Gunship Battle: Total Warfare is a fierce competition where only the strongest and most resilient players manage to make it to the end. Players will spend the entirety of the game vying for supremacy or contributing to the efforts of stronger players. Those who do not abide by the rules of strength are often weeded out. Even though a lot of beginners are interested and excited about playing this game, they end up quitting because they don’t know how to keep up with those that are more experienced.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

Playing the game requires a large amount of in-depth knowledge of various things. Luckily, we’ve already prepared some guides that should help you become more prepared when you begin your journey. However, there are a lot more things that you can learn about the game. Veterans of the game genre have shared some of the tips and tricks that they wish they have learned at the beginning of the game so that they wouldn’t have had such a difficult time trying to play.

Utilize Your Inventory

The biggest problem that you’ll face in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare is the scarcity of resources and the long countdown timers that hinder your progress. It’s a good thing that the game gives players the tools to fix this problem. As you may have already noticed, you get a ton of stored resources and speedups that you probably have stocked in your inventory for use at “the right time”. Truthfully, there is no right time so you should use it whenever you need it and skip as many buildings timers as possible.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

Waiting for your base to collect resources is a complete waste of time in the early game because you have little to no production during this stage of the game. Your biggest source of resources will be the stocked resource packs in your inventory. The same goes for speedups. Waiting for even 5 minutes is completely unnecessary in the early game because you should reach a decent spot in the game as soon as possible. Use them as often as you can’t and don’t hesitate because the game gives out a lot of these items.

Mobilize Your Fleet

Mobilize your fleet every chance you get. That means that you should always make sure that your fleet is attacking something, be it NPCs or resource plots on the map. This is because your military can get you so much stuff that you can use in other sectors of your base but can’t because they are docked on the harbor almost all the time. It might seem like a chore to keep sending your fleet to attack NPCs but it will net you more resources that will propel you ahead of the competition.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

If you haven’t checked it out, we suggest looking at our Military Guide to learn about how you can raise a powerful fleet. You can also attack inactive players that don’t have guilds so that you can get more resources and start getting kills. Anything is good as long as your fleet isn’t collecting dust in your harbor. It’s okay to spend resources on repairing and assembling new ships since you plunder just as many resources in return.

Invest in Resource Production

We already mentioned that the economy is a central part of your development in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare or any real-time strategy game, for that matter. This is why it’s crucial to invest your resources in developing your production. One way to do that is by upgrading your production buildings to the maximum number so that they always provide the highest amount possible. There are a lot of resources in the game and once you exhaust all your stocked resource items, you’ll need to rely on your own production.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

The biggest resource that your base consumes is Food. This is because your units require being fed, which is the upkeep necessary to keep them functional. If your food stores reach 0, your units will start starving and their stats are reduced by 30%, which can be fatal when you are attacked or sending them into battle. Make sure that you research ways to increase your resource production or to reduce the upkeep of your units to prevent this from happening to your fleet.

Join an Alliance

Alliances are a crucial part of surviving in this game because they serve as your best defense against enemy threats. Once you’ve become a part of an alliance, you’ll be able to do whatever you want aside from instigating a fight with other players who are a part of influential alliances. Make sure to join an active and high-ranking alliance so that you don’t get picked on. Follow our Combat Power Guide so that you can easily get noticed by the top alliances on your server.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

When you join an alliance, one thing that you need to do is make sure to join the Guild Hive. The hive refers to the area at which all of your guild members are based. This offers maximum protection because your allies can send reinforcements immediately when they try to attack you. It also allows you to coordinate attacks on time since the distance between you and your allies is small.

Updating Your Assets

One thing players don’t do often is update their assets. Updating your assets refers to using the latest model of an item that you already own. For example, using a higher tier ship from the same subclass should be prioritized once you’ve unlocked the ability to create it. This isn’t just for ships, you can also do these for constructible, commander equipment, and other stuff in your base that you can upgrade.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

Updating is important because lower-tier units are a waste of space and resources. The goal is to always reach the maximum number of units that you can have in your base efficiently. Having lower-tier units in your reserves is a complete waste so it’s better to have them decommissioned or removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time trying to progress in the game.