Note: This game is currently not compatible with BlueStacks.

Choosing which class to play in Lineage W can be a tough decision if you want to maximize the content you want to play for the higher levels. Casual players that don’t plan to do group or end game content don’t really have to take the class they play all that seriously. However, if you want to match your playstyle with your class, you’ll need to do some research about the different classes beforehand so that you have a general idea about what you want to play and how you’re going to move forward after choosing it.

Choosing the Right Class in Lineage W

The only true way to change classes in Lineage W is to create another character completely and start from scratch. That can be a horrible experience; not only is the leveling process dreadfully long, players will have to re-queue once again which, if you’ve already tried queueing, can take an absurdly long time to achieve. It’s best that while you’re waiting in queue right now, you spend the time reading up on which classes complement your playstyle and which classes you might regret later down the line.

Class Roles

The first step into choosing the right class in Lineage W is determining what role you want to play. There are three primary roles in the game which are the DPS, Tank, and Healer/Support. Each class plays a different role in the party and is a critical distinction when trying out group content such as group PvP and dungeons/raids. Most traditional MMORPGs try to pick up at least one of each role to ensure that their party has optimal damage and survivability.

Choosing the Right Class in Lineage W

DPS refers to the classes that deal the highest amount of damage. Their main purpose is to deal damage, so their survivability ranges from little to nothing. Tanks deal moderate damage, but have high defenses and Health. Their primary role is to keep the party alive by soaking up all the damage. Healers/Supports can deal damage, provide supportive buffs, and heal allies. Their main job is to keep the party (especially the Tank) alive by healing them up and giving them buffs to maximize their damage output or survivability. 

  • Monarch

The Monarch is the highlighted class in Lineage W. This class is a combination of both support and DPS roles. They have fairly average and balanced stats in terms of offense and defense, which isn’t all that impressive since it doesn’t give them a sense of strength. The Monarchs do, however, use a sword and buff allies using their magic, which can be especially helpful in group content. You can upgrade the character’s STR stat to increase their damage output and help you overall during the leveling phase.

Choosing the Right Class in Lineage W

In terms of solo play, the Monarch isn’t particularly special. However, this class becomes really fun to play and busted when you use it properly in group content. The Monarch is the only class that can command the battlefield. They provide exceedingly powerful buffs to their allies, which is why they’re the most sought out class. If you like playing as the leader or a support player, this class is definitely for you, but if you like to be independent, you might not enjoy this class. 

  • Knight

The Knight is the dedicated tank class in the game. This class has really powerful defenses and rarely dies in battle, which can be useful in solo play and leveling because you’re less likely to be defeated by random mobs, even if you use the auto-combat function. The Knight uses a Sword and Shield and has abilities that like to draw the attention of enemies or increase their own defenses. STR is their main combat stat, but you’ll need to upgrade CON for survivability later on.

Choosing the Right Class in Lineage W

The Knight can be very boring to play because they have neither flashy skills nor do they execute enemies with ease. Their only real charm is that they are difficult to kill. However, this can be vital in group content because they provide an absolute layer of safety for their teammates when they soak all of the damage without a high threat of dying. If you’re a selfless player that likes to stay in front of the party, you’ll surely like playing the Knight.

  • Magician

The Magician is the Healer/Support class of Lineage W. They have pretty strong offensive spells and are especially talented at keeping themselves and their allies alive with abilities that can either protect or heal them. The Magician specializes in area-of-effect (AoE) combat abilities, which means they can kill multiple enemies at once. However, they have weak defenses and rely on self-healing heavily. Magicians will require both INT and WIS to ensure that they can deal damage with their spells and not lose mana in the process.

Choosing the Right Class in Lineage W

In group content, the Magician is probably the class that has the highest number of tasks to accomplish consistently. Aside from continuously needing to deal damage to mobs to contribute to DPS, they’ll also need to heal their allies. When their allies die, they’ll most likely be held responsible by the party. The learning curve of playing a magician can be extremely high and if you’re not a fan of learning all the intricate parts of being a healer, you might not want to play this class.

  • Elf

The Elf is basically the archer class that also relies on elemental attributes for either support or increasing the offensive ability. The class is immensely diverse in its usage and really depends on which stats you want to increase to determine how this role is played. They are powerful long-ranged attackers that have weak defense and Health to a fault, making them terribly vulnerable when fighting in close range, so the player will constantly need to build distance from the enemy.

Choosing the Right Class in Lineage W

The Elf doesn’t exactly change playstyles when playing as a DPS, whether you play solo or group content. If you decide to play as a support Elf, you have the option of making sure that your magician has buffs and provide shields for your allies. This class is excellent if you don’t want the heavy responsibility of being a healer, but still want to get more tasks done when you’re playing various types of content.