For many of us, the entertainment from playing trading card games is not limited to playing against others in the fields, but from actually taking the time to plan out strategies and assemble powerful decks. For the most part, we end up with builds that are weak, or downright unviable. However, when we manage to get a good combo going, it’s really exciting since we’re able to defeat our enemies with superior strategy and planning.

Legends of Runeterra on PC - The Best Deck Combinations (Updated April 2020)

Legends of Runeterra is no exception to this as the cards in this game are divided into six different Regions, of which a maximum of two can be included in any deck. This restriction means that you’ll need to carefully consider the strengths and weaknesses of the cards in your current deck and, if possible, use cards from a different Region to supplement your vulnerabilities, or perhaps to further magnify your stronger aspects. However, with hundreds of cards available for unlocking in this game, finding powerful combinations can be a bit tricky, especially if all you care about is actually playing the game instead of spending time theorycrafting and planning out new strategies. You can learn about the best Champion cards in one our previous blogs.

Legends of Runeterra on PC - The Best Deck Combinations (Updated April 2020)

Not all of us have the time or disposition to create new and effective decks, which is why we’re going to share some of the best combinations of the game in this article as of April 2020. Keep in mind that the meta is always changing as new cards with different mechanics are added. However, if you’re interested in winning matches and climbing the ranks right now, then these are definitely some good decks for just that purpose.

1. Piltover & Zaun + Shadow Isles

Key Cards: Corina Veraza, Commander Ledros

Legends of Runeterra on PC - The Best Deck Combinations (Updated April 2020)

A deck that makes heavy use of recall tactics and inevitable damage to chip away at the enemy’s health, while denying certain setups from developing at all. This deck makes ample use of card draw mechanics, allowing you to always have in your hand the correct cards for any situation. Specifically, it punishes builds that rely on Ezreal due to the recall mechanics denying his leveling up. Moreover, it also blocks all-out attacks with certain spells such as Grasp of the Undying and Get Excited, which allow you to sustain your health while dealing damage, and to punish an entire formation of enemy attackers, respectively.

Legends of Runeterra on PC - The Best Deck Combinations (Updated April 2020)

However, this deck is a slow burn that takes a while to get started, especially since you need to save up spell mana past turn 6 for Ruination in case your enemy is developing too fast. Nevertheless, once you reach turn 9 and are able to summon Corina and Ledros, it’s basically all over for your enemy since you’ll be able to deal direct damage to their Nexus that can’t be blocked by any means.

2. Piltover & Zaun + Ionia

Key Cards: Ezreal, Thermogenic Beam, Statikk Shock

Legends of Runeterra on PC - The Best Deck Combinations (Updated April 2020)

This is another slow deck that relies more on leveling up your Ezreal and chipping away at enemy formations with Mystic Shot and Statikk Shock, and uses Thermogenic Beam to deal with the larger units, especially if they rely heavily on overwhelm tactics and are too problematic to block by conventional means. Regardless, you also have a few protection tools that can grant Barrier and Lifesteal at your disposal, which allows you to go toe-to-toe with even the toughest enemies.

Legends of Runeterra on PC - The Best Deck Combinations (Updated April 2020)

Remember, however, that the idea of this deck is to focus on building your Ezreal, as well as stalling in order to power up your Thermogenic Beam, and then chipping away at your enemy with elusive units or Mystic Shots.

3. Shadow Isles + Noxus

Key Cards: Elise, Crowd Favorite

Those who enjoy overwhelming their enemies with pure numbers and end matches early will definitely enjoy this deck as this is exactly what it’s about. The general gameplay of this configuration consists of flooding the board with weaker units and then using special followers and spell cards to trample your opponent.

Legends of Runeterra on PC - The Best Deck Combinations (Updated April 2020)

There are two main offensive possibilities in this deck. First off, you can use Elise and summon enough spider allies to upgrade her, which gives the “fearsome” trait to all your minions, which would make it difficult to block against them. On the other hand, once you have enough units summoned, you can further improve your assault with Crowd Favorite, which receives a +1/+1 boost for every ally on the field. Since you should always have a full board with this setup, your Crowd Favorite will become a powerhouse in the mid to late game.

4. Pure Demacia Bannerman Build

Key Cards: Vanguard Bannerman, Fiora

A cookie-cutter deck ideal for many situations, which employs only cards from the Demacia region. This is in order to effectively trigger and use Vanguard Bannerman’s bonus, which gives all summoned units +1/+1 if the next card on your deck matches its region, which it will since you’re rolling exclusively with Demacia.

Legends of Runeterra on PC - The Best Deck Combinations (Updated April 2020)

The general gameplay with this deck consists of filling the board with units before unleashing the Bannerman so that you can boost as many units as you can and use them to clear the field. You can also use Fiora along with Brightsteel Protector to help her rack up kills and level up. If left unchecked, you can immediately trigger a victory by killing four enemies thanks to her passive ability.

Legends of Runeterra on PC - The Best Deck Combinations (Updated April 2020)

There are many, many ways in which you can combine your cards in Legends of Runeterra in order to create fun and effective team compositions to wipe out your enemies. The formations we mentioned here are only a handful of the meta compositions that are floating around as of late April 2020. However, as the game gets patched, and new cards are added, this meta will surely change, which will provide more opportunities for theorizing and experimenting.

What are your favorite deck combinations in Legends of Runeterra? Leave us your suggestions in the comments below!