Leveling up in Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is one of the most important things you can do in this game when it comes to progression. This is because acquiring XP grants you access to a variety of different features, as well as gives you many rewards upon reaching progression milestones. In fact, leveling up is so important, that it could even open up new game modes when you reach some of these milestones. After all, if you’re just starting out in this game, you might have already noticed that you can only play Control Point Clash, and that there are a couple of game modes still unavailable to you.

Fortunately, as crucial as increasing your level can be for progressing in Mech Arena, it’s actually quite straightforward to do so: Gain enough experience, and you’ll progressively unlock new milestones in the progress path; do this enough times and you’ll eventually unlock everything there is to see in this game, not including the things you actually need to pay for, such as some new mechs and weapons, to name a few.

With that being said, if you’re new to Mech Arena, one of your priorities will be to level up your account and participate in events so that you can progress and get access to everything in the game. And in this guide, we’ll be giving you a few tips, tricks, strategies, and pointers to progress as fast as you can in this regard. 

Leveling Up Through the Daily and Weekly Missions Lists

One of the best ways to farm XP in Mech Arena is, by far, the Weekly and Daily missions, especially since, by completing these tasks, you also get a wide variety of rewards that will come in handy in many different scenarios. Nevertheless, since we care most about the XP, it’s important to point out that every single one of these missions, aside from their main rewards, also grant experience points, which means that, by completing them, you’re also working through the Progress Path, which in turn will unlock other rewards.

Tips and Tricks on How to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly in Mech Arena

You can find the missions simply by clicking on the checklist button on the top left of the Hangar screen. And as their name implies, these tasks refresh on a daily and weekly basis, so there’s almost always something to do in Mech Arena, aside from kicking robot butt, of course.

Keep in mind that, while most of these missions are very straightforward, often consisting of farming enough resources or winning a certain number of battles, some of them can be a bit tricky to achieve, especially when it comes to the latter. And as you progress further into the game and unlock better gear and mechs, it might become increasingly more difficult to win your matches, even more so if you don’t invest in your mechs or weapons.

Tips and Tricks on How to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly in Mech Arena

While it’s not strictly necessary, and all players can effectively progress without spending a single penny (particularly since you can get a steady supply of A-Coins just by playing the game) you could benefit from purchasing a few items from the store if you’re having a difficult time completing your dailies and weeklies. Basic things like a new weapon or materials to upgrade your mechs can make a world of difference and give you the push you need to outmatch the competition in Mech Arena.

Best Mechs and Weapons Loadouts for Beginners

Some recommendations on good mechs and weapons to focus on during the early game include the RPG 4 and RPG 6, especially the latter. We recommend investing in the RPG 6 as soon as you get it, though you can also upgrade the RPG 4 a bit to make it easier for you to win matches. Moreover, you’ll unlock the Juggernaut mech fairly early into the progression path, which is the mech with the most HP in the game, which makes it a great defensive alternative, and something you’ll want to use over the Lancer as soon as you get it.

Tips and Tricks on How to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly in Mech Arena

One of your biggest boons in the upgrade path, however, comes when you get 1,100 and 1,200 XP, which unlocks the RPG 6 and the Panther mech, respectively. As we just said, this weapon is great and you should invest heavily on it as it will serve you well even up to the endgame. Similarly, while the Panther will cost you A-Coins to unlock once it becomes available, you will most definitely want to do so, considering it’s also one of the best mechs out there, at least for beginners, and will easily carry to you to endgame and beyond.

Tips and Tricks on How to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly in Mech Arena

And speaking of A-Coins, the Javelin Rack 4 becomes available as soon as you get 1,700 XP, though it can only be acquired by spending the premium currency. The Javelin Rack 4 is a very, very good weapon, though it’s outmatched by the Javelin Rack 6, which becomes available later on and also costs A-Coins. In this sense, if you don’t mind spending a few bucks in this game, you can easily purchase the Javelin 4 to get a boost early on, but just know that you’ll also want to save up A-Coins to get its enhanced counterpart as soon as you unlock it.

Tips and Tricks on How to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly in Mech Arena

At 1,900 XP points down the progression path, you’ll unlock Killshot, which is the best Scout mech in the game, featuring unparalleled speed and good energy capacity, which makes it a great flanker, ideal for slipping behind enemy defenses and pinching them when they least expect it.

At one point, your ideal formation early on once you unlock all of the above and purchased the third slot in your Hangar Bay should be the Panther as your main, along with the Juggernaut and Killshot mechs as your alternatives. And when it comes to weapons, you should be using the Javelin Rack 4 on your Killshot; the RPG 6 on the Panther, and the RPG 4 on the Juggernaut. This loadout will very easily carry you through most of the midgame, during which you should be saving up currency for future upgrades and purchases.

Just remember that the daily and weekly challenges are tied to your current inventory. In this sense, if you purchase a mech or a weapon, but end up disliking them, there’s a chance that a mission will force you to use them at times.

Grinding XP and Points Through Quick Matches

Aside from XP, another crucial currency to your success in Mech Arena are points. These points come in two varieties, Combat Points, and Victory Points, though their uses are identical: For every 100 Combat Points, or 10 Victory Points, you’ll unlock a crate that you can open at any moment, and which can contain a variety of useful rewards. 

Tips and Tricks on How to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly in Mech Arena

Just like with the daily tasks, there is a fixed number of these boons that you can receive simply by playing the game normally through quick matches. Specifically, for every match that you play to completion, you’ll gain both XP and points: For the former, you can get a maximum of 500 XP per day. Meanwhile, the limit of the latter varies according to your current division, with the initial Combat and Victory Point limit being 240 and 10, respectively. The point limit resets partially every 2.5 hours, which will allow you to continue farming them multiple times per day.

Tips and Tricks on How to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly in Mech Arena

The best way to farm these points is by playing and winning matches, with your victory being an important condition to significantly expedite the farming process, since you don’t receive nearly as much from losing. Also, you can use Combat Point boosters to increase the amount of currency you receive per match. You can get several of these boosters as milestone rewards in the progress path, once you get enough XP, by receiving them from crates, or from purchasing them from the store.

The best part about progressing in Mech Arena is that you can easily and continuously do so simply by playing the game. Whether you love venturing out and defeating your foes, or simply like unlocking and experimenting with different mech and weapon loadouts, there’s always something to do and see in this game. And as you continue playing matches, regardless of whether you win or lose, you’ll always have something to show for it.

Tips and Tricks on How to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly in Mech Arena

It’s worth pointing out here that, by playing Mech Arena: on PC with BlueStacks, you can win exclusive rewards like gift cards for Google Play and Steam, simply by playing and leveling up in your favorite mobile games. Simply boot up BlueStacks, click on the “Play & Win” icon to launch Piggy, and navigate to the “Levelup Games” category to see which game grants points for leveling up. 

As you may have guessed it, Mech Arena is one of these games that can score you unique prizes simply by playing and progressing, which is why this handy guide will be very useful to you. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about progressing in Mech Arena.