Marvel Strike Force is not the most F2P-friendly Gacha game out there, but it does give players plenty of opportunities to grind for various types of currency. On the one hand, we can’t help but sigh at the prospect of months and months of running the same missions just to get enough heroes and upgrades to get us started. On the other hand, we’re glad that it’s at least possible to compete in MSF even if we’re not ready to spend any real currency.

Marvel Strike Force: A Guide to Currencies and How to Get More

Besides, since we can play Marvel Strike Force on PC thanks to BlueStacks, we can always keep the missions rolling while we do something else entirely. There are also a bunch of nifty features that this emulator puts at your disposal to help you automatize much of the grind and save more time for actual fun. But we digress! Whether you’re an F2P or P2W player, you should familiarize yourself with the many types of currency in MSF, how you should use them, and where you can get more. That’s what we’d like to share below.

Gold, Gold, Gold

There’s no resource more readily available in Marvel Strike Force than Gold. This is the game’s soft currency and can be used to pay for anything from hero levels to gear upgrades, as well as a number of items made available in the supply store.

Marvel Strike Force: A Guide to Currencies and How to Get More

When you first start playing, you’ll be given what will seem like mountains of Gold. Although Gold will continue to pour into your coffers through missions, achievements, and all kinds of battles you can think of, you’ll quickly realize that, overflowing as it may be, it’s still not enough for all of your heroes. Prioritize your main team and always keep some Gold in your reserves in case you need to upgrade a character quickly.

Premium Power Cores

There are mobile games out there that give players no premium currency whatsoever unless they are willing to pay for it. Fortunately, this is not the case with Marvel Strike Force, although we will say, the amount you get for free per day could use a little boost.

Marvel Strike Force: A Guide to Currencies and How to Get More

Nevertheless, it is possible to gain a steady supply of Power Cores in MSF, both by logging in everyday and completing daily missions and by means of achievements. Needless to say, you shouldn’t go about generously throwing Power Cores left and right, although the game will tempt you to do so.

Marvel Strike Force: A Guide to Currencies and How to Get More

Our recommendation is to use your premium currency on the 3 Energy Refreshes you get per day. Overall, this yields the highest value per Core because it allows you to farm specific heroes you might need during the early-game. In addition, you can also use some Power Cores to refresh a campaign mission and get more shots at essential F2P characters, such as a third Villain for the Villains campaign, Iron Fist, or Jessica Jones.

Energy and Energy Refill Credit

What you can do in MSF will mostly be limited by your supply of Energy. You need this resource to carry out missions in both the Heroes and Villains campaign, which means you absolutely need more of it to recruit new heroes and upgrading existing ones.

Marvel Strike Force: A Guide to Currencies and How to Get More

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Your Energy reserves refill at a steady pace throughout the day. In addition, you can get a couple of Energy boosts during two specific time intervals during the morning and evening, respectively, depending on your location. Finally, you can refill your Energy without Power Cores by using Energy Refill Credit from daily missions and achievements.

Blitz and Arena Credits

These two PvP game modes should be considered as topmost priorities both during the early- and late-game. The currencies you get from emerging victorious from either a Blitz challenge or an Arena battle can be used to purchase invaluable supplies and unique heroes.

Marvel Strike Force: A Guide to Currencies and How to Get More

Arena Credits are awarded to you based on your ranking, as well as for completing two Arena battles per day. Meanwhile, Blitz Credits can be obtained from Blitz combat, completing milestones, and ticking the Blitz daily mission. If after you exhaust your reserves of Energy you still have some time online, use it to accrue these currencies.

Blitz Charges

Unlocked fairly early in the game compared to Raids and the Arena, Blitz challenges are actually very important for your progression. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to excel at Blitz battles when you have nothing more than a few starter heroes to work with.

Marvel Strike Force: A Guide to Currencies and How to Get More

Fortunately, you can use Blitz Charges to refresh your heroes once they become disabled during a Blitz. You can obtain this currency from daily challenges and should always use it in order to make it further in a Blitz, especially during the early-game.

Raid Energy, Credit, Refill Credit, Health Charges, and Tickets

Alliance Raids become available once you hit Captain level 26 and can be used to acquire a few unique heroes, as well as a lot of useful Gear. Although not all players agree that this is the best way to spend your Raid Credits, one thing is for certain: you must have as much of this currency as you can possibly get.

For that, you need Raid Energy, which can be refreshed both with Power Cores and with Raid Energy Refill Credit obtained from pack purchases or special events. The further you can go in a Raid, the greater your rewards, which is why Energy is so important. However, this is not the only resource you’ll need to successfully complete a Raid. In this game mode, your heroes’ HP bars do not refill between levels. If one of your characters falls low on health or is defeated, you need Health Charges to heal them back up or revive them. You can get more Health Charges by doing their respective Challenge each day.

Marvel Strike Force: A Guide to Currencies and How to Get More

Finally, Raid Tickets are made available to you once your Alliance reaches level 20. Gathered collectively by all Alliance members who complete Raids, these tickets can then be used to unlock new instances and additional loot.

That’s it – all the different types of currency you can and should use in Marvel Strike Force! Why would you bother to grind for all of these resources, you might ask? Especially if you’re an F2P player, this is the only way to access new heroes and upgrade your existing ones. The ultimate goal? A superior PvP team (link to “Marvel Strike Force: The Best Teams for PvP Content”) to blast through all game modes.