If you want the best results and performance in all your Lost Light – PVPVE matches, then you’ll need the best tips, tricks, and strategies to boost your gameplay. Luckily for you, we’ve prepared a list with 5 of the best pieces of advice that will help you to get started on the right track in this awesome new battle royale game.

Let’s begin!

Play With the Best Controls and Performance on BlueStacks

Lost Light – PVPVE is available natively on PC through its own dedicated version. However, while the game is free to play on this platform, its system requirements can be quite high for some gamers out there. In these cases, the player would be forced to either play with low settings or to play on their phones if they have a device that can actually run the game.

Regardless, even on the best phones out there, you’d still be playing on a small screen, and with touchscreen controls, which leave a lot to be desired in terms of precision and comfort. However, you can play Lost Light – PVPVE on PC with BlueStacks, and enjoy the mobile version of the game on your computer, with a ton of features and tools to make your experience closer to the native PC version. 

The Best Lost Light - PVPVE Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Surviving and Winning Matches

Some of the features that our emulator offers are the Keymapping Tool, through which you can create control schemes using your mouse and keyboard, allowing you to control the action much like how you’d do on the native PC version of Lost Light – PVPVE. Additionally, while the mobile version doesn’t look as great as its PC counterpart, BlueStacks can give you a silky smooth 60 FPS performance, with a fraction of the system requirements. In other words, everyone can enjoy Lost Light – PVPVE on PC if they play it on BlueStacks.

Check out our PC setup guide for Lost Light – PVPVE if you want to learn how to get started with downloading and installing this awesome battle royale on your computer.

The Best Lost Light - PVPVE Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Surviving and Winning Matches

Fight Only When Strictly Necessary

Now that you’ve got Lost Light – PVPVE all set and running on PC, we can go ahead and talk about the game itself.

As you know, matches in Lost Light – PVPVE are similar to the ones in other battle royale games, in that players spawn on a map and must arm themselves by looting boxes, shelves, and other containers. The idea is to find a weapon to defend themselves, and try to survive encounters with other players for as long as possible.

The main difference in Lost Light – PVPVE from the vast majority of battle royales is that, in this case, combat is not mandatory. In other words, it’s possible to win matches without firing a single bullet at other players. This is because the conditions for winning are not limited to becoming the last player alive in the match, but to escaping and exfiltrating from the combat zone through any of the extraction points.

The Best Lost Light - PVPVE Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Surviving and Winning Matches

Whether you fight against other players or not, escaping from the map is of the highest importance, particularly since you get to keep all the weapons, armor, and gear that you’ve found during the match, and you can stash it in your shelter for later use. In this manner, you can choose to begin future matches with a loadout, and bump up your chances of surviving.

With that being said, we suggest choosing your battles carefully, particularly since you drop EVERYTHING that you’re carrying if you fall in combat. And unless you’ve insured your current loadout (which costs currency), you’re not getting it back.

Prioritize Looting and Scavenging

Hopefully with what we’ve explained above, it’s clear that the point of Lost Light – PVPVE is not necessarily to fight, but to loot. And while you can steal a defeated player’s gear through killing them in combat, there’s a very high possibility that you might get defeated yourself, especially if you’re running from battle to battle. In this sense, your highest priority in Lost Light – PVPVE should be to loot and fill up your backpack, and then moving towards the nearest extraction point to escape the map.

The Best Lost Light - PVPVE Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Surviving and Winning Matches

Looting is also important because you can then sell your unwanted gear on the player market, in order to receive currency. You can then use this currency to either purchase gear from the market, or to upgrade your facilities or customize your guns.

Speaking of which…

Upgrade Your Shelter Facilities at Every Opportunity

Your shelter in Lost Light – PVPVE is only as good as you make it to be. This is because while it offers basic functionality such as storage and weapon customization at first, you can upgrade it to improve these features. For instance, by upgrading your storage, you can increase its capacity, allowing you to put more items in it at any given moment. Suffice to say, for the hoarders out there, upgrading this storage capacity will be one of their priorities.

The Best Lost Light - PVPVE Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Surviving and Winning Matches

To upgrade your shelter facilities, you’ll need to use the various materials that you’ll pick up from your matches, such as scrap, as well as other pieces of loot such as jewelry, among others. It goes without saying that you should always try to upgrade your shelter whenever you get the opportunity.

Pay for Insurance if You’re Using Customized Gear

Weapon modding in Lost Light – PVPVE is a crucial aspect of the game as it lets you create what could potentially be the best weapons, overall. This is because, while you’ll find tons of guns lying around during your travels, you’ll find that most of them are in their base forms, and that most of them are lacking crucial features such as optics, extended magazines, stocks, and more. In fact, a lot of these weapons don’t even have the correct receivers to accommodate attachments, making it impossible to modify them until you swap out this base part.

While you can modify your weapons in the Weapon Table, as long as you have the mods and cash, this process will essentially increase the value of your gear. Consequently, if you walk up to the battlefield with your best guns, you’d run the chance of losing them permanently if you are defeated. In this sense, it’s important that you purchase insurance whenever you’re deploying with your best-modded guns. 

The Best Lost Light - PVPVE Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Surviving and Winning Matches

The cost of insuring your gear varies depending on the quality of said gear, with more powerful equipment bumping up the overall price. Still, if you are defeated while carrying insured gear, you won’t lose anything. 

As long as you take care of your gear by modding it, and upgrading your shelter to improve its facilities, you’ll be well on your way to winning all your matches in Lost Light – PVPVE. Just be careful not to lose your best stuff without purchasing insurance!