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Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Merge Dragons is the combination game that takes you from level to level to mix different objects, create diverse solutions, and breathe life back into the land that has been tainted by the Zomblins. In this sense, as we mentioned in our article about the tips and tricks for this game, you will spend most of your time in Merge Dragons tinkering and experimenting with different elements to obtain interesting results when combining them.

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

However, in contrast to other combination games like Pokopang or Candy Crush, where you must destroy objects on the board until you reach the goal, the combinations never destroy the objects on the board in Merge Dragons, they give birth to new creations. These creations, once activated, perform different functions such as giving life to the land or, when harvested by your dragon helpers, producing different objects, which can also be combined to create different stuff, and so on.

In this sense, this game is virtually infinite. As you experiment with different objects, you will discover new combo chains, which help to unlock new aspects or to receive different benefits. However, in a game where there are literally hundreds of items to play with, how can we tell which to combine, and which to use in your camp?

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

These are the topics we’ll be addressing today in this guide. However, before we dive into the matter of combining, we want to briefly talk about the camp.

What is the Camp?

In Merge Dragons, whenever you’re not occupied completing stages, you will most likely find yourself playing in your camp.

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

The camp is a feature that you unlock very early into the game—when you finish the second level—and is where you will receive all the rewards from completing stages. This is an area that starts off very small, and which grows as you progress further into the game and add more dragons to your roster. The objective of this feature is to provide a place to pass the time when you no longer have the energy to continue playing the main game and to offer an area where you can dump your excess materials from combining.

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

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Similar to the main game, your camp also has dead lands that you must revive with life essences or life orbs. However, in contrast with the levels of the main game, your dragons don’t have infinite energy to harvest life essences in the camp and get tired after performing several actions. In this sense, as the number of dragons in your roster increases, you will be able to perform more tasks such as building structures, harvesting objects, and interacting with the environment, in general.

What are the important combinations?

As we have mentioned on numerous occasions, almost any object in this game can be combined into more powerful versions. Furthermore, these combinations fall into 5 major categories:

  • Buildings: The structures that you can construct with the aid of your dragons. They usually cost resources such as stone or coins when placing them in the camp. Buildings of the same type can be combined to create structures of higher levels.
  • Production: Objects that your dragons can harvest to create different results. In this category, we can find the life flowers that produce life essences and life orbs, the topsoils that produce different items, and the grass that produces living stone, among others.
  • Resources: You can either activate these objects by tapping directly on them to receive different resources, or combine them to increase their yield. In this category, we can find items such as life essences or life orbs, as well as coins, stone, and dragon gems, among others.
  • Dragons: Your faithful allies in the camp. Your dragons hatch initially from eggs, which you must combine like any other object. When you combine three eggs of the same type, a dragon will be born. Furthermore, if you combine 5, you will obtain 2 dragons, and so on. However, while dragons can be upgraded like any other object, they cannot be combined in the same manner as the other items. To combine dragons, you will need to do it via the Dragon Book, which we’ll talk about shortly.
  • Chests: You may receive chests occasionally as a reward from completing stages, or from healing dead land in your camp. While you can open them immediately upon receiving them, you can also combine them with similar chests to improve their contents.

The same principles that apply to every combination also apply to any of these objects: 3 items of the same type combine into 1 of a higher level. Furthermore, 5 items of the same type combine into 2 of a higher level; 10 combine into 3, and so on.

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

In most cases, every item of a higher level, once activated, grants better benefits than the sum of its parts. For instance, a single life essence grants 1 healing point once used. Meanwhile, a tiny life orb, which is obtained by combining 3 life essences, grants 4 healing points, for a net increase of 1 extra point.

Keep in mind that this margin will continue to increase as you keep combining into higher tiers. For example, a level 9 life orb—the strongest in its category—requires, at the very least, 4,895 life essences to create. However, once you use this item, it grants a whopping 327,680 healing points, a massive profit over using the essences individually.

Combining Dragons

Like we mentioned above, dragons cannot be combined by dragging them on top of each other like with other objects. Because of this, if you want to create higher-level dragons, you will have to use the Dragon Book, a menu where you can view all the inhabitants of your camp, and combine them with a few clicks.

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

To access the Dragon Book, all you need to do is click on the book icon located on the right side of the screen. In this menu, you can easily view how many dragons are in your camp, divided by type and sectioned into levels within each category. To combine dragons, all you need to do is click on the “Merge” button. The system will automatically choose the optimal amount of dragons that you can combine for the best results. In this sense, you will either combine 3, 5, or 10 dragons to produce 1, 2, or 3 dragons of a higher level, respectively.

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

As far as the differences between each type of dragon go, they are mostly cosmetic. However, there are some dragon types that differ in stamina, and that can perform more tasks before having to rest. Similarly, there are some dragon types that have higher dragon power, and that can help to expand your camp more than others.

Combination Guide for Merge Dragons! on PC

The essence of Merge Dragons is in knowing which items to combine, as well as when to use them to harvest resources or to breathe life into the land. With the information in this guide, you are now familiar with the basics of combining, as well as with the different types of objects that you will encounter in this game. It is now up to you to go out and experiment to obtain the best results. Remember that you can leave your comments and questions in the section below to share with your fellow gamers that also enjoy playing this game.

Good luck on your quest to purify the world!

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