In order to make your character stronger in MapleStory M, you are going to need plenty of resources to do so. Resources is a blanket term for practically any item that is required to gain some form of upgrade in the game. The most basic resources in the game are Red Mesos and Mesos, the game’s two main currencies. Red Mesos are the ones that will be spent first while the other one is used in the Trade Shop as well as purchasing items in the in-game Shop. Moreover, items such as Polish (for upgrading gear), jewels, and the like also count as resources because you are going to need these things to strengthen your character.

In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the ways you can garner these resources during your journey. If you make a habit out of accomplishing the things that will be discussed in this article, then you will undoubtedly have a strong character on your hands in no time. 

Doing Quests

Let’s start with quests. Completing quests in MapleStory M is the most basic method of garnering resources and you will certainly accomplish a myriad of these throughout your journey. 

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

For the most part, quests require you to work to achieve a goal. This goal usually involves killing a set number of enemies, collecting a set number of materials (which you can only gain by killing enemies that hold them), or by defeating bosses. Some quests can be accomplished just by talking to certain NPCs in the open world.

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

Completing quests will always reward you with plenty of EXP and Mesos. Additionally, you are also rewarded with either HP or Mana potions, a VIP Teleport Rock, some refining powder for either weapons or wearable gear. With all that said, quests are undeniably good opportunities to farm resources.

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

If there is one thing that every quest in MapleStory M has in common, that is tedious travelling. But the game’s built-in auto-play system makes travelling much more convenient by giving you an Auto-Quest feature. The game enables Auto-Quest upon starting a quest and the game will essentially do the quest for you from start to finish.

The only time you should consider turning off Auto-Quest is when your character reaches an area with plenty of enemies. Such an area presents a very good opportunity to farm EXP and Mesos by repeatedly killing enemies. 

Farming with Auto-Battle

Auto-Quest is very useful when doing quests but does free roaming also have its own “auto-play” mode? Fortunately, the answer to that is a big yes and it is called Auto-Battle. Unfortunately, it cannot be used as infinitely as Auto-Quest as it has a time limit. 

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

Auto-Battle, as the name suggests, will make your character enter into perpetual combat mode and will continuously kill the nearest enemies in order to gain EXP and Mesos from it. You are only given two hours of Auto-Battle for free and you can only get another one every midnight. Should you wish to extend the time limit, you can purchase additional time with crystals. 

Furthermore, the Auto-Battle time is only consumed whenever your character is in Auto-battle mode. This means that the free two hours you get every day will only run out if and only if your character literally fights for two hours straight. This also means that you can accumulate the amount of free Auto-battle time that you get. Note that the maximum amount of time you can have is 360 minutes. 

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

In order to maximize Auto-Battle, find a spot in the map that contains plenty of enemies and then activate it to begin farming. The combination of the convenience of Auto-Battle and the fact that enemies infinitely respawn results in a very fruitful farming of EXP and Mesos. The results of your farming is reflected on a report that the game gives you once you disable Auto-Battle or when it depletes completely.

Clearing Dungeons

Dungeons are similar to quests in a sense that completing them often requires you to kill a fixed number of enemies. These are perfect for farming resources because you not only get to eliminate plenty of enemies (which means more EXP and Mesos) but that also means you get to be rewarded with bonus items that normal quests would not normally reward you (i.e. jewels, new gear).

There are plenty of dungeons in MapleStory M but there are three dungeons that you can play early on.

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

  • Daily Dungeons

    • As the name suggests, these are dungeons that you can play every day and also refreshes every day. You are given the liberty to choose the difficulty of the dungeon. The harder the dungeon is, the better rewards you get. Upon completing daily dungeons, you are usually rewarded with jewels (which can increase your stats when worn) and you can actually win more if you pay some Mesos.

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

  • Elite Dungeons 

    • These dungeons tend to last longer than the other dungeons but the benefit is that you get to eliminate more enemies; therefore, you end up with more EXP and Mesos. Completing Elite Dungeons can even reward you with new gear so consider doing so when you are eyeing to give your character new weapons or armor.

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

  • Mini Dungeons

    • Do not let the “mini” in its name fool you because these dungeons are arguably the best dungeons for farming EXP and Mesos. In mini dungeons, you are allowed to choose the enemies that you want to fight as well as a time limit (more time equals to more Mesos to be paid). Afterwards, you will be put into a small arena where you can kill a myriad of your selected enemies within the time limit. From here you can continuously slaughter enemies for EXP and Mesos or you can just turn on Auto-Battle and let the game farm for you. 

Completing Tasks

If you still want some extra resources to take home, you can complete the game’s multiple tasks. There are four types of tasks that the game offers you.

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

  • Daily Mission

    • These are tasks that refresh every day and therefore must be accomplished within the day. Completing these can reward you with 10,000 Mesos or 100 Gold Leaves. Additionally, there is a progress bar at the bottom of the screen that gets filled up every time you claim the reward for completed daily missions. When the bar reaches a line, you are rewarded with Auto-Battle tickets which you can use to extend the Auto-Battle period.

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

  • Weekly Mission

    • These tasks tend to take longer to accomplish that daily missions but they function similarly nonetheless. Like daily missions, completing weekly missions also fills up a progress bar which rewards you every time the bar reaches a line. In this case, it rewards your with Golden Leaves. 

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

  • Daily PC

    • These are bonus tasks that can only be accessed and accomplished by players who have accounts from the original MapleStory game on PC.

A Guide to Farming Resources in MapleStory M

  • Achievement

    • These tasks consist of completing major milestones in your journey such as reaching a certain level or gaining a certain amount of Mesos. You are rewarded with Golden Leaves upon completion.