Table of Contents

  1. Merge Dragons! with BlueStacks
  2. Basic Gameplay in Merge Dragons!
  3. The Camp in Merge Dragons!
  4. Currency in Merge Dragons!
  5. Dragon Gems in Merge Dragons!
  6. Unlock Events in Merge Dragons
  7. Merge. Absolutely. Everything
  8. Guides & Tips for Merge Dragons!

Match-three games have always held a special place in our hearts due to their simplicity and how easy it is to get lost in their rather straightforward gameplay loops. At its most basic level, these games are just about combining identical pieces on a board in order to create chain reactions that clear lots of spaces and grant you points. This is true for games like Bejeweled or Candy Crush. However, there is a subset of these games that go beyond the standard match-three gameplay and spice it up with unique features, and this is where Merge Dragons! comes into play.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

At its most basic, Merge Dragons! is your typical match-three game, where the point is to combine at least three identical pieces on predefined boards. However, instead of destroying themselves, these pieces actually merge and turn into other elements. In this sense, the objective of this match-three game is not exclusively to clear boards or to detonate a certain number of pieces but to actually create special elements in order to proceed to the next level.

This creation and merging mechanic is intrinsically tied to the game’s core narrative, which is also something that Merge Dragons! does differently than other match-three games: Instead of focusing solely on the gameplay, there are also some narrative elements that serve to drive your efforts to combine and create new elements.

In short, the land was turned grey and lifeless by the Zomblins and it’s your duty to bring life back by going through hundreds of levels recombining goddess statues. So, in a way, even though the basic gameplay resembles that of other match-three games, there’s actually a purpose to why you’re doing what you do in Merge Dragons!

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

Believe it or not, the fact that there’s a story in this game, regardless of how shallow it might be, actually makes us want to play more, which puts Merge Dragons! above other similar titles in our list of favorite match-three games. While not quite as simple and easy to pick up as, say, Candy Crush, it’s definitely worth it to sit down and sink some time into merging elements and creating new life in Merge Dragons!

However, it’s these very differences that make this match-three games quite complicated in relation to the others. Newcomers who install it expecting to find some easy and simple fun might end up a bit disheartened, though this doesn’t mean Merge Dragons! is bad by any means. This fact simply makes it so that there’s a different approach to this game, which is why we’re to share some of the best tips for this game.

Most of the things that we will explain in this long guide are topics we have covered in more detail in their individual articles, which are featured in our blog. If you want to learn more about a specific aspect of Merge Dragons! we suggest clicking on the corresponding links that will take you to the dedicated articles.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

With that being said, let’s get started!

1. How to Install and Play Merge Dragons! on PC

Despite its innovative premise and mechanics, Merge Dragons! is quite simplistic in its gameplay. In fact, most of what you will be doing in this game is dragging elements around the board in order to combine them into different objects. This type of gameplay requires, at times, quite a lot of precision as the boards will get very large and the elements on the screen can look small in consequence, which makes playing this match-three game on phones a complete hassle.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

Tapping on the wrong element, at best, can simply lead to losing a few seconds of your time as you drop it back in its original place before attempting to grab the correct object. However, at worst, this action can lead to accidental combinations and to making you waste your hard-earned gems and coins due to a faulty merging. Trust us when we say you definitely don’t want to waste a potential double Insane Dragon Gem combination by accidentally combining four Giant Dragon Gems instead of five.

In order to enjoy the best precision when it comes to playing and achieving combinations, you’ll definitely want to play Merge Dragons! on PC. Playing with your mouse and keyboard is so much better than trying to fumble with clunky touchscreen controls. And when it comes to precision and accuracy when dragging elements across the board, you simply can’t beat the ol’ kb+m combo.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

In order to play Merge Dragons! on PC, you first have to install BlueStacks, our Android emulator. Afterward, you can search for the game on our App Center by typing its name into the search bar on the home screen, and then downloading it from the Play Store like you would on any smartphone. Once finished, you can simply click on the game on the home screen and enjoy Merge Dragons! On your PC.

2. Basic Gameplay in Merge Dragons!

The objective of Merge Dragons! is quite simple: Combine specific objects on the board in order to complete the stage and proceed to the next level. Almost anything can be combined in this game; if you have three identical objects, you can simply drag them next to each other and they will merge into an object with the same properties, but with stronger effects. For instance, you can combine three Life Flower Sprouts to create a Life Flower; three Life Flowers to create a Blue Life Flowers, and three Blue Life Flowers to create a Glowing Life Flower, and so on.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

This applies to every single object in the game, with only a very few exceptions. A good way of knowing if something can be combined is if has a green square underneath it when you select it. On the flipside, if it’s underlined in gray, then it can’t be combined—the object must be either harvested by your dragons or trashed.

Whenever you complete a level in Merge Dragons! you’ll be presented with specific rewards for your troubles, which you can then take to your camp in order to expand your territory and level up. Aside from the standard levels and challenges in this game, the Camp is the single biggest aspect in Merge Dragons! and it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time when you’re out of chalices to continue attempting to complete levels.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

3. An Introduction to The Camp in Merge Dragons!

Your Camp is where the real magic happens in Merge Dragons! This place is where all your rewards from completing levels end up, which you’ll use in order to expand your territory and produce all sorts of resources.

Play Merge Dragons! on PC

Playing in your Camp is just like completing any other level in Merge Dragons! except with no fixed goal, which makes the game essentially endless. In this place, your general objective is to build different structures, hatch new dragons, and collect resources, all of this with the goal of expanding your garden so that you can accommodate more buildings. Eventually, you’ll be able to produce some of the most valuable items in the game, including the coveted Dragon Gems, which is the premium currency in Merge Dragons!

