MIR4 is a brand new MMORPG developed by the folks at WeMade. After almost two decades after the release of their previous entry, The Legend of Mir 3, the team decided to give it another go at the biz, and what better way to do so than on the mobile platform, which is expanding exponentially every single year?

MIR4 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly

Spectacle aside, MIR4 couldn’t have come at a better time as mobile games are practically bridging the gap between their PC and console counterparts, at least in the graphics department. This new mobile MMORPG looks absolutely stunning, featuring detailed character models and awesome animations. The real-time action combat feels like something out of a movie, and looks just as spectacular, especially if you’re playing on the highest graphical settings.

Other than the visuals, MIR4 is pretty much a standard mobile MMORPG with a focus on auto-combat. This means that, if you’ve already played other similar games on this platform, then you’ll probably be familiar with what this game has to offer. However, if you’re completely new, we recommend checking out our beginner’s guide where we share some good pointers for newcomers. On the flipside, if you already read that one and are still looking for more advice, then here are a few extra MIR4 tips and tricks to help speed up your progress in this new mobile MMORPG.

Focus on Auto-Combat For the Most Part

As we mentioned just now, MIR4 is an MMORPG with a focus on auto-combat for most fights. Whether you’re questing or grinding, there’s a good chance that you’ll be relying on the auto-combat to get by. And considering how well the CPU handles your characters against the regular enemies on the world map, this is really the way to go, at least when it comes to reducing the tedium of grinding.

MIR4 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly

However, the auto-combat system in MIR4, like in other mobile MMORPGs, has a pretty big drawback; it’s not very good against boss enemies. The more powerful opponents in MIR4 are ones that can easily defeat you in just a few hits, especially if you’re using one of the more fragile classes in the game like the Sorcerer or the Taoist. And while the auto-combat is great for attacking effectively, it can’t dodge or defend itself very well, which means that you’re likely to get defeated against bosses. 

MIR4 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly

Luckily, to avoid an untimely demise when fighting against tough enemies, you can manually intervene, even while the auto-combat is activated, which lets you dodge the most dangerous attacks manually, and then return control back to the computer to continue attacking. This semi-auto style of gameplay is recommended for fighting bosses and other strong enemies.

Remember to Activate Vigor Bonuses Before an AFK Grinding Session

And speaking of grinding, one of the best ways to passively level up in MIR4 is to use your downtime for grinding and gaining experience. Whenever you’re done playing and are going to close the game, you should instead head over to a farming area for your level and activate auto-combat to have your character start farming automatically. This method effectively takes your downtime when you won’t actually be playing the game, and instead turns it into productive training time. And by the time you come back a few hours later, you’ll find that your character has leveled up and is ready to face tougher challenges.

MIR4 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly

However, when it comes to grinding using auto-combat, a good tip is to always recharge your vigor before beginning. This element gives your character a buff that enhances the effectiveness of grinding in several ways such as by increasing the amount of experience you get from defeating monsters. Vigor also grants other numerous bonuses, but the most important for your progression is definitely the experience boost, which is why you should always pop vigor before grinding.

Play on BlueStacks to Farm Comfortably and on Multiple Characters Simultaneously

One of the best ways to progress in games like MIR4 is to minimize downtime and always be working towards a goal. Whether that goal is to train a skill, beat a challenge, complete a quest, or something else, you should always be farming or grinding. 

MIR4 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly

Luckily, at least when it comes to grinding for experience, MIR4 lets us rely on its auto-combat system for all our grinding needs. Nevertheless, while improving the power of your character is always great, it’s sometimes not enough for dealing with the most dangerous challenges and enemies. Sometimes, what you need is a helping hand, which is exactly what you can find by inviting other players to your group.

Despite the effectiveness of the grouping system in MIR4, not all of us enjoy playing with others in online games—sometimes you don’t want to deal with a party member that isn’t contributing; or you don’t want to wait for groups to fill; or sometimes you just don’t want to interact with others. For reasons like these is why you will definitely want to play MIR4 on PC with BlueStacks.

MIR4 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly

Our Android app player gives you a variety of tools to enhance your gameplay, including the Instance Manager, through which you can create multiple characters on different accounts and access the game with all of them simultaneously. In this sense, you can create groups using your own alts and take on the tougher challenges without ever having to group up with strangers.

Complete Your Daily Missions

Now, while grinding can get you a long way in this game, it’s not the only thing you can do when it comes to progressing in MIR4.

Soon after starting your journey, and after working a bit through the story, you’ll unlock the daily missions feature, which is a list of tasks that you can complete in order to score experience and extra resources. This list has a ton of different tasks to do, all of which are divided by zones. However, you’re limited to a maximum of 30 missions per day.

MIR4 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly

As a general rule of thumb we always recommend completing these missions, especially if you don’t have much time to play. You can even use the auto-questing button located at the top of the list to have your character work through the daily missions automatically. This process takes a bit of time, but you can always minimize the game to the background and use your computer for something else while your character grinds automatically.

The Main Story is the Best Way to Progress

Despite the importance of the daily missions, however, the absolute best way to progress in MIR4 is by completing the main story missions. In fact, it’s through completing these main tasks that you’ll progressively unlock new features in this game, including learning and upgrading skills, unlocking spirits, training your characters, and even getting access to the daily missions we mentioned above. 

MIR4 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly

If you lose focus of your objective or don’t know what you should be doing, then you really can’t go wrong with the main story. Just remember that you can always click on the missions on the top right to make your character auto-walk to the quest objective and try to complete the task at hand. It’s worth pointing out that you can also do this for daily missions and any other tasks that are listed in this panel.

Keep Your Skills and Gear Upgraded at All Times

While you won’t really need to worry about challenging enemies, except when you’re fighting against bosses, it’s still a good idea to keep your skills and gear at their highest level at all times. This will not only make your character much stronger, but it also ensures that you’re prepared for anything that might pop up. 

MIR4 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly

You can upgrade your skills early on in the game by using energy. However, you’ll need to progress a bit farther and complete other story missions before you get access to the gear upgrade feature. Regardless, once you get access to both, you should check them frequently to make sure you don’t have any pending upgrades.

Meditate Whenever You Come Across a Meditation Spot

And speaking of upgrades, you’ll need as much energy as you can get in order to upgrade your skills. And though you can obtain this resource like any other—by completing daily missions and other tasks—you can also get it through meditation, which is an action that can only be performed in certain areas of the world.

MIR4 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast and Progress Quickly

The meditation spots in MIR4 are represented by a green flame. When you get closer to these spots, you’ll see the meditation icon pop up. If you click on it, your character will start meditating, which takes a few seconds and can be repeated multiple times. Reaching the meditation limit can take a few minutes, so it’s recommended that you minimize and do something else while your character reflects. 

And with that, we leave you with our seven useful tips and tricks for MIR4. Feel free to leave your own pointers in the comments below!