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Light Chaser: Choose Your Favorite Class or Play Them All

Released back in 2018, Eyougame’s Light Chaser is a mobile MMORPG carved out of the same format as its sister games Dark Domain, Luna’s Fate, and many others now available on the Play Store. Unlike the former two, however, Light Chaser has its distinctive narrative, which you can read more about here, but also a selection of only three classes.

Light Chaser: Choose Your Favorite Class or Play Them All

Beyond your characters’ class choice lie a myriad of customization options that will ultimately contribute to your overall strength. Despite the fact that you’ll be able to switch over to a different hero (if you don’t mind paying some real money) later on in the game, selecting a class is definitely a defining moment for your playthrough of Light Chaser.

Because you don’t get a lot of information when making this important choice, we thought we’d give you the heads up about each hero and their playstyle. Beware, though, that the classes are gender-locked.

The Warrior

The male Warrior is definitely a fan-favorite. There’s plenty of reasons why this is the case, too, since he has a strong damage output, as well as high defense to boot. Although he’s not the easiest to level, newbies won’t have a hard time playing this hero. In a party, the Warrior be the one who is best suited to stay in the frontline and soak up boss damage, although Knights might have a slight advantage in terms of survivability.

Light Chaser: Choose Your Favorite Class or Play Them All

Around level 20, your abilities, as a warrior, are as follows:

  1. Justice Slash – your basic strong attack that adds a 200%+20 modifier to your normal hit. This skill is also an AoE that hits up to 5 enemies at 400 range. Strong filler between other abilities, since there’s no cooldown.
  2. Judgement Stab – a stronger AoE that hits up to 9 enemies at 500 range around you. JS adds a 153%+15 modifier to your basic attack.
  3. Lion’s Roar – this sweet skill deals 194%+18 of your basic attack in a 550 range and will hit up to 16 enemies. This is your massive wave clear, since you can use it once every 6 seconds.
  4. Holy Light Judgement – Last, but certainly not least, HLJ will deal 214%+20 of your basic DMG to 25 units that are in 550 range of your character. It hits like a truck, which is why its CD is 12 seconds.

As a bonus, you’ll get the Soaring Blade special skill that does 1000% of your basic attack, as well as an additional 100,000 damage to all enemies within 400 range of you.

Light Chaser: Choose Your Favorite Class or Play Them All

The Knight

If you feel that you really don’t know your way around mobile MMORPGs, the male Knight might be your best choice to begin with. Even if he’s the easiest to play out of the three, this doesn’t make him a pushover, by any means. What he lacks for in terms of defense or attack, the Knight compensates for with great control, which means that you’ll have your way with mobs more often than not. We’d have gone for the Knight ourselves, but we wanted something different this time around.

Light Chaser: Choose Your Favorite Class or Play Them All

Here are the skills you can look forward to when playing this class (at about level 20):

  1. Smart Attack – your 0 second CD. A basic hit that deals 200%+20 to 5 targets within 400 range of you.
  2. Blazing Lance – at 4 seconds, this is your shortest CD AoE. This skill can hit up to 9 targets in a 470 range and deal 160%+32 of your basic damage to each of them.
  3. Druk Thrust – your trustworthy 6 seconds AoE clear. DT will hit up to 16 mobs in a 560 range around you and deal 210%+42 DMG to them.
  4. Thunder Blast – the massive TB will hit 25 targets within a 550 range from your character with 240%+48 of your basic attack. It’s awesome, but it takes a long while to load.

Your special skill is Spiral Slash, which does 500% damage to all mobs, as well as an additional 100,000. Although it doesn’t work on bosses, it’s a really useful wave clear in dungeons and related events.

The Dark Shadow/Assassin

The Assassin has been renamed Dark Shadow and is the only female class you can play in LC. If you’re an MMORPG veteran, you’ll be able to handle playing with her even though she’s imposes the most difficult playstyle out of the three. For a challenge, we thought we’d start off on a Dark Shadow and see how it goes.

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Light Chaser: Choose Your Favorite Class or Play Them All

With her, you can use the following abilities at level 20:

  1. Nightsaber Blow – does 200%+22 damage to 5 targets within a 420 range. As usual, 0 CD on this one.
  2. Violet Stab – does 150%+17 damage to 9 monsters within 500 range. Reliable and spammable ability at just 4 seconds cooldown.
  3. Meniscus Blade – does 180%+20 of your basic attack to 16 targets in the vicinity of 550. Reliable wave clear since it takes no longer than 6 seconds to come online.
  4. Rose Lotus – RS is the 12-second cooldown that can really push bosses or strong waves. It does 200%+22 of your basic ATK to 25 targets closer than 550.

The Assassin’s special skill is Mirage Crash. As usual, the special skill tops everything off by dealing 1000% of your DMG and an additional 100,000 to all normal monsters that are nearby.

Light Chaser: Choose Your Favorite Class or Play Them All

Character Balances

Most of these skills will be available to you within the first 15 minutes of gameplay, so you don’t need to worry too much about not having them straight away. However, if you want to get to that point in the game wherein your class actually feels different than the other two, you’ll have to put in the time to reach 60 and beyond. Without a doubt, the biggest strength gain that your character will experience is the one that comes with Promotions.

Light Chaser: Choose Your Favorite Class or Play Them All

Unfortunately, you’ll need more than just CP to advance, starting with your second promotion. For example, to get from Valor to Ambition you need two Medals of Courage, which you can get from the Auction House, from Multi-Dungeons or by just plain Botting, although they’re not too common. Aside from this, don’t forget that your title also gives you a tiny oomph to your power. Depending on the challenge that lies up ahead, you can choose one that fits your needs the best.

Light Chaser: Choose Your Favorite Class or Play Them All

Although we love the “Party Star”, it’s sadly not permanent, so we’ll have to switch to something else really soon. If there are two things we’re still unsatisfied with when it comes to Light Chaser, they are: 1) that classes are gender-locked and 2) that the heroes take a long time to really show off their distinctive class playstyles. The abilities look different, but they certainly don’t feel different until later in the game.

If you’re also playing Light Chaser on BlueStacks, let us know in the comments section which class is your favorite and why.

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