To defeat the monsters that sprawl within the realms of Ragnarok, you will need to be powerful enough to defeat them. When you play League of Angels: Chaos, you are given plenty of options to make your character more powerful, more specifically to increase their BR. BR is a single number that represents your character’s power. In this guide, we’ll show you the best ways to increase your character’s BR to gain the power needed to restore order to Ragnarok.


Wearing equipment is one of the best ways to upgrade a character’s attributes. There are many types of equipment in the game and each one affects a certain attribute.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

Note that equipment can no longer be discarded or traded once it is worn by a character. When worn by a character, the equipment becomes bound, and it stays that way even after unequipping it.

There are several classifications of equipment in the game – Basic Equipment, Divinity Equipment, Special Rings Equipment, Zodiac Equipment, and Dragon Slayer Equipment. For this guide, we’ll be focusing more on Basic Equipment and Divinity Equipment.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

Your character can wear up to 12 pieces of Basic Equipment. Note that 6 of these pieces can be class-restricted. You can still acquire equipment meant for a different class while playing the game.

Basic Equipment Classification Affected Attributes
Weapon ATK, Pierce
Necklace *
Pendant *
Left Ring *
Right Ring *
Helmet HP, DEF
Belt *
Greaves *

NOTE: equipment marked with ‘*’ are class-restricted.

Basic Equipment comes in various types. There is green, blue, purple, orange, and red equipment and these indicate quality (red is the best; green is the worst). Higher quality equipment grants higher attribute bonuses to the wearer.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

You can unlock more equipment by completing bonus quests such as World Boss, Angel Quest, and much more. To know more about where to acquire high-quality equipment for your character, check out this guide here.

Equipment Enhancement and Refinement

Equipment can be upgraded to further increase the attribute bonuses that they give. You can enhance and/or refine equipment which increases its enhancement level and refinement level respectively.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

There are several rules that apply to both enhancement and refinement of equipment:

  • The maximum enhancement/refinement level of equipment increases depending on its tier (you can view the tier of equipment through the ‘Inventory’).
  • Enhancement/refinement levels are automatically inherited by replacement equipment.
  • If equipment is replaced with a weaker one, the enhancement/refinement level will not exceed the latter’s maximum levels – The original enhancement/refinement level will still be retained but you just won’t receive the attribute bonuses that come with it

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

Enhancing equipment requires a resource called Equipment Enhancement Stone which can be acquired from World Boss, Boss Lair, and Individual Arena. You can gain more attribute bonuses by completing an enhancement set that requires you to have all your equipment pieces be at a certain enhancement level.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

Refining equipment requires a resource called Refinement Stone which can be acquired from the Gold Shop and Wild Lands. In enhancement, upgrades are always guaranteed whereas in the case of refinement, upgrades are dependent on a success rate. If by chance your equipment fails to refine, the Refinement Stones consumed are lost forever. Similar to enhancement, you can also get more attribute bonuses from refinement by reaching levels 10, 15, 20, and 30.

Collect Divine Gear

You can gain attribute bonuses by collecting a certain number of equipment with the same tier. This can be acquired from the ‘Collect Divine Gear’ feature which can be accessed from your ‘Inventory’.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

The divine gear is separated into five categories ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 5. For each tier, you gain attribute bonuses for collecting 4, 8, and 12 same-tier equipment pieces. Upon completing the set, you also unlock an upgrade for your Angel’s skills.


Fruits are special items that can increase your character’s attributes upon consumption. There are four types of fruits in the game: Growth Fruit, Advanced Fruit, Super Fruit, and Mythic Fruit. The amount of attribute bonuses depends on which fruit was consumed.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

Growth Fruit HP + 3360

Attack + 166

Defense + 83

Pierce + 83

Advanced Fruit HP + 6700

Attack + 333

Defense + 166

Pierce + 166

Super Fruit HP + 13360

Attack + 666

Defense + 333

Pierce + 333

Mythic Fruit HP + 33360

Attack + 1666

Defense + 833

Pierce + 833

Class Ascension

Your character can evolve into a stronger version of themselves through Class Ascension. Some main story quests require you to undergo Ascension first so this is something you’ll inevitably have to go through.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

To ascend your character, you simply need to complete 4 quests. These quests can be time-consuming as they usually instruct you to reach a certain level, BR, complete a side quest, and perform other time-consuming tasks. 

But you are greatly rewarded as ascending grants you significant bonuses in HP, ATK, DEF, and Pierce, and even HP Bonus. Additionally, you also gain access to new features and higher tiers of equipment.

Holy Artifact

Through the ‘Treasure’ feature, you can access several Holy Artifacts which can give you attribute bonuses. Each artifact affects different attributes and requires a different resource to be upgraded.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

Artifact Name Attribute Bonus Required Resource for Upgrade
Holy Grail HP, DEF Holy Grail Essence
Ring of Fate ATK, Pierce Fate Essence
Dragontongue Codex HP, ATK, DEF, Pierce Dragontongue Essence
Hero’s Badge ATK, Pierce, Crit, Accuracy, Crit vs Monsters Badge Essence


The Glyph is another feature that can be found in ‘Treasure’ where attribute bonuses come from items called Glyphs. Glyphs are essentially tiny gems that give out a certain attribute bonus depending on the type.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

Glyphs can be inserted into one of the multiple slots. More slots, as well as more Glyphs, can be unlocked by completing the quests in the ‘Tower of Eternity. Each Glyph can be upgraded using Glyph Essence or Glyph Crystal.

League of Angels: Chaos Character Upgrade Guide

Glyph Essence, Glyph Crystal, and even new Glyphs can be acquired from the Glyph Treasure Hunt where Glyph Treasure Hunt Points are used to randomly acquire one of the three items. Additionally, Glyph Crystal and Essence can also be acquired by dismantling existing Glyphs.