Heroes, specifically, provide so much value in the growth of your shelter by providing you with resource bonuses. Heroes also have skills that reward you with a decent amount of resources periodically. Even Military Heroes have skills that give the player a better standing when it comes to fighting against other players using troops that contain one or more heroes leading them to the charge.

Last Shelter: Survival Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Better

Hero skills have different practical uses, but because you can only assign a limited number of heroes in specific fields, whether it’s military or development, you can’t abuse all the abilities of heroes you own. This is a good thing since upgrading hero skills can rack up hefty prices in terms of medals and more importantly, cash. Choose the heroes you can see yourself using  in the long-term and invest your resources wisely into upgrading or unlocking their abilities for the benefits. 

Best Ways To Farm Cash

Cash is one of the primary resources in the game and is arguably the hardest resource to farm. While you have guaranteed ways to produce cash periodically, there are too many tasks and upgrades that require cash as a requirement. The game also doesn’t provide too many sizable resource caches that help the player secure enough in order to upgrade a single building. Luckily, there are some ways players can farm cash to help their shelter earn more currency to buy the things they want.

Last Shelter: Survival Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Better

The Loudspeakers on the western side of the map are the most reliable way to earn cash. If you’re using BlueStacks, you can use the Macro Feature to activate it periodically, even when you’re away from your device. The Commercial Hub is also a good way to get cash by trading your more abundant resource for this one. The final way to earn some quick cash is by attacking Rebel Camps around the World Map, which you can do almost an unlimited amount of times, as there are so many of them that respawn periodically.