Whenever we talk about games like Merge Dragons, the first thing that comes to mind is the word “combine.” These games take the concept of the classic Tetris and take it to the next level by making absolutely everything revolve exclusively around combining pieces on a board. However, in contrast with games such as Matchington Mansion —which we wrote about a few days ago —that is more similar to Candy Crush both in its concept as well as in its design, Merge Dragons literally revolves solely around fusing elements and objects.

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

We’re talking about a game developed by Gram Games Limited, the studio behind numerous games in the “Merge” series, and which is set in a vast world that has been corrupted by Zomblins and that must be revived at all costs. You play the role of an anonymous hero that goes from stage to stage reviving the land and combining several objects to create new elements and breathing life into the world once again. In a sense, you could say this game resembles alchemy to a certain extent, and when we say “combine,” we mean that you’ll be spending 99% of your time doing just that. However, as opposed to games such as Candy Crush, in which you must combine elements to blow up pieces on the board, you must combine objects to create new solutions that will get you closer to your objective. In other words, if it exists on the board, it can be combined in one way or another.

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

In this sense, the objective on each map is to, in one way or another, obtain elements by mixing objects. Once you have the solution to a level, your score will be calculated from all the combos you created throughout the stage. Because of this, it’s always important to create the highest number of combinations before arriving at the solution.

In this guide, we will take a look at some useful tips that you can use throughout your adventures in Merge Dragons.

Combine absolutely everything!

Did you think we were joking when we said that combining stuff is an essential part of this game?

Well, we weren’t; most of the gameplay in this title is related, in one way or another, to mixing items and creating combinations. Because of this, one of the best pieces of advice that we can give you would be to combine absolutely everything you can, while also using the largest amount of objects possible in each try.

Luckily, even though there are numerous objects you can interact with on every board, there’s no tedious experimentation in this game since you can only combine an object with more of the same type. At any given moment, you can combine a minimum of three objects of the same type, but if you combine at least 5 of these, you will receive double the output of results. In this sense, it’s always important to perform combos with the largest number of components possible.

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

It’s important to note that it’s always better to use the combined versions of some objects since they grant better benefits than single reagents. This applies for everything, from the life flowers that heal the land on each level, to the coins that you can pick up along the way. That’s right, even the currency lying on the ground can be combined with coins of the same type to increase their value before adding them to your purse. For instance, if you combine a single coin with two more of the same type, you will receive a larger coin worth 4 gold, earning you an extra piece of gold in the process. Furthermore, the higher up you go on the chain, the more value you’ll get per coin. Check out our combo guide to learn about the awesome combos you can create in Merge Dragons.

Interact with your dragons until they’re exhausted

One of the most entertaining aspects of this game is the camp where you can perform numerous activities such as sowing seeds, combining objects to bring life to the land, and expanding your territory as you move on. However, some of the most important tasks of the encampment are those that can only be performed with the aid of the little dragons that you find or hatch during your adventures. By combining 3 dragon eggs in the camp, you can hatch them into a dragon whelp that will help you around the camp indefinitely.

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

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However, despite being very resourceful when performing many tasks, these whelps become exhausted shortly afterward and must rest before working again. Because of this, it’s important that you aim to exhaust your dragons before you head back to the world and complete more levels. In this manner, you will optimize your energy consumption, and won’t lose excess time trying to clean up your field.

Keep in mind that, once exhausted, a dragon must rest for a while before being able to work again. Each dragon rests inside their own home, which you can purchase from the store using stones.

Create new buildings by combining the old ones

The combinations in this game are not limited exclusively to objects since you may also combine the buildings that are placed in your camp. For example, a tiny dragon home can be combined with two of the same type to create a quaint dragon home, which can accommodate more dragons.

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

Remember that, just like with standard combos, you can combine at least 5 buildings of the same type to double your output. For this reason, we recommend only combining buildings when you manage to build 5 of the same type.

Expand your camp with more dragons

The only way to expand your camp’s territory, and to obtain more space for building stuff, is by gathering enough dragon power. In other words, you will need to hatch and recruit more dragons to your camp before you can remove the dark mist that surrounds your grounds. For this reason, a good investment for when you have some extra money is to get some dragon eggs and hatch them to add more whelps to your roster. Remember to combine at least 5 eggs to double your output of dragonlings!

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

Perform combos with out-of-bounds objects

When it comes to optimizing your moves and cleaning the dead zones of a level without using life power, creating combos with objects that are out of bounds is the way to go. While you can’t move or interact with these in any way, you can actually create combos with objects that are in the dead zones. If you manage to create a combo with them, not only will you receive the resulting solution, but you will also cleanse the earth beneath the items that were in the dead zone.

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

Merge Dragons—Tips and Tricks to Combine Your Way to Victory

Keep this in mind especially in challenge levels where you need to clear the board before the timer runs out.

Create Combo Chains

Did you know that you can chain combos in this game?

If the resulting solution from a combo is in direct contact with 2 or more objects of the same type, you will unleash a combination combo that grants you more points, as well as additional objects as a byproduct of the chain reaction. We know that this explanation is a bit vague, so it’s better if we just show you how this works:

These are only a handful of tips that you can put into practice to easily complete any level in Merge Dragons. If you want to find more guides or information about this game, swing by our blog. Particularly, you might be interested in out BlueStacks usage guide for this game where you will learn all the useful info on how to use the tools of our platform in Merge Dragons.

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