Have you played a mobile strategy game, or a conquest title, and thought to yourself, “Man, I like waging war, but I wish I didn’t have to constantly upgrade these buildings?” If you’re in the same boat as us, then you probably enjoy playing conquest games like Guns of Glory or Iron Throne. However, the process of painstakingly upgrading building after building is something that turns us off from the genre almost entirely, especially when we have around 50 buildings to upgrade at a time!

As we’ve mentioned countless times before, when you play a typical conquest game, as opposed to what the genre name may imply, you actually spend more time navigating menus. This is because, in order to raise your armies, upgrade your equipment, increase your production, and optimize your city, you do it through several menus. In this sense, “conquest” games can actually be considered as base management titles, with a side of combat.

However, Million Lords has arrived in early access to set all of these restrictions aside and create a strategy MMO with a genuine focus on combat. This awesome mobile game does away with all the constraints of your typical strategy MMO, and provides a gameplay experience that revolves exclusively on raising armies and setting them upon your neighbors to expand your influence across the realm.

Million Lords discards all pretenses of a deep story in favor of promoting pure, unadulterated strategy gameplay in the form of constant warfare. However, the little bit of intro we get puts us in the role of a warlord protegé of the mighty King Almaty. The monarch hand-picked us as the heir to his throne and fortune. However, before he steps down and relinquishes the crown, he asks us to prove ourselves in battle by conquering his enemies.

What ensues is a short tutorial where that, admittedly, is not very good. Million Lords is a special type of conquest game in that it revolves around capturing entire cities, using the said captured cities as strategic forward posts, and then marching onto other cities to expand your empire. It’s not uncommon to see a player’s main city surrounded by numerous lower-level hubs that they’ve conquered, which they can use as platforms to garrison their units and to launch further attacks on their unsuspecting neighbors.

Conquer Without Remorse

Since the tutorial is a bit lackluster, and since the game is unlike most others in the genre that we’ve played, you’ll likely be a bit confused at first. But don’t worry, this happens even to the best of us. Luckily, BlueStacks has many tools to improve your experience in any game, including Million Lords.

The game starts with your main city front and center. You can tell your base apart from your future conquered towns since your main HQ is on a floating island. When you click on your base, you can either upgrade it, or issue an attack on an adjacent town. Don’t worry about failing; this is the tutorial and the neighboring towns are complete pushovers.

The grey “neutral” towns are those controlled by the PC, and are only there so you can conquer them. For every village you annex, your kingdom power will increase, and you’ll add the production of the locations in question to your own. For instance, a level one town produces only around 11 gold/hr and 11 troops/hr. Speaking of which, the only resources in Million Lords, as far as we can tell are troops and gold. The latter is used for upgrading your towns, while the former is necessary for conquering other territories.

When interacting with other towns, you can either send out a scout party to gauge their forces, issue an all-out assault to take the base. Scouting is always important as you’ll never know what you may run into when trying to conquer other cities. Imagine attacking a level one base, only to find that there are thousands of soldiers guarding it!

Like your main city, you can also upgrade the towns you annex to improve their production. Like we said, upgrading costs gold, and the problem with this is that, as you conquer more cities, you’ll need more gold if you want to keep them upgraded. Furthermore, if you lose a city to an enemy, he’ll not only take the location, but its upgrades and improvements as well. In this sense, it’s important to protect your newly-acquired territories, especially if they share proximity with other players.

There’s a reason why this game is called “Million Lords,” and it’s because there are millions of other players constantly looking to conquer you!

Dominate Every Season and Reap Rewards

With this type of gameplay, it’s impossible to avoid snowballing. That is, those who play the longest will, inevitably, become the most powerful warlords in the realm. No amount of collaboration and alliances can take down these mammoths effectively, even when using our BlueStacks tools.

For this reason, Million Lords has a season system that resets the game every month. However, the strongest players in the current season will receive rewards according to their performance to give them a headstart in the next season.

These bonuses pose incentives to engage in PvP, though it could punish the more casual players from enjoying everything that the game has to enjoy. Nevertheless, as long as you properly protect your border towns, you have nothing to fear from enemy attacks, especially if you join a powerful alliance. You can check your game every few hours, move some troops around to fortify your vulnerabilities, and leave the rest to your mates.

Finally, after many years of gaming, Million Lords offers us gameplay that truly revolves around combat and conquer. This title lives up to the conquest genre by doing away with all the busywork of managing cities, and simply allowing you to destroy everything in your path.

Are you a bad enough dude to destroy all your foes and dominate season after season? Download the game on BlueStacks and find out!

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