Tools and Power-ups in Matchington Mansion play a huge role in making the game easier. The problem is that these are precious resources that can be difficult to come by if you’re not willing to spend real money on the game. However, the game gives you just enough of these resources so that you still have the option to use them when you feel like a certain level is getting too frustrating to complete on your own. We’ve prepared a guide to help you decide the best ways to use these tools and power-ups. You can also Play Matchington Mansion in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

The Best Ways to Use Tools & Power-ups in Matchington Mansion

The game gives tools and power-ups in the form of rewards, whether from completing bonus levels, logging in daily, or completing an event task during a specific time period. As a free-to-play user, you get a lot of free stuff, but it can quickly burn out if you use them in every situation without thinking about the future levels. As you reach the higher levels of the game, it becomes harder to complete puzzles, so try not to use everything hastily since the puzzles can be done without these tools and power-ups.


We’ve mentioned in our Beginner’s Guide that tools can be used during the puzzle. This means that the player has the choice to use one or all of their tools to instantly get rid of a tile or tiles that prove to be problematic. It’s not always a great idea to use them – as game-breaking as they may be – since there’s so much that can go wrong when using a tool at an inappropriate moment.

  • Silver Spoon

The Silver Spoon is a tool that can be used to collect one tile immediately. This tool can be used to either get one piece immediately or to break one layer of an obstacle tile to make way for your other pieces to flow freely on the grid. This may seem like it has limited uses, but it’s actually very versatile and is the one tool that has the highest chance of ensuring that you complete the puzzle.

The Best Ways to Use Tools & Power-ups in Matchington Mansion

There may be a lot of uses for this tool, but as a free-to-play user, you should only use this in one specific situation. Use Silver Spoon when you have 1 move left and have one objective left to collect. Be careful when using this to collect objectives in layered obstacles since it will only break one layer of the obstacles when used on that tile, and so does not guarantee that you will collect the objective.

  • Broom

Brooms are extremely powerful tools that can turn the tables in the right situation. They collect all pieces and one layer of obstacles on a horizontal and vertical line forming a cross. If you want a quick way to collect a ton of objectives, this is a good way to do it, as you can place it anywhere you want to get everything you need. Since it collects the same number of tiles regardless if you complete the cross, you can use it anywhere on the grid.

The Best Ways to Use Tools & Power-ups in Matchington Mansion

The best way to use this tool is to clear multiple obstacles in a line. Line it up in a way that will destroy as many obstacles as possible in both the horizontal or vertical axis. Use this as early in the puzzle as possible so that you can work with all of your remaining moves freely. If you use it later in the round, make sure that it allows you to secure all the objectives you need. Play Matchington Mansion on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

  • Glove

The Glove is an odd tool that might be difficult to use, especially for beginners. It allows players to switch the positions of two adjacent pieces without consuming a move. One might think that the most obvious use of this is to switch two pieces to create a possibility for a match, but that’s actually unnecessarily wasteful, unless you’re doing it as a last resort when you’re about to complete your move set.

The Best Ways to Use Tools & Power-ups in Matchington Mansion

The best use for this tool is to switch the position of a firecracker/bomb to place it beside another firecracker/bomb. This allows players to create a larger explosion that will affect more tiles on the grid when the player matches the bomb with another bomb. You can also use this tool to force a match that creates a big firecracker or a rainbow bomb since those have the biggest impact on the puzzle.


Power-ups, unlike tools, are used before a puzzle begins. This means the player has no control over where they place the power-up since it is already distributed randomly in the grid before the round starts. Unfortunately, the player will lose the power-up if they fail to complete the puzzle the first time and wish to retry the stage.

  • Firecrackers & Rockets

There are two types of firecracker power-ups which are the Rocket Firecrackers – which clear all pieces and a layer of obstacles in a line – and the big firecracker, which has a wide blast radius. These two power-ups may have distinct uses but essentially do the same thing, which can make them great, depending on whether the puzzle grid is extremely tight-knit or spacious.

The Best Ways to Use Tools & Power-ups in Matchington Mansion

The best way to use these power-ups is together since it increases the blast radius significantly and gives the player the highest chance to clear a puzzle. Only use power-ups if you’re only your 5th attempt or more on a specific puzzle. Otherwise, you may still try doing the puzzle by making strategically better decisions.

  • Rainbow Bomb

The Rainbow Bomb is a power-up that allows the player to collect all pieces of a single color around the grid. Using this might seem tricky, but the best way to use it is to match two Rainbow Bombs together since that allows the player to collect ALL pieces on the grid and gets rid of a single layer of obstacles along the way.

The Best Ways to Use Tools & Power-ups in Matchington Mansion

Use this when the puzzle includes collecting multiple objectives. It’s also ideal if the puzzle doesn’t include too many colors so that the Rainbow Bomb will be more impactful with the amount of pieces that it can remove around the grid. You don’t have to choose the most abundant color; it’s smarter to choose the color that has the most impact, such as if they break more obstacles or get you closer to the goal. Why wait? Play Matchington Mansion instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.