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Light Chaser: How to Become Overpowered

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

There are so many ways to increase your CP in Light Chaser that there is not one reason for anybody to complain. If you see someone complain, they’re definitely not trying hard enough.  When we discussed the variety of dungeons and events in game, we also promised we’ll give you a crash course in terms of progression.

Light Chaser: How to Become Overpowered

Just a couple of days in and we’re in the top 12 of our Light Chaser server. Granted, it’s a new server, but still. We play for free and we haven’t been trying as hard as we could *wink, wink*. If you also want to match our performance, all you have to do is follow our advice and you’ll be on your way to becoming overpowered.

With a bit of hard work, you can easily outperform our achievement, especially if you don’t mind putting in some real money.

It all Starts with Your Gear

Veteran mobile MMORPG players know that your gear and/or artefacts are among the most important contributors to your character’s power. Let’s take an example. If we, for instance, upgrade our weapon, we get roughly 3,000 of bonus CP in addition to 1,200 ATK power. Not bad for an item that’s just Purple in quality.

Light Chaser: How to Become Overpowered

AFK botting will give you some odds of getting good pieces of gear, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll land on some Ultimate item that can truly improve your character. Instead, what you want to do is make sure that you complete the available quests (including the guild ones) and those daily dungeons, especially the Multi-Dungeons. In a different article, we did mention that the social aspect of LC can also give you a host of rewards on its own.

Light Chaser: How to Become Overpowered

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It might sound daunting to find a complete party for Multi-Dungeons, but, believe us, all it takes is two well-upgraded characters to down bosses in just several minutes. We’re not even discussing how fast you can get to the 50 farm cap if you happen to get a full group running. As you may have noticed, your pieces of gear have two determining variables that impact their value. The first one is the rarity of your item – from Green (which is the most common), to Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, and, finally, Pink. The higher the rarity, the more benefits you get from upgrading it.

Light Chaser: How to Become Overpowered

The second variable has to do with different improvement methods that you can apply to better an item. We wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you have Orange pieces since it’s not really worth investing in anything that is of a lower quality. These improvements include:

Item enhancement. The most common way to improve your gear in Light Chaser is to enhance it. To do so, you’ll need Equipment Enhance Crystals, which you can get from a host of places, including events. World boss weekly rankings are the surest way to get an abundance of Enhance Crystals. They’ll be plentiful in the beginning, but, rest assured, they’ll turn into a precious commodity very soon.

Light Chaser: How to Become Overpowered

Gems. Because we cannot manually improve the quality of our items, embedding gems is the next best way to get some more stats on them. You get bags of gems from completing almost any activity in-game, so don’t be shy about questing, doing dungeons, or taking part in those juicy events. It’s definitely worth it. Just three gems added 200 attack, 2,000 health, and a meagre 50 defense to our Ultimate Helmet. We need a better DEF gem, that’s for sure.

But you can forge lower-quality gems into higher quality ones. In fact, whenever this is possible, you should do it. It’s just not worth keeping lower quality gems. The higher the rarity of a gem, the more overall farming will be required on your part in order to upgrade it.

Light Chaser: How to Become Overpowered

Enchanting. This requires particularly rare mats in the form of gemstones. You have three types: ATK, DEF, and HP. These are even more scarce than Equipment Enhance Crystals, so make sure you use them only on items that are of superior quality.

Battle Soul. Last, but certainly not least, you can use whatever equipment is leftover from other things to infuse your battle soul. This is more of a dump mechanic since all your useless items can be put here in order to still be (marginally) useful in some way.

Upgrading Your Artifact

Unlike in Dark Domain, you can get your artifact in LC just by playing the game; no form of real-life currency is needed. Another difference is the fact that, in our case, the artifact skill is only useful for PvP instances. To improve your artifacts, all you have to do is collect the related dust. For example, our Death Book consumes Dark Stardust.

Light Chaser: How to Become Overpowered

This can be easily acquired from completing the Void Path single dungeon, which is really not that hard to do. Even if you’re a PvE oriented player, we suggest you absolutely upgrade your artifact as often as possible. There are many reasons why you should do this, but, the one that stands out for us is the ability to hold our ground in Ranked Matches, Guild Hegemony confrontations, C.S. Season Match, and the multitude of other PvP events in LC.

Other Important Upgrades

Your partner, trump, mount, elf, wings, and relic can all be upgraded. Aside from cooler aesthetics, each of them will contribute to your overall CP and make you stronger. For example, we couldn’t help but use several bound diamonds to get our weapon to Grade 3. It just looks too cool to pass upon. The same thing can be said of your wings, as well as your mount.

Light Chaser: How to Become Overpowered

Alongside your level, all of these aspects serve to increase your CP just enough for you to get a promotion. Alone, they’re not that noteworthy, but, together, they can really make a difference.  As we mentioned in a previous article, this offers the biggest strength gain for your Light Chaser character. For our next boost, we’ll get almost 20,000 CP, 1,600 attack power, and more.

Light Chaser: How to Become Overpowered

Naturally, there’s also a costume system that can provide your avatar with some much-needed stylistic improvements. Unless you are willing to invest some real money in LC, though, there is no way to get additional costumes at present. All you can do is participate in events and keep your fingers crossed. The Honor store does have a champion warrior outfit, but it will take no less than 10,000 Medals of Honor to claim – roughly 3, maybe 4 days of ranked PvP farming.

These are just the basics to character progression in Light Chaser. It might seem like a lot to handle to begin with, but we guarantee it’ll get much easier the more you play. If you’re also playing Light Chaser on BlueStacks and you followed some of the tips we outlined above, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below.

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