Having strong heroes and mechas is important for defending your base and capturing territories when you play Marsaction: Infinite Ambition.  The collective strength of your heroes and mechas are measured by Hero Force and Mecha Force respectively. In this guide, we’ll have a deep dive into the various ways you can strengthen your heroes and mechas to increase your military power on the red planet.

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Upgrading Mecha Buildings

The fastest way of increasing your Mecha Force is to simply add more mechas into your army. This can be done by manufacturing new mechas in the Mecha Factory and even by reclaiming recently repaired mechas from the Mechanic’s Workshop.

How to Upgrade Heroes and Mechas in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

Manufacture mechas by going to the Mecha Factory and clicking on the manufacture button (rightmost button). The manufacturing of each type of mecha costs a certain amount of rare earth as well as real time. If you have enough, manufacture the maximum amount of each type. You may also spend powerstone to instantly manufacture mechas.

How to Upgrade Heroes and Mechas in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

Mechas that were damaged during combat are sent to the Mechanics’s Workshop. You can spend rare earth to restore them or spend powerstone to instantly do so. After restoration, the mechas are sent back into your army, adding up to your Mecha Force.

How to Upgrade Heroes and Mechas in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

Upgrading the Mecha Factory and the Mechanic’s Workshop makes them more effective in that their work capacity gets increased. Mecha Factory upgrades grant an increased mecha manufacturing capacity and Mecha Force. Mechanic’s Workshop upgrades grant additional damaged mecha capacity and Mecha Force. To upgrade, click on the building and then click on the green upwards arrow button. Upgrading a building often requires rare earth. Upgrading with rare earth takes time depending on the level of the building. The higher the level, the longer the upgrade time is. To upgrade a building immediately, you may opt to spend powerstone (premium currency).

How to Upgrade Heroes and Mechas in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

Another way of increasing work capacity is by adding “support buildings”. The Mecha Camp further adds mecha manufacturing capacity whereas the Mechanic’s House further adds damaged mecha capacity. Both buildings also add force. These buildings can be individually upgraded although you need to pay with quartz or powerstone this time.

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Hero Upgrades

Heroes are important elements to your army as they can lead your mecha infantry and take out strong enemies with their hero skills. There are several ways to make your heroes stronger.

How to Upgrade Heroes and Mechas in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

Leveling up a hero increases Hero Force and also increases Mecha March Size (the amount of Mechas you can deploy to missions outside the base). Having a sufficient amount of EXP promotes a hero to the next level and the only way to get EXP is through Hero EXP chips. There are multiple ways to get EXP chips but the most effective way is through the Simulation Training Ground (which we’ll discuss later).

How to Upgrade Heroes and Mechas in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

Once a hero’s level is maxed out, they must be “starred up” to expand the level cap. There are six stars in total. Hero star-up requires Hero pieces which can be found through tasks, events, or from the Space Capsule. Note that Hero pieces are specific to each hero. You cannot use the piece of one hero to star-up another, completely different one.

What makes heroes special are their skills and they have six of them, five of which are passive skills while the remaining one is an active skill. Each hero skill also has two types. The first is “Strategy Type” which consist of general-purpose boosts such as additional damage or faster base development. The second type is “Scenario Type” which are skills applied during combat scenarios. Hero skills can be upgraded with a sufficient amount of skill codexes which can be found in Zone 31 or the Skill Codex Exchange.

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Simulation Training Ground/Zone 31

The Simulation Training Ground, also known as Zone 31, is a good place to put your heroes into action and collect rewards which they can then use for upgrades (i.e., Hero EXP chips). To access Zone 31, you must click on the Space Capsule and click on the Zone 31 button (beside the upgrade button).

How to Upgrade Heroes and Mechas in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

Zone 31 consists of several chapters and you must complete one chapter to unlock the next one. Additionally, each chapter contains several stages where you need to select which heroes to deploy. A stage in Zone 31 usually consists of four phases that require you to choose which path to take. The paths can lead to Swarms or even loot boxes. Regardless of which path you take, it all concludes with a boss fight.

After passing the stage for the first time, you earn “First Clearance Prizes”. You can even reclaim these prizes once every day and are refreshed every 0:00 UTC. Note that there are some stages that can only be done once so you cannot reclaim the prizes.

Hero Recruitment in Space Capsule

Adding stranger heroes into your current army is another good way of increasing your Hero Force. The only way to recruit new heroes however is by collecting the required amount of their hero pieces. Hero pieces can be obtained from the Space Capsule.

How to Upgrade Heroes and Mechas in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

To enter hero recruitment, click on the Space Capsule and then click on the recruitment button (rightmost button). There are two types of hero recruit, otherwise known as “warps”. In Basic Warp, your loot ranges from Epic (or lower) quality hero pieces and various items such as skill codexes. In Quantum Warp, your loot ranges from Legendary (or lower) quality hero pieces and you get higher quality items than those in Basic Warp.

Every day the Space Capsule provides free chances of both Basic and Quantum Warps. To get more free Basic Warps and to reduce the cooldown time for free Quantum Warps, you must upgrade the Space Capsule.


By constructing the Cyborg Tech Inc. building, you gain access to research which allows you to give permanent upgrades to various sectors of your colony and army. The research tree has three categories: Economics, Combat, and Captain but we’ll focus on Combat for now.

How to Upgrade Heroes and Mechas in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

The Combat research branch consists of multiple research nodes that you can start to upgrade military power. Researching a particular node costs a certain amount of resources and time to finish (usually several hours). You may use powerstones to instantly finish a research. The best research node that you can start out with is Automation I because it boosts mecha manufacturing speed. You can invest in this node up to five times.

Further down into the Combat branch, you’ll eventually be able to research and unlock new mechas such as the Ares DS1 and BT-99 Scorpion. These new and stronger mechas can then be manufactured in the Mecha Factory and further increase your Mecha Force.

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