One of the main aspects of the new Lost Light – PVPVE battle royale game is the weapon modding, which lets players customize their weapons in many different ways. And with weapon modding also comes the whole scene of creating meta weapons. However, we must learn to crawl before we can run, and as such, you’ll need to learn the basics of modding before being able to create the best weapons in the game.

Lost Light - PVPVE Weapon Modding Beginner’s Guide - The Basics of Customizing Your Gear

In this guide, we’re going to give an overview of the weapon modding system in Lost Light – PVPVE, so you can get an idea on how to get started.

How to Acquire New Weapons

Lost Light – PVPVE is, first and foremost, a battle royale game, which means that there’s a lot of combat to be had in each and every match. However, the fact that you can choose to fight doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do so, especially since you drop all your gear if you’re defeated in combat. Moreover, since you can win matches by escaping from the map via any of the extraction points, you could potentially survive without firing a single shot.

One of the added benefits of making it out alive in Lost Light – PVPVE is that, in contrast with most other battle royale games, you get to keep the gear you find during the round, and you can stash it in your shelter for safekeeping. Moreover, with this gear in hand, you can choose to enter the next match with your own loadout, giving you a leg up against the other players, who might choose to enter unarmed and will have to loot for a weapon before they can fight.

Lost Light - PVPVE Weapon Modding Beginner’s Guide - The Basics of Customizing Your Gear

In short, the most common way to find new weapons in Lost Light – PVPVE is by picking them up from the world, and then surviving through the round in order to take them back home. Alternatively, once you reach level 9 and unlock the Black Market feature, you can also spend currency to purchase weapons from other players.

The Weapon Table

One of the main limitations of the weapons that you’ll pick up throughout most of your gameplay is that they’re absolute garbage. Sure, if you aim at a player or NPC and fire the gun, you’ll probably hit and even defeat them, but you’ll do so with a great struggle since the base guns are very unstable, barely carry any ammo, don’t have optics, and are overall very unpleasant to shoot.

Lost Light - PVPVE Weapon Modding Beginner’s Guide - The Basics of Customizing Your Gear

To get the most out of your weapons, you’ll have to mod them, which you can do through the Weapon Table in your shelter. Upon activation, you’ll find a menu where you can choose any of the weapons that are currently in your storage, and take your time modifying every single aspect of their build.

From receivers and magazines to muzzles, stocks, optics, and underbarrel grips, to name a few, you can modify most aspects of any gun, dramatically altering their stats and effectiveness in combat. In this sense, while a gun you just picked up from the ground might be unstable and almost impossible to aim with precision, a fully-modded gun can turn you into a veritable killing machine.

Lost Light - PVPVE Weapon Modding Beginner’s Guide - The Basics of Customizing Your Gear

Just be careful when taking modded guns to the field; if you die, you lose everything, unless you’re insured.

Unlocking New Mod Slots

When modding your guns in the Weapon Table as a newbie player, you’ll notice that several mod slots are currently locked. This is because you need to actually upgrade your Weapon Table in order to open up these slots, which requires both currency, as well as several different materials. Moreover, before you can actually upgrade your Weapon Table, you must reach certain level thresholds, such as Firefly level 4 to upgrade the table to level 1, and so on.

With that being said, here are the levels at which you unlock new mod slots:

Lost Light - PVPVE Weapon Modding Beginner’s Guide - The Basics of Customizing Your Gear

  • Weapon Table Level 0: The base level, which unlocks Barrel, Handguard, Magazine, and Receiver mods, along with the respective sub-mods for each.
  • Weapon Table Level 1: Unlocks access to Muzzle, Stock, and Pistol Grip mods and related sub-mods.
  • Weapon Table Level 2: Unlocks access to foregrip and flashlight mods.
  • Weapon Table Level 3: Unlocks access to laser mods.

Weapons Stats and Their Importance

Last but not least, when it comes to modding your favorite weapons, it’s not just about adding the modifications that cater to your preferences, such as certain types of optics, or certain magazine sizes. Each type of mod can change a lot of the way you handle a weapon, but at the end of the day, what you always need to keep in mind are the weapon’s stats, as these will determine most of its performance in combat.

There are five main weapon stats in Lost Light – PVPVE, which affect your performance in the following manner:

  • Mobility: Determines the player’s general movement capabilities when wielding the gun, including their movement speed; their stamina consumption, and stamina recovery speed.
  • Control: Governs both the horizontal and vertical recoil of the weapon, as well as the amount of flinching when the player takes damage.
  • Accuracy: Affects the bullet spread during sustained fire, as well as weapon sway when aiming down the sights. Additionally, it affects the stability of the weapon when holding breath while sniping.
  • Range: Governs the range of the weapon before its bullets start dealing reduced damage due to the distance.
  • Convenience: Affects actions like ADS speed, reload speed, and round rechamber speed when using bolt-action weapons. 

Lost Light - PVPVE Weapon Modding Beginner’s Guide - The Basics of Customizing Your Gear

Of these five stats, one of the most important is convenience. Particularly if you’re using a weapon with low ammo capacity, it’s crucial that you’re able to reload quickly. Moreover, when it comes to close-range encounters, you want to have the fastest ADS speed so that you can get shots on target before the enemy can aim and shoot at you. 

Nevertheless, these are just general pointers, and your choice here will vary depending on your preferences. Just make sure to keep an eye on your stats when modding your weapons, so you can get an idea of how they’ll perform.