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Conquer Your Foes: A Beginner’s Guide to Million Lords on BlueStacks

Millions Lords is a mobile strategy game unlike any others, with a strong emphasis on combat and conquering, and a season-based leaderboard progression. Unlike other conquest games, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours upgrading buildings and manually-creating armies. Instead, your troops here are treated as resources—resources that you can set upon other players to conquer their bases and increase your own power.

Conquer Your Foes: A Beginner’s Guide to Million Lords on BlueStacks

This unique style of gameplay, while engaging and entertaining even for casual players, can come off as a bit confusing at first. “Where are my buildings? Where are my barracks? How do I upgrade my Command Center?” These are all questions that we asked ourselves the moment we booted up the game on BlueStacks and set forth on our quest to conquer the land. Luckily, as we trudged along, we found the answer to these questions, and then some.

In the following paragraphs, we have documented all you need to know to get started in Million Lords.

Conquer Your Foes: A Beginner’s Guide to Million Lords on BlueStacks

Not for the Faint of Heart

We’re going to get this out of the way: If you’re the type of player that values alliance and diplomacy over warfare, then Million Lords is not your particular cup of tea. From the moment you begin your journey in this mobile strategy game, you’ll be conquering left and right. Furthermore, while the majority of the cities that you will conquer and annex at first will be neutral (controlled by the PC), there will soon come a time when you will have to attack other players to continue expanding.

Conquer Your Foes: A Beginner’s Guide to Million Lords on BlueStacks

Treachery and underhanded tactics are very common in most mobile strategy game. However, as you’ll soon discover, it’s much more prevalent in Million Lords due to the game’s design. It’s not odd to log off, and discover that some of your cities are conquered the next day. At that point, you can either pool your forces and fight back, or try to expand to another area by conquering neutral cities. If you decide to fight back, however, you must prepare for a lengthy battle as your foes won’t go down without a fight.

Luckily, you don’t have to be alone. While most players decide to ride solo as “lone cats,” you can create alliances and unleash coordinated assaults with your in-game friends. Or better yet, you can cut the middleman and create your own alliances using multiple accounts via the BlueStacks Instance Manager. Read up on how to get the most out of our platform for Million Lords in our BlueStacks usage guide!

Conquer Your Foes: A Beginner’s Guide to Million Lords on BlueStacks

Whatever your choice, all the paths in Million Lords lead to the same outcome: Bloody warfare.

Troops and Gold

The main resources of this game, unlike many other phone strategy games, are gold and troops. You produce both of these over time in all your cities, and this production is increased as you upgrade your annexed towns. In this sense, conquering cities is vital not only for expanding your grasp on the land, but also to increase your power as their productions will add to your own.

Conquer Your Foes: A Beginner’s Guide to Million Lords on BlueStacks

The only trait that Million Lords has in common with other conquest games is the fact that you can upgrade your cities to increase production. By investing your gold, you can level up any of your cities, increasing your overall power and boosting your hourly production of gold and troops.

However, as you spread your reach throughout the lands and add more cities to your empire, you’ll need to distribute your resources to keep strong and patch your vulnerabilities. Remember, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. In this sense, conquering without regard for your resources is a bad idea as you won’t have enough gold nor troops to upgrade your new cities, nor to keep them safe from enemies with smaller, more cohesive empires.

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Conquer Your Foes: A Beginner’s Guide to Million Lords on BlueStacks

Upgrading Your Empire

First and foremost, your main city stands out among the rest since it’s the only one located on a floating island. You’ll want to start by upgrading this one first, and then start upgrading the neighboring cities under your control. In other words, a good strategy is to spread your power outwards from your main city, instead of randomly upgrading distant towns. This is because, if you get conquered, you’ll not only lose the city and all its upgrades, but you’ll also give them to your enemy. It’s never the same losing a level 1 city than losing a powerful level 20 city.

To level up your towns, you’ll need plenty of gold. With every level you increase, the cost of upgrading to the next will rise in turn. It’s important to keep every new city that you conquer upgrade to at least level 10. This will not only boost their production, but it’ll also increase their defenses by a bit, making it harder for your enemy to attack you.

Conquer Your Foes: A Beginner’s Guide to Million Lords on BlueStacks

As a precautionary measure, it’s important to focus on upgrading your border towns a little over the rest, especially if you share a border with another player. These are the cities that will most likely get conquered first when you’re offline, so it pays to keep them upgraded. Furthermore, if you have troops spread across your other cities, make sure to assign them to the towns that need protection when you’re offline. In this sense, your enemies will think twice before attacking and conquering you when you’re not available.

This last tip applies to Million Lords, as well as to any other mobile strategy game. It’s always better to hunker down before going offline to prevent getting attacked.

Specializing Your Warlord

The last part about getting started is the skill trees. As you progress, upgrade your base, and complete challenges, you’ll acquire experience points that contribute towards increasing your avatar’s level. For every level you gain, you’ll receive a skill point that you can assign to any skill. The said skill points are limited and must be used with care as you need to pay Sapphires to refund them.

Conquer Your Foes: A Beginner’s Guide to Million Lords on BlueStacks

The skill tree is the place where you specialize your warlord for the task at hand. Are you a skilled diplomat that has already established a safe and stable empire? Then perhaps you’d want to increase your gold production. Are you still getting started and are fighting to establish a foothold on the land? Then you’ll definitely need to increase your troop production.

This feature adds an extra layer of strategy to an already-intricate mobile game. Not only will you have to carefully distribute your resources for the task at hand, but you’ll also have to adapt to every new situation by specializing your warlord.

Conquer Your Foes: A Beginner’s Guide to Million Lords on BlueStacks

As the great King Almaty said at the beginning of the game, you’ll learn about the nuances and intricacies of Million Lords as you go along. The important part is properly breaking free of the impression that other mobile strategy games have left upon us, so that we can focus on conquering other players and expanding our empire. Luckily, with this guide, you have everything you need to get started!

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