Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is an intense game with tons of shooting and running as you unlock and pilot a variety of customizable mechs in order to defeat your enemies and win matches. Every mech in this game has its own set of stats and parameters, and can also equip a variety of different weapons ranging from machine guns to rocket launchers, and everything in between.

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Tips and Tricks to Beating Enemies and Winning Matches

At its core, Mech Arena is simply a third person shooter game, but one with a significant layer of strategy, as winning matches is not just about getting kills, but also about completing objectives. Similarly, due to the variety of different mechs, you can also create team formations that synergize well with each other in order to give the enemy a hard time. 

With that being said, if you’re new to Mech Arena, these tips and tricks will give you the push you need in order to enhance your potential and claim victory at every turn.

Victory Starts From Within the Hangar

As we mentioned just now, one of the elements that could give you the upper hand during your matches is your team composition. And when we mention this, we’re not just talking about the different mech types in your squad, but also about the weapons and gear that you equip on every mech.

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Tips and Tricks to Beating Enemies and Winning Matches

Every mech in this game has a weapon limit, which is limited by the robot’s “energy capacity” parameter. On the other hand, every weapon has an energy consumption parameter. In this sense, the combined load of all equipped weapons can never surpass the energy capacity of any given mech, and this will serve as a hard limit for the type of weapons that the mech in question can equip. For this reason, there are some weapons types that are simply unusable by certain robots and are reserved for those with a higher energy capacity.

With that being said, properly outfitting your mechs in ways that maximize their destructive potential is key for winning battles. For instance, the Paragon comes equipped with two Autocannons, which are perfect for the mech since they rely on precise, sustained fire to deal damage, and this mech’s sturdiness makes it ideal for this type of weapon. However, the Lancer mech is more fragile but much faster, with a much more limited energy capacity. Nevertheless, its speed makes it perfect for slipping behind an enemy’s defenses and dealing maximum damage with weapons like the RPG2.

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Tips and Tricks to Beating Enemies and Winning Matches

Using the right combination of mech and weapons is one of the most important parts of preparing for combat in Mech Arena, so visit your hangar often and make sure that your robots are properly kitted.

Use the Right Mech for the Task at Hand

However, once you’ve properly equipped your fighter bots in the hangar, you still need to pick the right one for the task at hand. You can have a total of five bots deployed at any time, and choose from any of these whenever you enter a match, as well as whenever one of them is destroyed in combat. 

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Tips and Tricks to Beating Enemies and Winning Matches

Using the right bot for the game mode in question can make the difference between victory and defeat, and you should think carefully choosing your mech. Sure, you could always start with your strongest robot and simply destroy all your enemies, but then you might also lose if the enemy manages to outplay you or play for the objectives. Particularly if you’re playing a losing match, you could change your strategy by using a different robot and either go for the objectives or switch up your offensive patterns to outmatch the competition.

With that being said, we recommended speedy and mobile robots for capturing objectives, and the more slower and bulkier counterparts whenever you’re looking to battle. 

Destroying Enemies vs. Capturing Objectives

At the moment of launch, there are only three game modes in Mech Arena: Control Point Clash; 5v5 Deathmatch, and 2v2 Deathmatch. For the sake of argument, we’re going to focus exclusively on the first since it consists of more than just destroying each other.

When it comes to winning in Control Point Clash, you can either destroy all enemy robots before they have the chance to respawn, reach the point limit before the other team, or have more points than the enemy when the timer ends. In our opinion, your approach to this game mode will depend mostly on your Mech choice. Some robots are much more mobile than the others, to the point where they can evade enemy fire while moving from point to point, which makes them ideal for capturing zones. Meanwhile, others are slower and much stronger, making them prime point defenders.

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Tips and Tricks to Beating Enemies and Winning Matches

However, if your team is dominating and getting plenty of eliminations, you could stop focusing on the objectives and try winning by wiping out the enemy squad. In this case, if you’re a speedy robot, try to get behind the enemy’s defenses and pinch them while your team is pressuring from the front.

Aim for the Enemies’ Blind Spots

This tip is a direct continuation from our previous entry, just because it’s THAT important. While attacking from the front is great if you’re focusing fire on a single enemy, you always want to try and flank your foe before engaging. This will not only let you deal more sustained damage since they’re scrambling to get away from you, but it’ll also prevent you from taking damage since they won’t be able to target you immediately.

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Tips and Tricks to Beating Enemies and Winning Matches

Use Your Superior Speed to Your Advantage

The above tip is especially true if you’re playing with a fast Mech, and applies whether you’re capping objectives or looking to get eliminations. The bottom line is that a moving target is always a difficult target to hit, especially if the enemy is using weapons with low projectile speeds. In this sense, if you’re ever playing with a Scout-class robot, try to stay moving at all times. This will help you both to capture objectives, as well as to pester the enemy by zipping in and out of their defenses.

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Tips and Tricks to Beating Enemies and Winning Matches

Feel free to share your own awesome combat tips and tricks for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown in the comments below to help your fellow gamers out!