Having a powerful fleet isn’t just a goal in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, it’s a necessity for players to survive in a game where military prowess is a key factor to success. Players with a powerful military presence will always rule the seas and those that don’t put any priority in building up their fleet will only get trampled by the elites. Beginners often think that they are building a decent fleet but the truth is that they don’t create a strong enough lineup to defend themselves from their enemies.

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare -  A Guide to Building Your Military

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare is a game where players need to attack and defend themselves and their allies once the game has entered the point where combat is inevitable. Since the server only grows with each player joining, the number of resources available becomes more scarce. The player is left with two choices: to compete for resources or to gain resources from other players. It’s time to learn how to improve your military strength by learning everything there is to know about this sector.

Unit Types

Despite being mostly a naval-based game, the game actually has three types of units – aircraft, land vehicles, and ships. Each of those units can be created in their respective construction areas. Both land vehicles and ships can be crafted using only basic resources while aircraft require the player to have a certain number of blueprints. In addition, players can unlock new types of vehicles and ships through research but every type of aircraft can be assembled immediately so long as the player has the blueprints.

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare -  A Guide to Building Your Military

Aside from the three main categories, these units also have subcategories. For example, the different types of ships are frigates, submarines, and destroyers. There are also Aircraft Carriers, which act like a mothership where your fleet can use as a temporary base of operations at sea. Each subcategory has a different specialization so it’s a good idea to have a diverse lineup for your fleet. Just because you’ve unlocked a unit more recently, doesn’t mean it’s better than your older ones.

Building Your Fleet

Once you’ve studied the difference between the units in your fleet, it’s time to start building your fleet. When you go to the CSG Reserves, you’ll see that you have the option to change the layout of your fleet. As a beginner, you probably built a lot of frigates which have all probably been stuffed into your active fleet. That’s not a good way to build your army. As we’ve already mentioned, diversifying your fleet with subcategories will allow you to be more efficient in combat.

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare -  A Guide to Building Your Military

As you might have already noticed, each subcategory has an attack specialty. For example, frigates are strong against submarines, submarines are strong against destroyers, and destroyers are strong against both frigates and destroyers. This also applies to land vehicles. Usually, you want the right balance of having a ratio of 2:1:1 (destroyer, frigate, submarine). However, that depends on the opponent you’re facing so if they have a fleet of pure destroyers, retaliate with a fleet of pure submarines.

Upgrading your Units

Upgrading your units is another important strategy in developing your military. We already mentioned that you can unlock new units by researching them at certain levels. Once you’ve unlocked a higher-level unit, replace your existing ones from the same subcategory. There’s no need to include Tier 1 frigates in your fleet once you’ve upgraded the tier 2 frigates. It’s also recommended that you decommission lower tier units in your CSG Reserves so that you have more space and less upkeep.

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare -  A Guide to Building Your Military

Other than unlocking units, there are also other ways to upgrade your units. This includes leveling them up, limit breaking, and researching powerups. Leveling up comes when you use your units to attack NPCs or other players so that shouldn’t be a problem. Limit breaking will require that you sacrifice a unit from the same tier so be prepared to lose 1 of your units to upgrade an existing one. Researching is the most important and always make sure that they’re attack and defense is at least at 3 upgrades.

Using Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carriers are a central part of your offensive military prowess. Aircraft Carriers act like a temporary base for your fleet and carry some troops that allow you to consistently attack units that are far away from your original base. This allows you to monopolize an area of the map for its resources without needing to teleport your main base from the safety of your alliance. However, make sure to monitor your carrier otherwise other players might attack it.

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare -  A Guide to Building Your Military

The main purpose of having an Aircraft Carrier being positioned in a faraway area is to allow you to attack resource plots or inactive players. If you’re looking to attack other players, the aircraft carrier is a great way to ensure that you don’t give your enemy enough time to recover from your attacks. Just keep in mind that units are including in your aircraft carrier fleet are not available in your base so create a separate fleet for that purpose.

Military Skirmishes

There are different kinds of military skirmishes depending on the purpose. Everything you do in the game should have a purpose, even attacks. Your fleet can be used on a variety of things and shouldn’t just sit in your base collecting dust, waiting for an attack that might not come for a while. The military should be active by sending them on various skirmishes that will profit your base by returning resources or opening up opportunities for you to grow.

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare -  A Guide to Building Your Military

There are two types of attacks which are mainly plundering and sieging. Plundering means attacking enemies for the sake of gaining resources. This usually involves very little risk since the target doesn’t have a lot of defenses. Sieging is mainly to dominate the player by destroying everything they own and eliminating any defenses that they have. The purpose is to make them quit the game and allow you to farm them because they produce a lot of resources.