Mirage: Perfect Skyline uses combat power as the primary method of determining how strong your character is. The higher the value, the more content you can clear because your character is able to defeat enemies a lot easier. This means that players are required to increase their combat power regularly and not just by leveling up, but by doing various tasks and following different methods so that your hero has a lot of sources of combat power and will develop a lot quicker.

How to Increase Combat Power in Mirage: Perfect Skyline

We already mentioned in our Hero Guide that combat power is calculated by the stats that your character has overall. Every time you gain combat power, you either gain new stats or have improved your combat efficiency in another way. Leveling up is only one way of getting more combat power since the game offers you a ton of ways to increase that value. Once you learn how to increase it, you’ll be able to soar through the rankings a lot quicker and cement yourself as a top player.

Gearing your Hero

Gearing your hero is the best and most reliable way to increase your combat power. Equipment such as armor and weapons provide your character with a ton of stats and combat power. Depending on the item’s tier level and quality, your character may get a lot of combat power in one go, which is something that most players need to keep in mind. You can get more gear by challenging bosses and dungeons or completing parts of the main story quest as a reward.

How to Increase Combat Power in Mirage: Perfect Skyline

The best part about Mirage: Perfect Skyline is that you have multiple sets of equipment. Depending on the number that you have currently equipped combined with the set bonus that you get from completing specific sets of gear, you will gain over 30% of your total combat power from the equipment set itself. Make sure that you try to complete your set bonus by acquiring the necessary pieces. Do this by attempting bosses and dungeons every day until you get them.

Enhancing Secondary Items

Secondary items such as mounts, wings, armaments, and pets all provide combat power. These items provide the user with passive stats, which means they are an excellent source of combat power. The reason they are clumped together is that they all essentially function the same way – aesthetics. Even though some of these items have active uses in the game, they don’t affect your combat in any way other than by looking good and giving you passive bonuses when you’re in combat.

How to Increase Combat Power in Mirage: Perfect Skyline

Secondary items can be upgraded but they use a special type of currency that you can get from certain quests, dungeons, or bosses. Leveling them up is difficult but they are worth it because they provide a decent amount of combat power as well. The problem with secondary items is that there are better versions that you can buy using real money. However, you can grind for stronger variants by completing quests or by unlocking them through different dungeons and bosses in the game.

Level Up Skills

Leveling up skills don’t improve your stats but they increase your combat efficiency which is why they’re worth a ton of combat power. A lot of players easily miss out on leveling up their skills because the game doesn’t really highlight the option for you at the beginning of the game. New skills become unlocked when the character performs a Switch (class promotion), which also provides a ton of combat power but this comes naturally when you push through the main quest.

How to Increase Combat Power in Mirage: Perfect Skyline

Level up all your abilities to their max capacity. The problem with this method is that upgrading skills are extremely expensive. You’ll need to spend a lot of gold just to get them at a decent level but maxing them out will require you to grind a bit to afford them. Make sure that you do all your dungeons and quests every day so that you gain the maximum amount of gold that you can earn each day. Otherwise, just try to kill random monsters but this method can be really slow.

Training Area

The training area is a feature where you can cultivate your hero outside of the usual methods such as fighting enemies and completing quests. In this place, you can do all sorts of tasks such as ascension, upgrading the body, perfecting techniques, and unlocking chakra points. Most of these methods provide combat power that is easily attainable if you simply do all of your daily tasks and gain the resources necessary to upgrade these things. Others, you’ll have to do manually to complete.

How to Increase Combat Power in Mirage: Perfect Skyline

Some of the features in the training area only become available later on in the game. The most important thing about training is that you don’t forget to do it regularly, especially since some methods are completed by waiting a certain period of time. The best way to do this is to set an alarm that will remind you in a couple of hours. The training area can be an excellent source of combat power but only if the player actively plays the game.

Completing Dungeons & Bosses

Completing dungeons and bosses the first time also awards combat power. If you’re a player that auto-quests and doesn’t take any effort into trying out different game modes, you might miss out on some dungeons that you haven’t completed. As you level up, try to attempt all the bosses that you can even if your missions don’t require you to do one right away because you might miss out on valuable combat power that plays an important role in defeating dungeons in the future.

How to Increase Combat Power in Mirage: Perfect Skyline

This is an easy method to get quick combat power, especially if you’re overleveled. This method can only be done once per dungeon so don’t think that you can farm combat power by repeating the same steps over and over. Another great part about doing dungeons and bosses is that they drop gear pieces and resources that will allow you to do the other stuff on this list.