Marvel Future Fight is another Action RPG (ARPG) developed by Netmarble. The game itself is huge. With that huge download size, lots of content is to be expected. The game certainly doesn’t leave you without options!! Marvel Future Fight was just recently updated (February 2018) to include new events for the Black Panther and other characters. The game itself doesn’t make you decide if you want to play as heroes or villains. You have to gain and play characters from both sides to be able to get through things. So, what are these things you have to get through and how do you do that?

Game Mechanics

Here’s a run through of all the game has to offer and how it works.

Marvel Future Fight Main Screen

Starting in the upper left, you have your basic account info and options screen.

Marvel Future Fight Option Screen

It’s the same as clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the game screen. Here, you’ll have your game options, account details, info, alert (notifications), and a language selector.

Next, going across the top of the main screen is your resources. These include your energy, gold, crystals, and boosts. The resources list changes depending on which section of the game you’re in. Next is the friends screen where you can gain friends and send them “gifts”. You can also collect gifts from them. In that section, you can also add friends from Facebook IF you’ve connected your Facebook account to the game. Next is the mailbox where you’ll collect a variety of rewards and bonuses. The gear icon (options) is the same as clicking in the upper left corner of the game screen. Lastly is the chat system which allows you to chat with others and your alliance.

Below the basic account info in the upper left is the active bonuses you have at the time. Check on those because they are time limited. Below that is an event icon for any events that may be ongoing at the time you’re playing. In the bottom left you have a double menu setup. Click the “1” and “2” in the bottom left corner to switch between the options there. Starting with what’s showing in the topmost screen shot above, you have the My Team section.

Marvel Future Fight My Team

Here is where you’ll setup and upgrade your teams. You simply click and drag whichever character you have and place it into the team above. On the left is a team selector. You start out with 3 teams and you can add more in exchange for crystals. The character placed in the middle is the team leader. You’ll gain bonuses based on which character is in that spot. On the right side you can see the bonuses of the current team. Some characters you can gain as rewards and some you can gain in the store. Most are gained from playing in the story mode. Click on a character either in the list at the bottom of the game screen or a character currently on your team.

MArvel Future Fight Hela

In this case, here’s a level 54 Hela. The profile is the main screen of the character as showing in the above screen shot. The character gear section allows you to upgrade the character’s currently equipped gear. The ISO-8 section is a set of different crystals that can be equipped to each character you have. The custom gear section allows you to equip and upgrade custom gear when you gain it. The skills and uniform sections are self-explanatory!! On the right side is where you have various upgrades and info for your character. The details button will show you ALL the info about your character’s stats. The + icon allows you to use EXP chips to level up your character. The magnifying glass to the right of the combat power shows various upgrades you can do to your character including the cards. The advancement section allows you to add stars to your character’s star count and increase its tier. The mastery section is what changes the star color to red (red is better!!).

Next in the double menu at the bottom left corner is the challenges section. There are various quests, including daily quests that you can collect from in here. Next is the alliance section.

Marvel Future Fight Alliance

You can either make or join an alliance (a guild / clan). In this case, an alliance was made (just for fun and a lot of gold was available!!). Across the top you have the various sections of the alliance you’re in or made. If you’ve made the alliance, you’ll have the manage section to adjust certain aspects of your alliance like who can join and/or at what level.

Next in the double menu are the inventory and status board sections. You can find all the items you’ve been collecting in the inventory section. The status board gives you a “quick access” to various parts of the game that you can still play in.

Next is the store.

Marvel Future Fight Store

You can buy various items, upgrades, and energy in the store. You do get a free energy purchase every so often but you can’t buy it IF you have more energy that your limit. In this case, the screen shot above shows 169 energy with a 74 energy limit. So we can’t gain the free energy refill this time!!

When you click on the number 1 icon in the bottom left corner, you’ll get the other side of the double menu.

Marvel Future Fight Second Menu

The card section allows you to equip and upgrade cards. The lab section has multiple parts.

Anti Lab Generator MFF

The anti-matter generator is where you can gain anti-mater to use in the other 3 sections of the lab. Upgrading this provides more anti-matter per hour and storage.

Lab Warp Device MFF

Use this to send selected characters on a 30 minute mission. You just set it and come back later to collect the rewards. Upgrade this to make more missions available.

MFF Lab Processor

Use the processor to create various materials for upgrades. Upgrade this to gain access to higher level materials. For example, to make a level 5 EXP chip, you need a level 12 processor.

MFF Lab Item Shop

You can buy various items in the item shop in the lab using gold or crystals. Upgrade this to open more slots for more items to buy.

Next in the double menu part 2 are the Marvel Universe, library, game guide, and rankings sections. The Marvel Universe section shows info about all the characters that are available in Marvel Future Fight. The library shows all the dialogues from the game sections you’ve completed. The game guide and rankings are self-explanatory!!

Next in line on the main screen is the bottom right area starting with the limited event section.

MFF Limited Events

Here you’ll gain rewards based on the leveling and upgrading you do to specific characters. The specific characters are listed in the top middle of the screen for the event.

Then you have the event quest section. It’s very similar to the challenges section where you’ll just be collecting rewards much like the daily quests. In this case, the tokens that are given are for the event shop in the same section at the bottom right of the game screen.

Lastly for the main screen is the enter button. This brings you into the various game mode sections.

MFF Modes

You have 4 tabs across the top to separate each of the parts of the game.


Story mode is the main campaign of the game. Daily mission is a set of 2 runs for specific rewards for upgrading. Special missions are a set of maps very similar to the story mode maps but are different stories. The epic quest section is for gaining certain characters but it can be challenging if you played other parts of the game first. Not showing but included is the dimensional rift. It’s a similar idea to the special mission section but with different rewards and specific requirements to enter.


The challenge section consists of legendary battle, villain siege, world boss / ultimate mode, and shadowland. Each section has a different setup to play with and different rewards to gain. Each section also has different requirements not only to enter, but also to gain higher rewards. For example, each section requires you to complete a specific story mode stage before you unlock it.


If you haven’t guessed already, this is the PvP section!! Like the challenge section, there are requirements before you can enter and requirements to gain higher rewards. There are also alliance-specific sections. So if you’re not in an alliance or haven’t created one, you won’t be able to join in on these sections of the game.


The co-op section is as the name implies. You’ll be partnering with others to play in the 2 sections. The 2 sections are co-op play and the world boss invasion. In co-op, you’ll be partnered with 2 other players to see which of you can deal the most amount of damage before the target dies. In world boss invasion, you’ll also have 2 partners but you’re all using your full teams to try to defeat the world boss.