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Lords Mobile: What is Monster Hunt and What are the Returns?

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Monster hunting is an important part of Lords Mobile: You can level up your heroes and help your guildmates by completing them. Any player can start hunting monsters as long as they are in a guild. In this guide, we will tell you what Monster Hunt is, how to use this feature, and what to expect in return. Let’s start, those monsters won’t kill themselves.

Lords Mobile: What is Monster Hunt and What are the Returns?

First Things First: What Is Monster Hunt?

The world map of your Kingdom is literally filled with monsters. They roam freely in the world and challenge heroes to attack them. Just like your heroes, they have levels. The “weakest” monster is level 1 and the “strongest” one is level 5. You can hunt them alone, but not just with one hero: You need to form a team of heroes to defeat them. There is only one requirement to hunt these monsters: You must be in a guild.

Lords Mobile: What is Monster Hunt and What are the Returns?

Once you defeat a monster, you will get personal rewards. Not only that, your guildmates will get some awards too. So, as long as you are in a guild, when some member kills a monster, you will also be rewarded. However, the “rare” items always go to the “killer”. You can hunt only one monster at a time but it is possible to hunt the same monster over and over – they do not disappear from the World once you defeat them. Hunting the same monster is actually more advantageous because you get a damage boost in this case.

Lords Mobile: What is Monster Hunt and What are the Returns?

However, being in a guild does not mean that you can hunt monsters anytime you want: Each hunt costs a different amount of energy according to the difficulty level of the monster. Take a look at the top left corner when you are at the main screen of the game: Right below the health bar, you will see an “energy” bar which is represented by a lightning icon. Let’s say you have 100 Energy. If a monster requires 150 Energy to attack, you won’t be able to hunt it.

Mastering the Energy

Do not worry: There are ways to lower the required energy amount to attack monsters. In fact, you can even increase your energy amount. First of all, you need to construct an Academy. This building will give you the ability to “train” your heroes at different skills. To be able to hunt monsters more efficiently, put points into these skills:

Lords Mobile: What is Monster Hunt and What are the Returns?

  • Energy Limit: Increases the energy amount
  • Energy Recovery: You recover energy more efficiently (without any research, your energy regenerates 1.800 points per hour)
  • Energy Saver: Lowers the energy amount required to hunt the monsters
  • Monster Hunter I: Increases your damage against monsters
  • Animal Handling: Increases your travel speed during monster hunting. This is especially important. You spend energy as soon as you start the hunt but another player can reach the monster before you and kill it. In this case, your energy won’t be refunded.

Lords Mobile: What is Monster Hunt and What are the Returns?

Remember that Monster Hunter skill is essential to attack higher level monsters. If you want to hunt level 2 monsters, you need to unlock “Monster Hunter II” skill. For level 3 monsters, “Monster Hunter III” skill is needed and so on… There is also another skill that is named “Aggressive Hunter” and this skill increases the number of hits you deal against monsters. While it sounds good, you won’t be needing this that much in practice, so you can skip that skill or leave it for later. We are in a guild, we have invested in the required skills, and we are ready to hunt monsters: Let’s roll.

Forming the Perfect Team

As mentioned above, you need to form a team of heroes to attack monsters. You can put any hero on this team (up to 5), but choosing randomly won’t be efficient. Monsters are divided into two categories: First category needs physical damage and the other requires magical damage. So, if you form a team of heroes that can only deal physical damage, you won’t be able to kill a “magical” monster. First of all, open your world map, find the monsters, and click on the one you are planning to hunt. You will see the stats of that monster and what type of attacks it is vulnerable to. Each monster has a specific weakness and you need to form your team according to that. To save you from hard work, here is a list of monsters and best heroes that counter them:

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Lords Mobile: What is Monster Hunt and What are the Returns?

Monster Name Heroes
Terrorthorn, Bon Appeti, Queen Bee, Black Wing, Grim Reaper Death Archer, Demon Slayer, Trickster, Black Crow, Tracker
Gryphon and Frostwing Death Archer, Incinerator, Bombin Goblin, Tracker, Black Crow
Hell Drider Bombin Goblin, Incinerator, Death Archer, Tracker, Black Crow
Mega Maggot, Saberfang, Mecha Trojan, Noceros, Jade Wyrm Snow Queen, Sage of Storms, Sea Squire, Bombin Goblin, Incinerator

Lords Mobile: What is Monster Hunt and What are the Returns?

Note that we have picked a balanced team of heroes for each monster. This should also be your goal and you are not limited to the heroes on this list. After forming our merry band, it is time to attack. When attacking a monster, two options will be offered:

  • Attack (X amount of energy)
  • DMG Boost Attack (XX amount of energy)

To explain this option, we will use simple figures. Let’s say attacking a monster costs 100 energy points under normal conditions and you have 200 energy. You can attack two monsters with that amount of energy or use all of it for attacking a single monster, almost guaranteeing a victory. The choice is up to you. However, at the start (for low-level monsters) we recommend hunting as many as you can.

It Is Time for Rewards

Lords Mobile: What is Monster Hunt and What are the Returns?

We have killed the monsters, now it is time for the precious loot. Monsters will award these items. The number of the items will be different according to the level of the monster:

  • Gems (between 200 and 1000)
  • Speed Up Scrolls (between 60 minutes and 24 hours)
  • Shield (between 8 hours and 3 days)
  • Gold (between 15k and 600k)
  • Hero chests, Jade Orbs, Wyrm Scales, Wyrm Spines, Wyrm Jewels.

There will also be random rewards too, such as “mystery gifts” and resources. That’s all you need to know about hunting monsters: Now gather your party and start saving the Kingdom!

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