There are games in which you can spend hours upon hours glued to your screen, enjoying all there is to do. Similarly, there are other titles that offer some simple and entertaining gameplay; easy to pick up and play, without actually having to set your brain at 100% capacity. While the former is awesome for passing time while you wait for something, it usually requires a bit of brainpower and a larger commitment, which defeats the purpose of casually passing time. However, the latter involves games like Matchington Mansion, which are perfect for playing only for short sessions, and which you can shut down at a moment’s notice with no major consequences.

Matchington Mansion—Candy Crush Meets Building Sim

In other words, what we’re trying to say is, in terms of gameplay, the second category usually involves the more casual games. Titles such as Candy Crush, Cut the Rope, Where’s my Water? , and even Angry Birds, fall into this category. Nevertheless, the game that we’re going to talk about today, besides offering simplistic-yet-addictive gameplay, complements it gracefully with a lighthearted story, as well as with construction and interior design elements.

What is Matchington Mansion?

Matching Mansion is a game developed by Firecraft Studios, a new team of developers with only a bit of experience in the industry. Nevertheless, the people at the studio managed to combine the best of both worlds by allowing the player to complete puzzle stages a-la Candy Crush, where they must create combinations of cushions to cause explosions and gain points, with elements of construction and design.

Matchington Mansion—Candy Crush Meets Building Sim

The objective of each level is to gather a number of cushions of specific colors and shapes while trying to use the least amount of moves possible. To achieve this, you will have to shift cushions in any direction to combine 3 or more of the same type and create explosions that move all the other pieces on the board. Furthermore, you may also create other types of combinations with the pieces on the board for different effects. However, the game ends either when you run out of moves, which results in a loss, or when you gather the required number of cushions. In the latter, your score will be determined based on the number of moves you have left, as well as through the combinations you managed to create throughout the stage.

Matchington Mansion—Candy Crush Meets Building Sim

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It’s important to note that, despite the simplicity of the game’s concept, it’s actually pretty difficult! Especially in the advanced stages where you only have a few moves, and you’ll have to ponder carefully every move. Every move counts, and each explosion can cause a chain reaction that might net you a win in record time. You can even finish the most difficult levels with a single move if the ideal conditions line up! Nevertheless, it is a very fun game, easy to simply pick up and play either in extended sessions, or to pass the time while you wait for someone, or before going out to run some errands.

As you progress, you will unlock new useful tools and combinations that you can create on each level to improve your odds of success. Furthermore, you can also obtain access to boosters that you can equip to enjoy different benefits at each stage.

The Building Aspect

According to the game’s story, you are the heir to your grandmother’s mansion, which had fallen into disrepair after her passing. Luckily, your partner in this game is an interior designer and will help you to fix up your grandma’s mansion and help it return to its former splendor. However, repairing a house in this game requires lots of resources, including stars and coins: the stars are used for clearing some parts of the house, as well as for placing new furniture or advancing the story. On the other hand, coins are used for purchasing variants of the furniture that you place with stars, to give your mansion a unique touch. Furthermore, coins are also used to retry those stages that you’ve failed, which makes it important to save up instead of using them all to buy new stuff.

Matchington Mansion—Candy Crush Meets Building Sim

All these resources are obtained through regular gameplay and by completing stages, so you won’t have to worry too much about it. However, you can increase the number of coins you receive on each stage by creating powerful plays and completing them with lots of remaining moves. Your skill in this game matters; each move is crucial!

Matchington Mansion—Candy Crush Meets Building Sim

The best part about the game’s remodeling aspect, however, is that you can show off your creations to any friends that you meet up in the game. As you move on, you can visit your friend’s mansions to see how they’re developing their own homes, and to pick up several new ideas to use in your own abode. Furthermore, you can even pick up some furniture pieces at bargain prices at your friends’ mansions, so it’s worth it to visit every so often.

After all, what good does a clean, tidy, and fancy home do if you don’t even have anyone you can show it to?

Matchington Mansion is an awesome game for all types of players, from those who want a simple way to pass the time with a game similar to Candy Crush, and even for those who enjoy sinking some time into puzzle games. Furthermore, it is an excellent title for those gamers who enjoy building games that allows them to create unique designs.

Matchington Mansion—Candy Crush Meets Building Sim

Throughout the next few days, we will be publishing more guides about this awesome title, so that you can find the best tips and info to maximize your effectiveness with every move, as well as to make the best use out of the tools that BlueStacks, our Android gaming platform, provides. Let’s get started, we have a Mansion to updo!

Good luck!

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