Raising combat power is one of the toughest things to do but is an important task if you’re looking to become a top player in Gunship Battle. Players with low combat power often don’t survive until the middle stages of the game because they end up becoming fodder for the war of the elite players. While having a huge amount of combat power is a sign that you’re a veteran in the game, it doesn’t mean that beginners don’t have the means to raise theirs to an acceptable amount.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

The value of combat power isn’t purely due to the fact that it shows how strong your base is. Combat power is a prerequisite for other players to respect you, which is important if you’re trying to join a good alliance or trying to intimidate other players. Even though you don’t have a huge amount of base combat power at the start, the most important thing is that it grows at a constant rate and you don’t get stuck with a certain amount of combat power for more than one day.

Developing the HQ

There are two big sources of combat power and that is through building units and developing your base. Even though your structures aren’t really used for combat, they still offer a good amount of combat power compared to other sources. If your base is fully developed, your HQ should contribute about 40-50% of your total combat power even if you have a very large army already. This is why upgrading buildings, even the ones you don’t think are useful, is important for your progression.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

The biggest source of combat power in your base is your Headquarters. The HQ will give a massive boost in combat power every time it’s upgraded and practically multiplies your total CP by a large number. Upgrading the HQ is also important because it increases the upgrade limit for your other structures. Make sure that all of the structures in your base are at the same level as your HQ before you upgrade it and continue the process all over again until it becomes difficult to do so.

Building Troops

Troops are the 2nd biggest source of combat power in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. We’ve already prepared a Military Guide to help people understand what they need to do to create a really strong fleet that will serve their interests. After all, blindly building random units just for the sake of increasing your CP value isn’t a great idea because it will cause your fleet to become irrelevant despite having large numbers. Don’t get blinded by the numbers and make sure that all your decisions have a good reason.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

Unsurprisingly, the biggest source of combat power in terms of units is the ships. Ships offer a large amount of combat power but you can only have a limited number of ships available in your base, meaning you can’t just ramp your base with random ships. Try to build the highest-tier ships that you own and decommission older ships so that you have space to construct new ones. Also, make sure that your ships are leveled up and have been limit broken so that the value will shoot up even more.

Constructibles & Aircraft Carriers

Constructibles refer to the non-mobilized units in your base. This includes things like missiles, which are used defensively in case of an enemy attack. This can be a good source of combat power because they don’t consume upkeep so you can build as many as you want up to the limit. However, they cost a huge amount of resources which can be a problem if your economy is not stable. Just make sure that you’re constantly building missiles when you have the resources to do so.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

Aircraft Carriers are also a good source of combat power. Players can’t really build multiple aircraft carriers since they cost a ridiculous amount of resources but they’re worth investing in if you plan to ramp up your combat power. However, take note that having multiple aircraft carriers is useless since you are still limited by the number of troops that you can house in your base. A good idea is to upgrade your Aircraft Carrier regularly so that its value will shoot up with the cost being more manageable and practical.

Commander Equipment

The commander also contributes a decent amount of combat power but not in a way that’s really impactful. Regardless, all sources of combat power are still helpful even if it’s just a tiny bit so learning about your commander is still a relevant endeavor that you should pursue. For example, commander skills and abilities are good sources of combat power and raw stats that will help your base become stronger.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

The biggest source of CP in terms of your commander is the equipment. Players can craft equipment that the commander can equip, adding passive bonuses to your base and increasing your base’s total combat power at the same time. Some of the combat power you gain from this is gained indirectly because it upgrades your other sectors such as your military or economy.

Research Upgrades

Research upgrades are another source of combat power but the immediate gain is very small. The relevance of having research upgrades is that they also indirectly influence the other sectors in your base, which increases the total combat power that you have. When you research combat upgrades for your ships, your ships’ CP value increases by a small amount, which is multiplied by the number of ships that you have. It may seem like a small boost but the cumulative bonus will really surprise you.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

Again, make sure that you’re researching relevant upgrades rather than following the skill tree branch by branch. Take note that some points in the research field are either irrelevant or have a very little impact that they’re not even worth considering. You can skip some branches and focus on the ones that you think will really strengthen your base or your army.