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

The main way to interact with the elements in your Camp, aside from dragging and merging objects manually, is by using your dragon minions. Just like in regular stages, your dragons can harvest resources from different structures, like when they extract Life Essences from Life Flowers. However, unlike regular levels, your dragons have limited stamina in the Camp, and once they run out, they have to go to the nearest Dragon Home to sleep and recover.

When it comes to expanding the territory of your Camp, you need to increase your Dragon Power which, in turn, is directly tied to your dragon minions. Each dragon in your camp contributes an amount of Dragon Power and, once you have enough, you can click on clouded parts of the Camp to clear them and reveal the territory underneath. Before you’re able to construct in this new area, however, you’ll have to revive the land and clean it up.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

By merging different objects and hatching and raising your dragon minions, you can create a Camp worthy of admiration. In the end, this place will be the best option for farming important resources, which brings us to our next point

4. The Different Types of Currency in Merge Dragons!

Constructing buildings and hatching dragons isn’t free in this match-three game—not by a longshot. In order to grow your Camp, you’ll need to construct buildings that generate resources, and combine the said resources before adding them to your coffers to increase the return on your initial investment. In many cases, you’ll also want to merge the actual buildings to increase their level as well as the number of resources they yield when harvesting them.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

When it comes to currencies in Merge Dragons! it’s actually quite simple. There are only three main types of currencies that you’ll have to farm actively: Magical Coins, Dragon Gems, and Stone Bricks. The first is used mostly for purchasing eggs, the second can be used for purchasing all sorts of useful items from the store, while the third is important since it’s required for purchasing buildings.

When it comes to currencies, the Dragon Gems are the most important, as well they should be since it’s the premium currency in Merge Dragons! However, resources are an entirely different category of items as they can help in a wide variety of ways—too many to mention in this article.

Luckily, we have a handy guide on the different currencies and resources in Merge Dragons! in our blog. Feel free to check it out if you want to learn more.

5. How to Get Dragon Gems in Merge Dragons!

The thing about Dragon Gems in this game is that, while it’s the premium currency, players can get a bunch of these for free if they know what they’re doing, and as long as they have the patience to wait for the big combinations that yield the most gems.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

The best way to get Dragon Gems in Merge Dragons! is by combining them in your Camp. You can obtain physical Dragon Gems as combinable objects from many different sources. Like any other object in the game, they can be merged so that, when you click on them, they yield more currency than their smaller counterparts.

Dragon Gems come in three sizes:

  • Dragon Gem: Grants 1 gem on use.
  • Giant Dragon Gem: Grants 5 gems on use.
  • Insane Dragon Gem: Grants 15 gems on use.

Of course, the best way to actually farm for Dragon Gems in this game is by waiting until you have either five Dragon Gems or five Giant Dragon Gems and then combining them into their larger versions. There’s really no profit from combining three Giant Dragon Gems into Insane Gems. However, if you combine five Giant Gems into their larger versions, you’ll get an extra 15 Gems since five base items yield two units of a higher level. This freebie applies to all combinations in Merge Dragons! and aren’t limited to Dragon Gems.

In order to obtain more Dragon Gems for your camp, you’ll need to gather the purple Dragon Stars. When you click on these items, you’ll receive many different prizes, including physical Dragon Gems that you can freely combine in your Camp.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

Dragon Stars, on the other hand, are acquired from different sources. At times, you’ll be able to select them as free rewards from completing levels in the main story. However, you may sometimes acquire them as prizes from completing challenges in the Camp.

6. How to Unlock Events in Merge Dragons

The events system is an important part of Merge Dragons! as it gives players unique opportunities to score different and unique prizes. However, before being able to participate in any event, you first need to unlock them.

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

The events feature in Merge Dragons! is unlocked by reaching and clearing level 3 in the Grassy Knoll area, and acquiring at least 35 Dragon Power in your camp. Both of these requirements are quite easy to achieve so you’ll be able to participate in events soon after you begin your journey in this game.

7. Merge. Absolutely. Everything

While we’ve already mentioned the basics of merging in another section above, we felt the need to dedicate an entire section to remind you that this is one of the most important features in Merge Dragons! We really can’t stress enough the importance of merging items in this game. It’s even in the name “Merge Dragons!”

The Best Tips and Guides for Merge Dragons! on PC

In the vast majority of the cases, it’s more efficient to merge items before using them, especially if you combine them in groups of five. However, in some cases, such as when it comes to turning Giant Dragon Gems into Insane Dragon Gems, there’s a profit ONLY if you combine them in fives due to the freebie that you’ll get as a result.

In other words, you want to merge EVERYTHING before using them.

8. Additional Guides and Tips for Merge Dragons!

We’ve shared plenty of tips and tricks for Merge Dragons! as well as talked in detail about some of its basic aspects. As such, you’re probably ready to get started in the game and proceed in an efficient manner. However, there’s still much to learn when it comes to mastering the nuances of this match-three game.

Luckily, we have plenty of guides at your disposal in our blog, including notable examples such as:

  • Advanced Tips: Important tips for growing your base in Merge Dragons! as a F2P player.
  • How to Become Rich: How to farm and spend resources efficiently in Merge Dragons!
  • Currency Guide: An introduction to most of the different resources and currencies in this game.
  • Basic Tips and Tricks: Numerous tidbits of information for newcomers to get acquainted with this game.
  • BlueStacks Usage Guide: How to use the tools that our emulator offers to your advantage in Merge Dragons!
  • Combination Guide: An article detailing the most important combinations in Merge Dragons!

While the basic gameplay in this game is quite simple, you will benefit greatly from combining and using your items efficiently. The guides in our blog are filled to the brim with tips and tricks for Merge Dragons! which will come in handy for this exact purpose.

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