How to Upgrade and Quickly Level Your Heroes in Marvel Future Fight

How to Upgrade and Quickly Level Your...

Marvel Future Fight is the beat ’em up game that takes some of the most famous heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe and pits them against each other in a fight to the death. However, in contrast to traditional games in this genre, where you only have to worry about punching your enemies and defeating the boss at the end of each level, there are many other elements in Future Fight that you have to keep in mind to strengthen your characters.

Specifically, this game has many RPG elements that you can upgrade to improve the performance of any character. Furthermore, you’ll have to become intimate with these elements if you wish to get the most out of your units. After all, shirking even one of these parameters can significantly decrease a unit’s strength and lead him to fail against even the most basic enemies. For example, even if you have a 6-star character, he will not stand a chance against common foes if you leave him at level 1.

However, rank and level are only two of the factors that you need to consider when looking to upgrade a character. In this guide, we’ll go over the most critical factors for improving your heroes.

Level and Rank

As you may have noticed already, Future Fight is a gacha game in the sense that, to unlock a character, you must first collect specific fragments called “biometrics.” These fragments are usually randomized, and you don’t have any control over which ones you receive as rewards. When you have enough pieces, you can put them together to unlock the character in question.

Now, the first thing you’ll notice about your new character is its level and its rank. The former is represented by the white number on the lower right corner of the character card. Meanwhile, the latter is represented by the number of stars on the card. The most important of these two parameters, however, is the level. As we mentioned above, even a character of the maximum rank won’t stand a chance against even the weakest enemies if he’s level 1. In this sense, it’s imperative to level them up as soon as you unlock them if you plan on adding them to your team.

In order to increase a character’s level, you can take him along on stages that you can efficiently complete with a single character, and let him receive participation experience. This process is slow and is usually reserved for when they’re higher in level. However, the most straightforward way in which you can raise a character’s level is through the use of Exp. Chips. You can use these items by clicking on the “+” icon beside a character’s experience bar, and then selecting the type and number of chips you want to use.

The experience you receive from each chip will depend on its type, with the higher-level items giving a significant amount of XP. This is an excellent way to help a new character catch up to the rest of the team so that he can actually be of use when out on missions instead of being dead weight. You can farm these Exp. Chips by completing Daily and Special Missions.

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Meanwhile, a character’s rank is also essential. While this parameter doesn’t increase their stats very much, it will increase their max level cap as well as unlock new skills. In this sense, while a character’s level plays a vital role in the unit’s overall strength, their rank will bestow them with improved capabilities.

To improve a character’s rank, you must invest both gold and biometrics. The latter is the same items that you used for unlocking the said character. By collecting more of these items, you can use them to increase their rank.


A character’s mastery is similar to their rank in the sense that it’s also represented by stars. However, instead of granting them more stars as their mastery increases, this parameter is represented by the existing stars becoming red in color. In this sense, a rank 6 character with a level 2 mastery is represented by 6 stars, 2 of which are red while the rest are yellow.

While not as crucial as rank and level from the beginning, your mastery is essential for solidifying your team composition down the line. This is mostly because every rank of mastery that you increase brings the character closer to unlocking their leader skill, which can either make or break a formation.

For instance. We have Hela as our team leader and, while she’s relatively strong right now, she’ll become a beast once we unlock her leader skill. In this case, her leader skill is called “Gathering of the Dead” and increases the strength of energy attacks by a certain %. By adding other characters that rely on energy attacks, such as Iron Man and Green Goblin, you can create powerful formations that can take on most challenges.

Upgrading Skills

While increasing your rank will unlock new skills, these abilities can also be improved from their respective menu. Furthermore, upgrading skills is much more straightforward than other categories, as you simply need enough gold to do so. For every 10 levels that a character has, you will be able to increase their skills one level further. You can level a character to the maximum level of 60 once he’s rank 6, which means that you can strengthen their skills up to level 6.

Equipping ISO-8

Along your journey, you will eventually start to receive ISO-8, powerful crystals that can be fitted to any character to bolster their stats further. These crystals come in various colors and bestow different bonuses once equipped. Furthermore, you can also combine your surplus ISO-8 to increase the strength of another piece, just like you can do with your comic cards.

You’re free to mix and match your ISO-8 to increase the stats of the character in any way you see fit. However, if you equip the correct combination of crystals to your character, you can unlock additional bonuses. You can check the required combination to unlock the said bonuses in the ISO-8 equip menu.

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