Humans have finally started inhabiting the crimson planet of Mars thanks to the Mars Colonization Program of the Human Union. However, Mars is still home to plenty of hostile native creatures, namely an insectoid species known as Swarm. Experience building your own Mars colony now when you play Marsaction: Infinite Ambition on your PC with BlueStacks. Once you’ve installed the game, we’ll guide you through all the things that you need to know about base-building on Mars such as territory expansion, military upgrades, alliances, and more.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (PC)

Building a Mars Colony

Your colony is the main headquarters of all your operations on Mars. This is where you can do all sorts of things such as extract resources, train mecha forces, obtain the latest news and more.

There are three types of buildings that you can construct for your colony. Ordinary buildings such as the Cargo Port and Space Prison provide general purpose functions for your base. Resource buildings such as the Quartz Pit and Mine Field produce valuable resources such as quartz and rare earth which are essential to upgrading and expanding your base. You can build more than one resource building for each particular resource. Lastly, military buildings are for military-related operations in your base such as training and expanding troop capacity. Examples of these are the Mecha Camp and Mechanic House.

A Beginner’s Guide to Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (PC)

You can relocate buildings by simply clicking and dragging them to a new spot. The game uses a tile-based system for relocating your buildings to make it easier to align your buildings. The tiles turn red when a building’s new spot conflicts with another building; but it turns white otherwise. By default, you actually have plenty of space for your buildings but you can further expand your territory (see Exploration Mode).

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Mecha Forces

Mechas are the main military units on Mars. They are the most important part of your base’s safety as well as your military power. It is important to always have a full stack of Mechas to maintain power.

A Beginner’s Guide to Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (PC)

Mechas can be manufactured in the Mecha Factory, a military building. The higher the level of the factory, the more mechas you can create in one sitting. Additionally, you can also upgrade the manufacturing speed of the factory through passive hero skills, research from Cyborg Tech Inc., and upgrading Pipeline I from the captain skills.

A Beginner’s Guide to Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (PC)

There are four types of Mechas in the game. The game also has a “Mecha Restraint” system wherein each Mecha type is strong and weak against another type of Mecha. They deal more damage to mechas they are strong against but receive more damage from those they are weak against.  Because of this, it’s important to have an equal amount of Mechas from each type. 

Mecha Name Strong Against Weak Against
Mobile Aircraft, Vehicle Infantry
Infantry Mobile, Vehicle Aircraft
Aircraft Infantry, Vehicle Mobile

*good only for resource transportation

Infantry, Aircrafts, Mobile


Heroes are special named characters in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition that participate in combat. Unlike Mecha Forces, heroes have skills that they can activate during combat.

A Beginner’s Guide to Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (PC)

There are three types of Heroes: DPS, Tank, and Support. DPS heroes focus on attacking enemies and are therefore essential in dealing plenty of blows to enemies. Tanks are bulky heroes that can absorb plenty of damage to give DPS heroes leeway to attack. Lastly, Support heroes give active boosts to other heroes during combat such as HP replenishment and temporary attack upgrades.

A Beginner’s Guide to Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (PC)

More heroes can be added to your roster by obtaining a certain amount of pieces of a specific hero. In the example above, you must unlock eight Grace pieces to unlock the hero Grace. Hero pieces can be obtained from microtransactions or by warping in the space capsule (which is a gacha-like system).

Additionally, existing heroes can be upgraded through various ways. They can be levelled up as well as star up – all of which significantly increases their stats and could even unlock more skills to use. Know more about upgrading heroes in Marsaction in this guide.

Exploration Mode

You can expand your base by taking over the neighboring, unoccupied areas of Mars. To do this, you must enter “Exploration Mode” which allows you to take your heroes and army of mechas outside your base and conquer said areas. Before starting, ensure that you have enough powerful soldiers. The game will warn you if ever your military strength or “hero force” is insufficient.

A Beginner’s Guide to Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (PC)

In Exploration Mode, you must accomplish all tasks to take over the area. These tasks include rescuing trapped soldiers, reactivating signal stations, and taking out Swarms. To do these tasks, simply click on them to redirect your army to that task. Rescuing soldiers and reactivating stations are accomplished instantly once your army is sent to them. Rescuing soldiers also adds more mechas to your existing army, allowing you to take out Swarms effectively.

There are two types of Swarm encounters. One encounter just requires you to redirect your army to a Swarm nest and the battle would ensue immediately and end shortly. The other encounter is like a boss encounter where you take control of your heroes this time.

A Beginner’s Guide to Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (PC)

In a boss Swarm encounter, your heroes activate their skills once their skill meter (the bar below their health meter) is filled up. The skill meter is replenished whenever heroes deal damage. You can activate skills manually or automatically (this option becomes available later on in the game). Keep attacking and using skills until the boss Swarm’s HP runs out.

After all tasks are done, you can occupy the cleared area given that your command center is at the required level. If you have not yet upgraded your command center, you must acquire the needed resources which can be seen in the upgrade menu.

Beyond the Base (World Map)

Mars is not just restricted to the colony that you’re building. It is a huge planet with plenty of resources and even other colonies built by other players and you can see all these in the world map.

A Beginner’s Guide to Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (PC)

The world map consists of multiple resource pools. You can send mecha forces here to extract resources from them and take them back to your base. Each resource pool has levels to them and a higher level means more resources can be extracted. However, high-level resource pools often require your command center to be levelled up first so ensure that it is upgraded. Additionally, these resource pools may also be taken by other players who get their first.

You can also attack other players’ bases and take away resources from them. You can either do it solo (Attack) or with the help of allies (Rally War). Make sure to check the hero force of a base that you want to invade to gauge how strong their defense may be. Also, not all bases can be attacked as some (usually bases of new players) are immunized from invasion with a shield.

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