Games come and go but Minecraft is one that has ebbed its name in the history of the gaming industry. Minecraft content is still popular on all platforms and the game is continuously the most viewed one on streaming platforms. There are new players that give in to the Minecraft hype every day and are often left overwhelmed by what is possible within the realm of the Minecraft world.

One persistent problem that new players run into in Survival Mode is an irregular supply of food. Players often have to go on runs to ‘farm’ food through killing animals available nearby every day and cook the meat in order to make food and ensure their character isn’t starving anymore.

Hence, the first problem to solve is to create a regular supply of food – one way of doing it is through creating their own farm. Now, farms can either be animals ergo creating a small husbandry and breeding them or farming vegetables, fruits and components. The vegetarian way is an intriguing way to go about it but every new player does like to build a farm with the variety of seeds they have collected.

This is a step-by-step guide to build your own vegetable and/or fruit farm in Minecraft.

1.Procure fruit seeds, vegetable seeds and other components

The first essential ingredient in the farm recipe is to procure seeds and crops to be planted on the farm. For fruits, players have options to gather melons, pumpkins and more by unfortunately pillaging through the village farms. Alternatively, players can raid villagers’ chests to find seeds and pieces of the same, which can be converted into seeds to plant.

Other things that can be used as crops are wheat, which can be found in piles of hay in villages, Sugarcane that can be found near water and more. Items like Carrots and Potatoes can be directly planted as crops instead of the need to be converted into seeds. 

Mushrooms, Cactus and Cocoa Beans are all also items that can be farmed but are rarely done so, is either useless as a food item or needs special conditions in a farm to be cultivated. 

A Village is the best place to find seeds and items to build your farm. The ideal thing to do is to have at least four or five different items to farm in order to have more variety. 

2.Pick a farm space

The next thing to do is to pick an ideal area for your farm. Ideally, the area chosen should be near your home and have an even ground level throughout. If it doesn’t have an even ground level, you will have to do so with the help of a Shovel. 

How to Build a Vegetable and Fruit Farm in Minecraft

3.Build the farm area

Once you are done picking the farm area, it is time to get to work. Dig horizontal or vertical lines one line down the surface area of the farm you are building for irrigation purposes. It also helps to guard the farm with fences around it and place torches in order to eliminate the prospect of zombies running over and pillaging your entire farm at night. 

Ideally, there should be alternate lines of crop area and water, so the players need to keep the same in mind while building their farm. There are more than a thousand shapes to create your farm but we are building an ideal area that allows you to include four to five variety of crops at the very least to cultivate. 

4.Irrigate and Plant the Crops

How to Build a Vegetable and Fruit Farm in Minecraft

Now that the lines are ‘drawn’ or dug in this case, we proceed to irrigate the lines dug with water to properly irrigate the farm area. Plant your chosen variety of crops with one line dedicated to each variety and wait for them to cultivate.

How to Build a Vegetable and Fruit Farm in Minecraft

5.Harvest the Crops

Once the crops are cultivated into vegetables, fruits, wheat and more, it is time to harvest the items and collect them to make food. Potatoes are more effective once baked compared to a normal Potato while Carrots and other items are better off eaten normally. Wheat can be combined to make Bread, which can then be consumed to replenish hearts or reduce hunger. 

How to Build a Vegetable and Fruit Farm in Minecraft

There are obviously other uses for some items, for example, Melon Blocks and Pumpkins can be used for decoration purposes, with pumpkins emitting light if placed underwater. Pumpkins can even be placed in the water lines in the farm to ensure natural lighting in the farm as well, although it is rarely done. Sugarcane can be used to make Paper and Sugar, both of which have their own separate uses.

Some items can be used for breeding purposes. Wheat can be used to make Sheeps and Cows breed while Pigs require Carrots. Chickens can breed with the help of seeds, with Wheat Seeds, Beetroot Seeds, Melon seeds or even pumpkin seeds effective. 

6.Replant crops to continue the farming cycle

Once you are done collecting the harvest, baking the potato and eating the food, it is time to replant the crops immediately to continue the farming cycle and prepare for the next harvest. This eliminates the need to wander everyday in the hunt for food and also saves time during the day, which can be utilized for different purposes by the players. 

How to Build a Vegetable and Fruit Farm in Minecraft

Another effective way to ensure a regular supply of food is creating an animal husbandry, with different ‘farm areas’ for each variety of animal available. We will get into the semantics of how to build an animal farm or husbandry in our next guide. 

Please do tell us in the comments below as to what kind of Minecraft guides you would want us to release in the near future.