Note: This game is currently not compatible with BlueStacks.

The hero is central to everything you do in Lineage W. Depending on what hero you choose, you’ll have different types of interactions, quest lines, and skills. There are also some universal rules that apply to all types of characters, regardless of their class. Understanding the different aspects of your hero and how you can improve them is essential to moving forward in the game because the ultimate goal is to become the strongest version that you can be as your current character.

Lineage W has a lot of features in its interface which may look confusing for new players that are just trying to get into the genre. No player exists that doesn’t want their character to be the strongest in the server, but it can be difficult to achieve if you have no idea where to start. We’ve compiled a list of things that the player needs to do and understand regarding the hero, which will surely prove useful to move forward. Leveling up isn’t the only way to be stronger in the game; here are some of the other things you need to do as well.

Understanding Your Role

Understanding your hero’s role in the team is the first step towards becoming a better player. We’ve already prepared a Class Guide so that you can take a quick look at the overview and the differences that each of the classes has. Once you’ve selected your class, you’ve narrowed down the possible choices of roles that you can play as that character. Let’s take a look at some of the classes that you can use.

Lineage W - A Guide to Your Hero

  • Tank (Knight) – High Defense & Health, moderate damage. The main role is to soak all the damage and stay in front of the fight while luring all enemies away from allies.
  • DPS (Any class) – High attack and moderate defense. The main role is to deal as much damage to enemies as possible and avoid dying by evading enemy attacks.
  • Healer (Magician)Great utility and high damage. The main role is to keep their allies alive by making sure that they have a good amount of health. Deal damage once in a while if the party is healthy.
  • Support (Magician, Elf, Monarch)Great utility and high damage. The main role is to give useful buffs to allies so that they’ll have increased damage output or survivability. They play so that their allies can become more useful in fights.

Upgrading the Right Stats

Every few levels, your hero will gain stat points that you can use to upgrade any of the six stats that you have. Upgrading the stat will increase it permanently, giving you a set of bonus secondary stats that match the corresponding attribute that you invested in. Players can reset their attributes by consuming a Candle of Memories, which can be purchased from the premium shop on the top side of your screen so be careful about choosing which attributes to level up as early as now.

Lineage W - A Guide to Your Hero

  • Strength (STR) – Increases damage dealt from melee attacks. Great for sword and dagger users.
  • Dexterity (DEX) – Increases damage dealt from ranged attacks. Great for bow users.
  • Intelligence (INT)Increase damage dealt from spells. Great for spellcasters.
  • Constitution (CON)Increases health and carrying weight. Great for tanks.
  • Wisdom (WIS)Increases mana regeneration and magic defense. Great for spellcasters.
  • Charisma (CHA)Does nothing yet.

It’s recommended that you upgrade your main damage stat first and move on to a secondary stat when your level is high enough and you are about to start group content.

Skills and Abilities

Each hero has a specific set of skills and abilities that depends on their class and role. There are two types of abilities, which are the Techniques and Magic Arts. Non-magic users like the Knight have more Techniques, meaning they’ll need to equip specific weapons to execute abilities. Magic Arts are abilities that can be executed by spellcasters – like the Magician – and don’t require a specific weapon to cast. Depending on what specialty your class has, you’ll have more skills in one of these tabs.

Lineage W - A Guide to Your Hero

Players can unlock new skills by collecting ability scrolls that drop from quests. Players can assign those abilities either in their auto-cast menu so that they cast automatically while in auto-combat, or they can place it in the Hotbar on the lower-right corner of the screen so that they have the option to use it with better timing. It’s a good idea to place your most common damaging spells in the auto-cast menu and place your buffs, heals, or shields in the Hotbar so that you can use them more efficiently.


Codexes refer to the player’s collections of items, monsters, magic dolls, and morph cards. Collecting items and monsters will provide the player with bonus stats whenever they complete a set, which is particularly important because those stats can stack up to be extremely relevant, even though they look like they have low values individually. Remember not to sell equipment or items that you get unless you’ve already registered them in your codexes.

Lineage W - A Guide to Your Hero

Magic dolls and morph cards are collectible items that the player can get as random drops from monsters, rewards from quests, or by purchasing them from the premium shop. Magic dolls are essentially combated pets that you can bring along to fight with you. Morph dolls are transformations that the hero can use to increase their stats. Both have different rarities, so if you want to get the best ones, you might need to invest some money. 

Blood Pledge

The Blood Pledge is the game’s version of an alliance, where players can band together to complete group content together. This is a great place to socialize or collect even more rewards by participating in various activities and missions. There are also new sets of achievements that can be collected here, so make sure to join a Blood Pledge once you’re able to.

Lineage W - A Guide to Your Hero

Joining a Blood Pledge isn’t a light decision. Ideally, the players want to join an active group so that they can gain more rewards and be able to host more activities. Inactive Blood Pledges are dead-weight that will not help your account progress further at all. Choose an active Blood Pledge by going to the rankings and looking at which names are in the top 20.